for a diabetes-friendly diet

Healthy Whole Wheat Pizza dough recipe

As diabetics, we often hear irritating comments like “I don’t think you should eat pizza…”. But whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, there’s nothing that’s absolutely prohibited. You can eat everything, as long as you’re aware of what it contains (especially carb-wise). It’s all about balancing your meals out: if you’re fancying an exceptionally high-sugar content dessert, you might need to cut the carbs on your main, and vice versa. And if what you want for diner is a cheesy yummy pizza, there are many ways to make a diabetes-friendly meal out of it.

Pizza crust has a very high carb content. For diabetics to enjoy a pizza guilt-free, it’s recommended to limit the crust intake. There are many ways to achieve that: thin-crusted pizza, low-carb pizza crusts, or even crustless pizzasThe low-carb pizza crusts business is expanding lately and you can find many products advertised as “good for diabetes”. But be careful with the food companies’ marketing strategies. What they call “low-carb” or “diabetes-friendly” not always is

We’ve tested and reviewed many “low-carb” pizza crusts and pizza dough mixes. Only 9 of them are actually a healthy choice to have within a diabetic diet. 


If you like to home bake your own pizza but lack a bit of time, you can buy low-carb ready-to-top pizza crusts. We’ve selected the 5 ones we think are the healthiest and the most “diabetes-friendly”. Made with cauliflower powder, almond flour, whole grains, or even zucchinis, they’re all super tasty and make amazing pizzas. From as little as 3g of carbs per an entire pizza crust, what do you think of that!?

Best Cauliflower: Cali'Flour Pizza Crust Variety Pack

Cauliflower pizza crust is the new healthy-trend that’s taken off a lot on the low-carb and ketogenic diets market in the recent years. There are dozens of premade oven-ready cauliflower crusts that you can buy, but they’re not all equals. Ingredients vary a lot from one brand to the other, and carbohydrate contents can go from as low as 3g to as high as 26g per slice! So watch out which one you’re buying as the cauliflower stamp is not the guarantee that you’re getting a diabetes-friendly product. 

We’ve studied pretty much all available cauliflower pizza crusts and our opinion is Cali-Flour’s is nutritionally the best one you can get. It’s the cauliflower pizza crust with the lowest carb content we’ve found.

Trader Joe Cauliflower pizza crust

The Ultimate Guide to Cauliflower Pizza Crusts

The most popular alternative to pizza dough is a great addition to low-carb, kept, and diabetes-friendly diets. Avoid the marketing lies and get yourself the real healthy products!

Best Almond Flour: Liberated Paleo Almond Flour Pizza Crust

We’re absolutely delighted to have found this low-carb almond flour pizza crust. It’s without any doubt one of our favourite. First, it counts for only 13g carbs, 3g net carbs, for the whole pizza (yes, the whole pizza, not just one slice!). Second, look at the ingredients list: exclusively healthy ones, no preservatives, no added flavour, no added sugars! Just almond flour, egg, olive oil, salt and herbs! Plus, it’s already naturally flavoured with garlic, thyme, basil and oregano, which will give your pizza a proper Italian taste!

Almond flour is a great substitute to wheat flour for people living with diabetes or following a low-carb diet. It’s low carb, has a very low glycemic index, and packed with healthy nutrients. You can 3 crusts in a pack. 

Best Ultra Thin: ThinSlim Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust

A good idea to limit carb intakes when eating pizza is to get the thinest crust as possible. Indeed, pizza carbs are mostly contained in the crust. The less crust you get, the less carbs. There are many thin and ultra-thin pizza crusts sold out there. The one we love the most is this ThinSlim Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust. Why? Because it has zero net carbs, it’s packed with fibers (flaxseeds and oat), and full of proteins.

A great choice for diabetics who still want bread-like pizza crust but want to avoid blood sugar spikes. A bit pricy, but it does taste great and is a good-quality product!

ThinSlim Zero Net Carb Pizza Crust

Best Sprouted Whole Grain: Angelic Bakehouse Flatzza Flatbread Pizza Crust

Sprouted Whole grain pizza crust makes a good diabetes-friendly alternative to regular pizza crust. Sprouted grain are seeds that have started their germination process. They provide more nutrients and have less starch, which makes then easier to digest. Angelic Bakehouse’s Flattza Sprouted Grains Pizza crust is made with sprouted whole grains and whole wheat flour. It’s much lower in carbs and higher in fibers than regular pizza crust. And you get to eat a whole pizza crust for only 26 carbs (compared to about the same amount of carb in a slice of regular pizza!).

This is a perfectly healthy and nutritious pizza crust for diabetics. And, it’s cheap: you get 3 packs of 5 pizza crusts (15 crusts total) for only $16.99!

Best Zucchini: Kbosh Keto Pizza Crust Variety 8 Pack - 1g carb!

This is a new release here, so we actually have not tasted it yet, but it looks very good. Kbosh Keto pizza crusts and all low-carb and diabetes-friendly. Made with either cauliflower or zucchini, to which is added mozzarella cheese, almond flour, coconut flour, and flaxseeds, this seems to be a perfectly healthy and carb-free combination. It actually counts for only 3g carb per pizza crust!

Although it’s quite pricy (count about $6 per crust, still cheaper than a store-bought pizza!), we love that this 8-pack Pizza Crusts offer 3 different tastes: zucchini, Mexico zucchini, and cauliflower. A healthy, sugar-free and guilt-free way to enjoy pizza for diabetics!


Instead of buying pre-made pizza crusts, you can also get low-carb pizza dough mixes. They’re more economic, and a great way to make your “own” crust with a bit more freedom to add your favourite spices and herbs. Here are 4 of the best pizza dough mixes to enjoy within a diabetes-friendly low-carb diet. 

Lowest Carb: Extra White Gold Low Carb Keto & Diabetes-friendly Almond Flour Pizza Mix

With only 3g net carbs per serving, Extra White Gold is the lowest carb pizza dough mix we’ve found so far. It’s also the fastest and the easiest to use! It’s almond and coconut flour based, so completely gluten free. Almond flour is a great substitute to wheat flour when it comes to diabetes lifestyle, as it is very low-carb and much more nutritious. 

The pizza crust you get is excellent, tastes good and gets crunchy! A must-try!

Best Wheat-based: LC-Foods Low Carb Pizza Mix for Diabetics

Low Carb Foods’ Pizza and Calzone mix for diabetics and keto diet is wheat based and allows you to bake pizza crust that only count for 8g carb (1g net carbs) per slice! Costumers love it and reports the “best low-carb pizza dough mix”. The Low Carb Foods company is one of the most established low-carb food companies in the USA. It specialises in low carbohydrate diets, diabetic lifestyle, and weight management living. Its products information are trustable.

It’s not the fastest to use, but it definitely looks like you get the tastiest and crunchiest low-carb pizza crust. Plus, it’s locally made in the USA without any preservatives. 

Best Cauliflower: Simple Mills Almond flour & Cauliflower Pizza dough mix

What we love about Simple Mills Almond Flour and Cauliflower Pizza Dough Mix is its very simple plant-based composition made in USA. 8 whole food ingredients, all natural, no added preservative, no added sugar, and no added flavour. No artificial. It’s a very clean and nutritious way to cook your own pizzas. The dough is higher in carb content than the last 2, but the carbs come from the arrowroot powder and the flax seed, which are both good-quality low acting carbohydrates and full of fibers. 

It’s cheaper than the other ones, and it tastes just a great!

Healthy Toppings Ideas
for the most diabetes-friendly Pizzas

Crust is the biggest ennemy when it comes to eating pizza with diabetes. It’s from the crust that you get the most carb intake and it’s the crust quantity and quality that can really affect your blood sugar levels. 

But you can even go further in order to have the healthiest pizza possible, by choosing healthy carb-free and fat-limited pizza toppings. Stay away from high-carb toppings such as potatoes, or high-fat ones such as bacon, extra cheese, pepperoni ham, etc… Prefer low-fat cheese (Mozzarella, Parmesan, Goat cheese) and low-fat high-protein toppings (chicken, turkey, egg, smoked ham, seafood, fish…). Try vegetable toppings: red or green peppers, dried tomatoes, spinach, zucchinis, eggplants, black olives, etc. They’re delicious. 


You’d be surprised about the quantity of sugar that some pre-made tomato pizza sauces contain. Some can go as high as 20g of sugar per 100g of sauce: it’s huge and it can totally ruin your efforts to have a low-carb pizza.

Prefer a sugar-free tomato sauce for pizza, or even some original alternative pizza sauces such as green pesto, red pepper spread, or olive tapenade. They’re delicious and make a welcome change! Here are a few of our favourite: