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4AllFamily USB Insulin Cooler: Diabetes Product of the Year 2021!

4AllFamily 72 hours USB insulin cooler is #1 of the 10 best insulin coolers for 2021. This innovative product was launched only recently, yet it has gained incredible popularity over the last months. Its unique 3-in-1 cooling method, unmatched performances, and great storage capacity make traveling with insulin an easier adventure.  

I’ve received it 4 months ago and have run all kinds of tests on it. This is an in-depth product review in which I’m going into many details you might not be interested in. Freely jump, click and navigate from the main content menu!


4AllFamily Portable USB Insulin Cooler: Best Key Features

4AllFamily portable insulin cooling bottle has brought the most recent innovation into the life of insulin-dependent diabetic patients: a high-performing device that’s versatile enough to take on every kind of travel and day trip you can imagine. Nature hikes, beach day trips, road trips in your car, office desk, plane travel… there’s no limit! Here’s a quick overview of 4AllFamily’s unique features. 

3-in-1 Insulin Cooling Device for every travel situation!

This is unique. 4AllFamily is the only insulin cooling case I know of that offers 3 different cooling methods. I appreciate that because you’re constantly facing different situations when traveling with insulin. Whether you have access to a freezer or not, whether there’s electricity or not, and whether  you need to keep your insulin cool for a few hours or several days, you can rapidly switch your bottle from one method to the other

You’ve got the Bio gel system that works like a thermos bottle in which you insert a pre-frozen bio gel pack (included). You’ve got the USB lid system that transforms your travel companion into a proper insulin mini-fridge. And you can also use both at the same time for even higher performances! 

camping with insulin 4allfamily insulin cooler
The TSA-approved cooler can be plugged into a solar panel. It's great for hiking and outdoor activities.

Unsurpassed Medicine Cooling Performances

Most insulin cooling cases keep your insulin protected from outside heat for 12 hours without difficulty. It’s more trouble when you need to find a cooler that keeps your insulin at room temperature (below 25°C /77°F) for more than 12 hours when it’s 35°C/95°F outside. And even more when you need to keep your stocks of unopened insulin pens or vials at fridge temperature (2-8°C/35-46°F). 

4AllFamily insulin cooler’s refrigeration performances are the highest you can find among portable insulin coolers on the market today. Here’s a recap of its key cooling performances under an ambient temperature of 40°C/104°F (equivalent to very hot summer days!).

Keeps insulin cool at room temperature (below 26°C/80°F) during:

Keeps insulin cool at fridge temperature (between 2-8°C/36-45°F ) during:

When working on USB Lid alone, 4AllFamily insulin cooler does not hold fridge temperature. The current model can drop the inside temperature to 10-13°C lower than the outside temperature. If the ambient temperature is 30°C / 86°F, the USB powered lid will safely keep your insulin below the threshold level of 26°C / 80°F (room temperature). A new model coming soon will be more powerful and will be able to make a temperature drop of 28°C. I’ll update the article when it’s available. 

I’ve detailed the cooler’s cooling performances for each cooling method with infographics and time-temperature curves here.

Greatest Insulin Storage Capacity

4AllFamily insulin cooling device can hold up to 7 Insulin pens, 42 Humulin vials, or 8 Novolog vials. I think it’s the highest capacity of all insulin coolers on the market today. It’s great for long trips when you need to carry stocks of insulin at fridge temperature. 

If you’re using it without the Biogel pack (on USB lid only), it has an even greater capacity. 

30-days Return Policy from Helpful Customer Service

You get a 30 days return policy, with an included return shipping label and money-back guarantee. Customers’ reviews both on Amazon and 4AllFamily website show that the service is exceptionally helpful. You can contact them directly via their website with a very fast response rate

I’m in direct contact with 4AllFamily team since the beginning of their adventure. Many of my readers have already purchased their products. Not a single person has complained about the company. If you need help or have any doubt about their services, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

4allfamily insulin travel cooler

Is 4AllFamily USB Insulin Cooler The Best Diabetes Travel Companion for You?

A Travel Companion. That’s how the company itself calls its new medicine cooler, and I quite like that name. It’s been a real travel companion to me over the last couple of months. But will it be for you? Not necessarily. It depends on what you’re looking for. Every one of us has different needs, travel habits, and our own little requirements. After using my own 4AllFamily insulin cooler for a few months, I’ve listed all the pros and cons I could find to the product:

What's best about this insulin cooler:

I’ve already talked about 4AllFamily’s key features in the first part of this review. There’s no much point repeating myself here. Let’s just quickly remember the product best technical features (click to get back to their respective paragraphs):

Now let’s focus on more specific details that make 4AllFamily a great product to use:

It's highly versatile for all kinds of travel situations

Thanks to its 3-in-1 cooling methods, 4AllFamily insulin cooler can be used in pretty much every travel situation I can think of. I’ve already plugged it into my car cigarette lighter during a 10 hours road trip in Spain. I’ve used it in my hotel rooms as an insulin mini-fridge. I’ve used the freezing pack version during a 2-days hike in the French Pyrenees. It always offers an alternative solution when you do not have access to either electricity or a freezer.

It's easier to use than it looks!

Once you understand the 3 cooling methods and get used to it, this medicine cooler is actually much easier to use than it first appears! The 3 different cooling systems, the USB charger, and the freezing pack all together can scare some. It did scare me at first! But trust me, really, once you get it, it’s ridiculously easy to use! I’ve detailed the how-to-use instructions below. 

Portable cooler - Durable quality material - Comfortable grip

The cooling cup is made with food-grade 304 stainless steel. Just looking at the product, you know it’s high-quality. Every part is at its place, the lid screws work great and the grip is comfortable. 

There’s a loop strap on the cooler that makes it very easy to carry around. You can even add a carabiner clip to hang it to your backpack, which is very handy for hiking and camping trips. Plus, there’s a grip just under the lid that prevents it from slipping off your hands. It’s quite comfortable to hold. 

4allfamily insulin cooling bottle black
The cooler is made with top quality material and has a comfortable grip

TSA Approved for airplane travels

Not all insulin coolers are approved by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) to pass through airport security checks. When you’re traveling by plane, it’s recommended you keep all of your diabetes supplies with you on the carry-on. The hazardous atmosphere and temperature conditions in the hold can damage your insulin. 4AllFamily insulin cooler is officially TSA-approved so you can take it with you on the plane. 

Insulin anti-freeze BioGel Security

There’s a risk with poor-quality powered insulin coolers that they actually freeze your insulin if they have no control. 4AllFamily insulin cooling cup works with a freezing pack that is made of Biogel crystals instead of water

The crystals freeze at 2°C / 35.6°F. When you take your bio gel bottle out of the freezer it has reached temperatures below 0°C / 32°F. You should always leave your bio gel pack 6-10 minutes at room temperature before placing it inside your cooler with your insulin. It allows the temperature of the crystals  to lower to 2°C / 35.6°F. This is the optimum temperature for insulin storage and it prevents your insulin from freezing (insulin freezes at 0°C / 32°F). Remember, frozen insulin is good for trash.

One-year warranty included

I’d say this is the minimum for that kind of product! I would never invest in a +$100 product that is not guaranteed to work for at least a year. Fortunately, this is the case here. But don’t forget to apply for it: in the package along with the cooler comes a card explaining how to proceed to register for the one-year warranty. You simply need to send your name, the purchase date, and the product number to the company via email. 

4allfamily insulin cooler on beach boat
Super-versatile, it's great for the beach, boat trips, hikes, etc.
Things this insulin cooler could be better at (cons):

It's an expensive medicine cooler

If you’re looking for a cheap insulin cooler, this is not your product. At $119.99, 4AllFamily is one of the most expensive coolers for insulin and medicines on the market. You can get much cheaper ones starting at $20. Of course, performances won’t be the same though. 

If you think value for money, 4AllFamily is actually reasonably priced. It’s a durable product that will last you for years and has unmatched cooling performances. Don’t forget that with the discount code “SweetTrip” you do get 10% off on their website, but it’s still quite a sum of money.

The cooling cup is slightly bulky

If you’re going on a backpacking trip and need to save space, this is not your product either. This cooling cup might be too bulky for that purpose. It’s 25cm/9,85″ high and 8cm/3.3″ diameter for a total inside volume of 900ml. I personally like it because it allows me to store plenty of insulin for long trips. But if you’re going for a day at the beach you might prefer a slimmer cooler. In that case, my opinion is you’d be better with something like a FrioBag.

The user manual is confusing

One thing that annoys me when I buy such a high-quality product is when its instructions for use are not clear. The user manual that comes in the box with the cooling cup is poorly written and quite confusing. This is something the company is working on and there should be a clearer version of the instruction book soon. 

After reading my article, 4AllFamily has contacted me to share its new downloadable user manual. It’s much much clearer than the old one and has all the necessary information.  

There's only one model available

I mean here that it’d be good to have different models, options, and styles to choose from. So far, there’s only one model available on the company’s website. To suit everybody’s needs, the company should make different product variations.

I’m told 4AllFamily is currently working on different products, including a smaller insulin cooler that will come at a cheaper price, as well as one with a temperature display for better control. More colors will also be available soon. 

4allFamily Best Insulin vial protector
4AllFamily also makes great insulin vial protectors!

How to Use 4AllFamily's 3 Different Insulin Cooling Methods?

The uniqueness of 4AllFamily travel cooler for diabetics is its 3-in-1 cooling system. It might scare some at first but it’s actually very simple to use. The key to benefiting this product’s remarkable cooling performance is to understand and know how to properly use each of its 3 cooling methods. 

4allfamily insulin cooler 3 cooling methods
4AllFamily Insulin Cooler Included Components
Insulin Cooling Method 1: Bio Gel Bottle Only

The Bio gel only cooling method does not require power. You’ll need to have access to a freezer beforehand though. Put your Biogel bottle in the freezer for 6-8 hours. Take it out of the freezer and put it aside at room temperature for 5 minutes so it adjusts to the correct temperature. Meanwhile, put your empty cooler inside the fridge for about 10 minutes so its internal temperature chills before use for maximum efficiency.

Insert the Biogel frozen bottle into the insulin cooler. Add your insulin pens or vials. Close the cooler with the stainless steel cup lid. You’re good to go!

One Biogel bottle is included in the package. You can buy extra ones on 4AllFamily’s website

What cooling performances can you expect with this method?

If the ambient temperature is at 30°C / 86°F

Your insulin will be kept at fridge temperature (2°C-7°C / 36°F-45°F) for 33 hours, and below 26°C / 80°F for 52 hours.

If the ambient temperature is at 35°C / 95°F

Your insulin will be kept at fridge temperature (2°C-7°C / 36°F-45°F) for 30 hours, and below 26°C / 80°F for 48 hours.

If the ambient temperature is at 40°C / 104°F

Your insulin will be kept at fridge temperature (2°C-7°C / 36°F-45°F) for 28 hours, and below 26°C / 80°F for 46 hours.

4allfamily insulin cooler Biogel only Temperature graph
Biogel only Cooling method Time-temperature curves
Insulin Cooling Method 2: USB Lid + Bio Gel Bottle for Maximum Efficiency

This is the most powerful cooling method. You’ll use both the Bio gel frozen bottle and the powered USB lid at the same time. You’ll need access to a power source and a freezer. The USB lid that comes with the cooler acts as a proper fridge would do. When the lid is plugged in, a fan comes on and the steel plate on the inside of the lid starts to get cold. 

Follow the same steps as in Cooling Method 1 above. In the end, instead of closing your cooler with the stainless steel lid, close it with the powered USB cooling lid. Plug your cooler in and you’re good! This cooling method can keep your insulin safe for up to 5 days. 

What cooling performances can you expect with this method?

If the ambient temperature is at 30°C / 86°F

Your insulin will be kept at fridge temperature (2°C-7°C / 36°F-45°F) for 52 hours, and below 26°C / 80°F as long as your cooler is plugged in.

If the ambient temperature is at 35°C / 95°F

Your insulin will be kept at fridge temperature (2°C-7°C / 36°F-45°F) for 50 hours, and below 26°C / 80°F for 72 hours.

If the ambient temperature is at 40°C / 104°F

Your insulin will be kept at fridge temperature (2°C-7°C / 36°F-45°F) for 48 hours, and below 26°C / 80°F for 68 hours.

4allfamily insulin cooler USB + BiogelTemperature graph
USB + Biogel Cooling method Time-temperature curves
Insulin Cooling Method 3: USB Lid Only

This method can only be used if the outside temperature is not hotter than 9o°F / 32°C. You’ll need access to a power source. Close your insulin cooler with the USB-powered lid, plug it in, and let it run for about 30 minutes to start cooling down. Open it and place your insulin pens or vials inside. Close again and keep it plugged in. That’s it!  

What cooling performances can you expect with this method?

If the ambient temperature is at 32°C / 90°F

4AllFamily insulin cooler can keep your insulin safe under the threshold level of 26°C / 80°F as long as it is on power. 

4allfamily insulin cooler USB Power only Temperature graph
USB + Biogel Cooling method Time-temperature curves

4AllFamily USB Insulin Cooling Device: Frequently Asked Questions

4AllFamily medicine cooler is getting extremely popular lately, and I’ve received quite a lot of inquiries regarding this recently launched product. Here’s a series of most frequently asked questions from which you might find your answers:

Can you use 4AllFamily's medicine cooler in a car?

Absolutely. It’s even one of its key features. The USB cord that comes with the powered lid allows you to plug your cooler into a cigarette lighter USB adapter. Like the one you’d use to charge your phone in the car. 

Can you take 4AllFamily's cooler for diabetics on a plane?

Yes. 4AllFamily’s USB insulin cooler is TSA-approved. You can travel by plane and take it in your carry-on with you. As a diabetic, you’re allowed to go through airport security checks with your cooler. 

Does 4AllFamily insulin cooler run on battery?

Unfortunately, 4AllFamily insulin cooler does not have any battery. The powered lid that works like a fridge would do can only function when plugged in. Unless you’re using the Biogel only cooling method (which works great!) you need to have a power source (household, car, portable power bank, or even solar panels). According to testing, a 10000 mAh power bank would last 9-10 hours with the cooler plugged in.

There are only very limited choices of insulin coolers that can work on battery. Aijun and Lifeina mini-fridges are the only ones I know of and they can run on battery for only 10 hours max. 

4AllFamily 72 Hours USB Diabetic Cooler: Technical Features

Finally, the technical details regarding price, shipping, reviews, dimensions, and weight, etc… A bit more boring, but essential when it comes to making a purchase decision.

Price and Shipping

4AllFamily USB insulin cooling case is sold at $119.99 both on their website and Amazon. If you buy on their website and use the discount code SWEETTRIP you can 10% off (for a final price of $107,99). 

Shipping within the United States is free in both cases and takes between 2-7 business days. 

Diabetic Patients' Reviews

I’ve read hundreds of reviews from 4AllFamily’s recent customers and collected here the ones I thought were the most honest and inspiring. All are Amazon verified costumers that you can find on the Amazon product page. 4AllFamily’s insulin cooler has 122 reviews on Amazon with a global rating of 4.6 out of 5. More than 75% customers have rated 5 stars. 

Great for the beach, car trips, outdoor sports, etc

This is something I find really useful for beach/pool days. I have always had to bring a giant cooler to the beach/pool, or I have had to bring some kind of wet "carrying case" that was just messy. This solves that whole issue! It's like a hydroflask, except electric and for your medicine or snacks!!!
Madelyne C. USA
August 11, 2019

Perfect solution for traveling with insulin

Well made. This is the solution for keeping insulin pens cold while traveling. This design is very clever. Pens fit perfectly. Have not made a trip with this yet, but I tried out the usb refrigerator function and it really works. I recently went on insulin and was very concerned that this would hinder my international travel. I really think this is the perfect solution. Invented by two guys from Albania. Thanks guys.
Boss D. USA
April 9, 2021

Cutting edge - 4ALLFAMILY Costumer service

4ALLFAMILY has revived Customer Service, and combined that with phenomenal product/s. Those of us who are part of the diabetes community greatly appreciate 4ALLFAMILY. Reach out to them with your questions, and team members of the company will actually answer them!!
Unknown, USA
February 8, 2019

Cooler's dimensions, weight, and power


4AllFamily’s stainless steel insulin cooling travel case has the following dimensions: 



The powered lid has a USB port (USB 1.1 or 2.0 Micro) to match the provided USB power cord. A new model will soon be available and upgraded to a port C instead of USB. 

The new model is now available and upgraded to Port C instead of USB.

I hope this review has given you a clearer view of 4AllFamily’s product. All in all, my opinion is that if you can afford it, it’s a great product that’s really worth the price.