10 Best Insulin Vial Protectors and Safety Accessories in 2021

4allFamily Best Insulin vial protector

7 out of 10 diabetics admit they’ve already broken an insulin vial. These fragile little things can cost up to $250, and we’re manipulating them several times a day. Chances are dropping them on hard floors can and will happen to all of us. 

Effective shatterproof protection do exist and will cost you less than $8. Insulin vial protectors are silicone-made vial covers that have bouncing effects on impacts to protect your insulin vials from breaking even in case of several meters-high drops. They can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Here’s the list of the 5 best insulin vial protectors, as well as 5 diabetes accessories for insulin vial users. 


The 5 Best Insulin Vial Protectors: 2021 Product Reviews

There are only few insulin vial protectors available in 2021 is your choices are quite limited. They’re all very similar and offer the same shatterproof protection in case your insulin vials drop on hard floors. However, one product really stands out: 4Allfamily (#1) is the only insulin vial protector that also provides sanitary surface protection. 

Do not underestimate the importance of your new insulin vial cover. You will see and manipulate this product several times a day and every single day. It’s essential you make a smart purchase decision and choose the one that will best suit your own needs. For extra-help, you can refer to the buyer’s guide at the end of the article. 

1. 4Allfamily Insulin Vial Protector, Shatterproof and Sanitary Protection - Best Overall!

4AllFamily is a new company that designs well-conceived accessories for diabetics. Just like their USB insulin cooling case is #1 best insulin cooler in 2021, their new insulin vial protective case wins the point here too. 

4allFamily has patented a unique vial protective design. What’s so great about it? Not only does it provide shatterproof protection to your insulin vials, but also sanitary protection. It’s indeed the only insulin vial protection that comes with a lid at the top, preventing dust and bacteria from contaminating the surface of your vial.

This hypo-allergenic flexible silicone vial cover has a very comfortable grip and does not slip through your fingers. I like that it does not fully hide the bottle so you can check the label, the expiration date and how much insulin is left in your vial without removing the protection. Actually you never need to remove the cover to fill insulin pump reservoirs nor insulin syringes. 

It comes in 2-pack with 2 different sizes available (short and tall) which fit most 10 ml insulin vial and bottles. 4allFamily is a socially responsible company that sells great quality product at reasonable prices

2. Sugar Medical Soft Silicone Insulin Vial Protection Sleeves

Sugar Medical is a great company specialising in diabetes cases and accessories. They’re reusable soft silicone insulin vial protectors efficiently do their job and keep your insulin vial safe in case of drops and impacts. 

Very easy to put on: slip your vial through the square cut-out on the side. The top of the vial stays uncovered, which is handy to fill syringe and insulin pump reservoirs. But the downside is that you don’t have any surface sanitary protection against dust and bacteria. The side cut-out lets you easily view labels and amount of medication left in your vial.

Sugar Medical’s insulin vial protective sleeves fit most of short insulin vials and bottles but won’t fit tall vials such as Humulin R 500ml, Lantus or Apidra. You can choose from 4 available colors: grey, blue, aqua, and glitter pink. 

Have a look at their website, I found they have plenty of great accessories for diabetics!

3. Vial Safe Insulin Bottle Protector Travel Cases for Diabetes - Best Style!

Before All4Family launched its own, Vial Safe’s insulin vial protector was the best product on the market. It’s still a great product that I conscientiously recommend you to buy. 

Its full shatterproof protection guarantees your insulin vials and bottles won’t break in case they drop on hard floors. The flexible silicone material provides a great shock absorption and bouncing effects

The grip is comfortable, and it does not slip through your fingers. The open top allows easy syringe insertion and insulin pump reservoirs re-fill without removing the protection case. A window view lets you check labels and content at all time without removing the cover. 

Vial Safe Insulin vial protectors are made hypo-allergenic silicone. They’re great quality, super lightweight, durable, and forever reusable. Available in 3 different sizes to fit all insulin vials and bottles, including Vetsulin and ProZinc’s insulin vials for diabetic pets. And there’s a lot of colors to choose from!

The only downside is, unlike 4AllFamily’s one, there’s no lid to protect your insulin vial’s surface from dust and bacteria, which is why I personally feel less comfortable with it.

4. Securitee Blanket Insulin Vial Protector - Best Foam Cover

This is the only insulin vial protector I know of that is not made with silicone. Securitee Blancket insulin vial protection is a fabric-covered thin foam tube with an open top and a flexible bottom. You do not need to take to cover off to draw insulin from the vial and fill your syringe or pump reservoirs. 

It is lightweight, and quite comfortable to hold. There is no top cover so your vial is not protected against dust and bacteria that could be deposited on the surface.

Another downside is there’s no viewing window so you can’t check the level of insulin remaining nor the vial labels without removing the cover. It leads to extra unnecessary manipulations multiplying risks of dropping and breaking your vial. 

It does the job of bouncing on impacts to keep your insulin vials safe and shatterproof. Manufacturers says it’s available in two sizes but I could only find the tall size for tall insulin vials. Available in lime green, purple, and red. 

5. RockaDex Silicone Insulin Vial Protector Case - Cheapest product!

The last insulin vial protector is from RockaDex. It seems to be a great product but I have not tested it myself yet, and there are not enough costumer reviews yet to be able to write a full review.

It is made with silicone, designed for 10ml insulin vials, and has no top lid. Available in 9 different colors. I will try to provide more details when I have more information. It’s the cheapest insulin vial protector and sales at $5.95 with a free return policy on Amazon.

Diabetes Accessories for Insulin Vial Protection - More ideas!

Silicone insulin vial protectors are without any doubt the best way to protect your insulin vials from shattering and breaking. But other diabetes accessories have been designed for insulin vial users and offer distinctive complementary protective solutions that might interest you.

I’m talking here about things like insulin vial caps protecting your vial’s surface from dust and bacteria; pre-filled insulin syringe travel cases allowing you to leave your insulin vials at home; insulin cooling cases and bags specially designed to hold vials safe; or diabetes supply cases with protective organisers for vials and bottles. Let’s explore!

Insul'Cap Protective Insulin Vial Caps & Syringe Loaders by AmbiMedInc

Insul’Cap is a great product that’s not an insulin vial protector as per say but comes as a useful additional accessory to protect your insulin vials. Insul’Cap serve 3 main purposes:

  • Aid in storing and identifying insulin vials
  • Help drawing insulin from vials into syringes and insulin pump reservoirs. 
  • Help directing the syringe to avoid breaking needles.
  • Allow one-handed insulin syringe loading
  • Keep insulin vial’s top sanitary and protected from dust and bacteria. 
Each package comes with 10 caps of two different colors. 
Insul’Cap are not designed to protect insulin vial from breaking.
They come as complementary accessories to insulin vial protectors that do not have a top lid.
If you buy 4AllFamily silicone vial protector, you do not need to get Insul’Caps as the lid is already included in their design. 

Travel Case for Pre-filled Insulin Syringe - GMS Portable Syringe Case

An great alternative idea to protect your insulin vials from breaking is to never travel with them! What if you could safely leave your insulin vials at home and carry around pre-filled syringes instead? 

Well, that’s precisely what travel cases for pre-filled syringes are for. They’re small, lightweight, compact, and secure to use. They fit in your pocket, purse or travel bag. Most of them are compatible with most syringes used for insulin injections.

The one you see on the picture is the best one I’ve found. It’s sold by GMS Medical Supply Group. You get a 2-pack for only $10.98. You can fit syringes pre-filled with up to 60ml of insulin, securely protected by the solid case and inside rubber bands. Fits most of .3cc, .5cc and 1cc U-100 syringes. 

I’m not going into more details here as Travel cases for Pre-filled insulin Syringes will be the subject of a new article in which I’ll review similar products. 

Insulin Vials Fridge Holders and Trays

How do you store your insulin vials inside your fridge? Mine are always falling down and moving around in the fridge drawer. I’ve tried to find ways to organise them properly and found this great product idea: insulin vials fridge holders and trays. 

Unfortunately, there are only 2 available! The one you see on the picture, and another one by AmbiMedInc. It’s a very basic yet rare product that allows you to store and organise your insulin vials in your fridge without hearing them moving around and bumping into each other every time you open the door. 

I really encourage entrepreneurs among you to jump into that business. I’m sure such product will have a great success!

Insulin Vials Cooling Bags and Cases

4allfamily insulin cooler with usb charger
4AllFamily Insulin Cooling Case
#1 Best Insulin Cooler in 2021

Cooling bags and cases are another good solution to protect your insulin vials while traveling. Some insulin cooling bags are specially designed to hold insulin vials safe in case of dropping. That being said, if you drop you vial while manipulating it outside of the bag, it won’t be protected. Insulin coolers then come more as a complementary accessory to protect your insulin vials. 

In any case, you need an insulin cooler to keep your insulin protected from heat during hot summer days. Most insulin vial protectors fit into most insulin cooling cases, so you can use both accessories at the same time without any problem.

FRIO Duo insulin cooling case
Frio Insulin Cooling Bags
#2 Best Insulin Cooler in 2021

Diabetes Supply Cases & Organisers for Insulin Vials

If you do not need to protect your insulin from heat, you can use a regular diabetes supply organiser instead of an insulin cooling bag. There are many diabetes supply cases that are specially designed for diabetics using insulin vials and syringes. They feature inside pockets, elastics and foam protections so your vials don’t move and stay protected during transport.

It’s a great accessory to have when living with diabetes. But like insulin coolers, it won’t protect your vials from breaking in case they drop while manipulating them outside of the case. I still recommend using a silicone insulin vial protector. Most insulin vial protectors fit into most diabetes supply cases and organisers so you can use both at the same time.

I’m currently working on a new article about the best supply cases for diabetics. Stay in touch I’ll let you know when it’s online (newsletter, Facebook, Instagram!)

Insulin Vial Protectors: Buyer's Guide to Finding the Best one for You

There are not many insulin vial protectors available so your choices are quite limited. Here’s a little buyer’s guide to help you make a smart purchase decision and choose the insulin vial protector that will best suit your own needs. 

What is an Insulin Vial Protector?

An insulin vial protector, insulin vial cover, insulin vial holder, or insulin vial protective case, is a diabetes accessories protecting you insulin vials from shattering when dropped on hard floors. 

Insulin is an excessively expensive medicine that’s contained either in pre-filled insulin pens or glass bottle insulin vials. Insulin vials come at a cheaper price than insulin pens. But they’re more complicated to use and are very fragile. The glass used to build insulin vials is very thin and shatters easily when dropped. 

One vial of insulin can cost $250 and some diabetes patients need up to 6 vials per month. You really don’t want to take the chance of breaking your vials. You’ll manipulate your insulin vials several times a day during the rest of your life. It is as many chances to drop them on the floor. Using an insulin vial protector is highly recommended and can save you from a lot of accidents.

What to Look for in an Insulin Vial Protector?

There are only very few insulin vial protectors on the market in 2021, so your choices are limited. Here’s a list of features to look at in order to choose the vial protector that best suits your own needs

Shatterproof Protection

All insulin vial protectors are designed to provide a strong shatterproof protection. Most of them are made with flexible silicone which has a bouncing effect on impacts. It’s the best material for insulin vial protectors. Most insulin vial protectors have passed drop tests that most sellers make available on their website for you to see.  

Sanitary Protection Top Lid

You’ve probably noticed that your insulin vials’ surface is left unprotected and in contact with the ambient air, dust, and possible bacteria. Most insulin vial protectors are open at the top in order to allow drawing insulin from the vial without removing the cover. It’s handy but not very sanitary. 

4allFamily is the only insulin vial protector that provides sanitary lid protection. It’s flip-flop cap design is very easy and quick to open whenever you need to draw insulin from the vial. 

If you want sanitary top protection using other insulin vial protectors, you can add Insul’Caps.  

Compatibility with Syringes and Insulin Pump Reservoirs

Here the question is whether or not you have to remove the insulin vial holder before you can refill your syringes or insulin pump reservoirs. All insulin vial protectors on my list allow you to draw insulin from the vial without never having to remove the protection

The only product specificity is from 4AllFamily: you need to open and close the top cap every time you want to use the vial. Its flip flop design makes it very quick and easy. The cap is attached to the cover so you never loose it!

Viewing Window to Check Insulin Levels

Your insulin vial protector should cover as much of your vial as possible but let you view labels and insulin remaining level without having to remove the protection. Most insulin vial protective cases feature a viewing window to that end. The only one that does not is the Security Blanket’s foam tube. 

Comfortable Grip and Style

You will see and manipulate your new insulin vial protector every single day and probably even several times a day. It’s important that you find it comfortable to use and like the product’s style. Don’t compromise on these features. One of the keys to diabetes management is acceptation and positiveness. If you’re not satisfied with your diabetes accessories, you’re just making it harder for you. 

Insulin Vial Protector's Price

Insulin vial protectors are not expensive products, and prices vary very little from one to the other. It should not be such an important feature to look at when choosing your new product.

Both 4AllFamily and VialSafe are sold in 2-pack for $14.99 ($7.49 per count). Sugar Medical Protection Sleeves are sold by unit for the same price of $7.49. Securitee Blanket is the most expensive one at $8.85. And the new product from RockaDex is the cheapest one at $5.95.

I hope this article has been useful to you. Please do not hesitate to leave your remarks and questions in the comment section. I’d be happy to help!