The Best Diabetes Travel Bags, Backpacks and Purses to Carry your Diabetic Supplies

Last updated on February 22, 2022 – Published on September 30, 2021

Diabetes bags

Finding the perfect diabetes bag to conveniently carry our medical supplies is every diabetic’s dream. 

A bag in which every small item has its own space and is easily accessible. A bag in which everything fits: glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, lancets, needles, syringes, insulin pens, vials, used stuff, insulin pump, snacks, and accessories. A bag that keeps our insulin cool in summer times. An all-in-one stylish diabetes bag in which we can also put our phone and house keys.

Great news: these bags do exist! Whether you’re looking for diabetes travel bags to transport weeks’ worth of supplies, diabetes backpacks to go hiking, diabetic purses for your next night out, or diabetes fanny packs with style, search no more: Here is 2021’s best selection of diabetes bags!

Note: I’m not referring to diabetic supply cases that you carry inside your regular bags, but all-in-one bags for diabetics to carry both medical supplies and personal items. 


The Best Diabetic Supply Bags & Travel Bags

Designed to carry several days up to several weeks’ worth of diabetic supplies, diabetes supply bags and travel bags are high-capacity diabetic bags with  convenient inside organizers.

There are dozens of models with different styles, sizes, and features. I’ve scrutinized most of them and selected the 5 best and most convenient diabetes travel bags.

1. Sugar Medical Diabetic Supply Travel Bag with Removable Day Pack

SugarMedical Diabetic Travel Bag Flower
Sugar Medical Diabetes Travel Bag, Floral

If you don’t know about Sugar Medical, it’s about time you do! It’s one of the largest diabetic accessories companies specializing in supply cases, purses, backpacks, travel bags, insulin pump belts, and other accessories for people living with diabetes. Carolyn, the designer behind it, makes incredibly functional yet stylish products.

The Insulated Diabetes Travel Bag from Sugar Medical is what’s done best on the market. Well thought of, it offers all the room, convenience, and inside organizers you need to safely carry days worth’ of diabetic supplies. 

There are multiple zip and mesh pockets to pack anything from your blood glucose meter to your insulin pump accessories, as well as elastic loops adapted to the size of insulin vials and blood strip bottles. The back compartment is extra deep and spacious. If the weather is hot and you need to keep your insulin and devices cool, the two exterior pockets are insulated and can hold icepacks. 

This diabetes travel bag comes with a removable strap, so you can wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag. There’s a removable day pack that I find extremely useful to quickly get your supplies for the day and leave the rest in your hotel room, in your car, or at home. The day pack has a loop at the back, so you can wear it as a belt bag or simply carry it inside your purse.

Last but not least, Sugar Medical offers free shipping and a 60-days full refund policy if you’re not satisfied with their products.

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2. Eugo Diabetic Supply Bag with Organizer for Diabetics on the Go - Adults & Kids Styles

Eugo Travel bag for diabetics black
Eugo Travel Bag for Diabetics, Black

Eugo is a new company that recently launched its travel organizers for diabetics on the go, and we’re glad they did! The products are of good quality, convenient, and affordable.

It’s a shoulder bag with an additional luggage strap for easy transport. There’s enough space to store two to three weeks’ worth of diabetic supplies, including a blood glucose meter, test strips, insulin pump material, medicines, hypo snacks, syringes, etc…

The bottom compartment is modular with velcro straps so you can customize it to your needs. There’s plenty of mesh pockets, zips, and elastic loops to secure your supplies. One of the compartments is fully insulated and can hold an icepack to keep your insulin cool in hot weather

The material is water-resistant. You can choose from about 10 different styles, including one for kids!

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3. DisonCare Diabetic Travel Bag with Medical Alert Tag & Anti-lost Safety

If security is your priority, this is your new diabetes bag! It includes Dison Care’s signature Medical QR Code. Anyone who finds your bag because you’ve lost it or you’re unconscious can scan the QR code and immediately access your medical information. It can be a real lifesaver for solo diabetic travelers! 

The inside organizer is great, with mesh pockets, zips, and elastic loops to protect your diabetic supplies. There’s a detachable day pouch so you can quickly grab your day’s worth of supplies and leave the rest in your hotel room or at home.

The only downside is that there’s no insulated pocket. If you’re traveling with insulin to hot destinations, this diabetes bag won’t keep your medicine cool. However, it easily fits a small insulin cooler such as Frio cooling pouches.

You can carry it either by hand or on your shoulder. It’s available in 2 sizes (small or medium) and 3 colors. 

4. Myabetic Thompson Vegan Leather Diabetes Bag

Myabetic is the only diabetes accessories company I know of that designs luxurious bags for diabetic supplies. The black Thompson one is made with premium vegan leather and looks like a Jetsetter’s bag! 

As always, the inside organization is great and super convenient. It can hold all of your diabetic supplies at once, including a glucose meter, insulin pumps accessories, vials, blood test strips bottles, hypo snacks, etc… There’s a small removable waste pouch to keep used test strips until you can properly dispose of them. 

It’s divided into 4 sections. The central one is the biggest and opens flat so you easily access your supplies. One of the side sections is fully insulated to keep insulin cool if needed. There are 2 additional sections for more supplies and small personal items. 

You can carry it by hand or wear it on your shoulder, but be aware that the shoulder strap is not included!

5. Curmio Shoulder Diabetes Bag with Insulated Compartment

Curmio’s Diabetic Medication Organizer Bag has the best price you can get for quality. You can carry it with a top handle or wear it on your shoulder with the removable shoulder strap (included). It’s a compact size bag that would also fit into most backpacks and travel bags. 

The inside organizers are as good as the other ones. There’s plenty of zip and mesh pockets, as well as elastic loops. The front pocket is insulated with aluminum foil lining to keep insulin cool if the outside temperature is too high. The medical ID card window at the back is a valuable safety addition for diabetics. 

There’s enough room to store several days’ worth of diabetic supplies, as well as small personal items. Curmio’s Diabetes Bag is available in black or grey for only $29,99!

The Best Diabetic Purses & Supply Hand Bags

Diabetic purses are smaller than diabetes travel bags. Their compact size usually allows you to carry your diabetic supplies for the day only (or maybe 2 days at the most), along with small personal items such as your phone and your house keys. 

Choices are very limited and I’ve found only two companies that sell purses and handbags for diabetic supplies: SugarMedical and Myabetic. 

6. Sugar Medical Crossbody Diabetic Purse

Sugar Medical Crossbody Diabetic Purse
Sugar Medical Crossbody Diabetic Purse, Lola

Again, Sugar Medical wins the match in the diabetic purse category, and for several reasons. First, I find the size to be perfect for daily use. You can carry all your diabetic supplies, including a blood glucose meter, insulin pump supplies, lancing device, lancets, test strips, insulin pens or vials, as well as your phone, your keys, and your credit card! Plus, it’s discreet and it actually looks like a real purse.

Then, the inside organizers are very convenient with everything you need to secure your diabetes stuff: elastic loops for insulin pens, vials and test strips bottles, and several elastic, mesh, and zip pockets. There’s also a medical ID card window, a small pocket for used test strips, as well as an additional exterior pocket for small personal items. 

The crossbody strap is detachable so you can also carry your diabetic organizer inside a bigger purse or a backpack. The only downside is that there’s no insulated pocket to keep your insulin cool in the summertime. However, a small cooling pouch for insulin such as the Frio bags fits in the side pocket. 

Sugar Medical Diabetic purse is available in black or floral design for an unbeatable price ($39,99!)

7. Myabetic Cherise Diabetes HandBag for Diabetic Supplies

Myabetic Cherise Diabetic Hanbag
Myabetic Cherise Diabetic Hand Bag, Brown

Myabetic offers a wide catalog of diabetic purses and handbags to carry both your medical supplies and your personal items at once. The Cherise handbag is made with premium vegan leather and luxurious hardware details

The main central pocket is the one for your diabetic supplies. It’s well organized and fits most diabetic supplies for the day. There’s enough room in the 2 lateral pockets for a small wallet, a phone, and keys. There’s no insulated compartment to keep insulin cool but you could fit a small insulin cooling pouch inside if needed. 

Regarding the price, well… All Myabetic’s diabetes bags are expensive. This one sells for $120. 

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8. Sugar Medical Triple Zip Insulated Diabetic Purse

Another diabetic purse from Sugar Medical that I thought was worth mentioning is the Triple Zip purse. It’s the only diabetic purse that has an insulated section to keep insulin cool. If you live in warm places, this is the one for you!

There are 3 main compartments: 2 with interior organizers, elastic loops and pockets for your diabetic supplies, and another one for your phone and small personal items

You carry it by the top handle or as a shoulder or crossbody bag (the strap is detachable). It’s small, compact, lightweight, and insulated. A great product for a fair price!

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The Best Diabetes Backpacks & Sling Bags

Unfortunately, there are not many choices available when it comes to backpacks for diabetic supplies. The only companies that have specially designed backpacks and sling bags for diabetics are SugarMedical and Myabetic. Here are 3 of their best products:

9. Sugar Medical Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack

SugarMedical Insulated Diabetes Backpack
Sugar Medical Diabetes Backpack, Haze Grey

I believe the Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack from Sugar Medical is the most practical backpack for diabetic supplies you can find. 

It’s compact and lightweight, yet it can hold up to several days’ worth of medical supplies. Your fragile devices, glucose meter, test strips, insulin, and other medications are safe and protected with well-thought-out mesh pockets and elastic loops. A large insulated compartment with an icepack insertion pocket keeps your insulin and meds cool when needed. 

The front utility pocket is very practical and allows fast and easy access to your most important supplies

Besides, there’s enough extra room for your personal items so you don’t have to carry several bags. Your phone and keys have their own special pockets. Your water bottles perfectly fit in the side mesh pockets. The shoulder strap is padded, adjustable, and convertible ,so you can wear your diabetes backpack on the right or left shoulder.

Last but not least, Sugar Medical offers free shipping and a 60-days full refund policy if you’re not satisfied with their products.

Sugar Medical diabetes backpack storm blue
Sugar Medical Diabetes Backpack, Storm

10. Myabetic Edelman Diabetes Backpack for Glucose Meter and Diabetic Supplies

Myabetic diabetes backpack Edelman olive
Myabetic Edelman Diabetes Backpack, Olive
MyAbetic Diabetes backpack Edelman
Myabetic Edelman Diabetes Backpack, Pink

Myabetic Edelman backpack has been specially thought for people who need to carry diabetic supplies along with personal items. 

What’s best about this diabetes backpack is its front pocket: it’s detachable and comes with a removable crossbody strap so you can carry it alone. It’s precisely that pocket that’s designed to organize and secure all of your diabetes stuff. It’s full of mesh pockets and elastic loops for your glucose meter, insulin pump supplies, vials, pens, blood test strips, lancing device, lancets, alcohol swabs, and needles. There’s also a small waste pouch that’s very useful for used test strips!

Inside the main compartment, there’s a large insulated pocket to keep your insulin, glucagon, and snacks cool if needed. The spacious compartment can hold to several books or a small laptop. There’s a clever tiny slip pocket inside to insert a medical ID. 

On the downside, I find Myabetic Edelman Diabetic Backpack to be a bit less functional than the one from Sugar Medical. Indeed, only the front pocket is really well-thought-out and made for diabetic supplies. The other compartment is like a regular backpack. Plus, the price is a bit excessive. 

11. Myabetic Premium Brandy Diabetes Backpack made with Vegan Leather

Myabetic Brandy Diabetes Backpack Leather Red
Myabetic Brandy Vegan Leather Diabetic Backpack, Red
Myabetic Brandy Diabetes Backpack Leather
Myabetic Brandy Vegan Leather Diabetic Backpack, Copper Smoke

Another diabetes backpack from Myabetic for different styles! The Brandy diabetic bag is smaller than the Edelman one. You can’t fit a laptop inside but most everyday lifestyle items like a wallet, keys, makeup, or a phone would be fine. It’s made with premium vegan leather and luxurious details

The front pocket isn’t detachable this time, but it’s very well designed to safely carry and organize all your diabetes stuff. There’s still a small insulated pocket inside the main compartment to keep your insulin and glucagon cool if the weather is hot outside. The small waste pouch for used test strips is also here. 

As usual with Myabetic’s bags, I personally find the price to be a bit excessive, but you do get quality, durability, and style together!

The Best Diabetic Belts & Fanny Packs for Diabetes Supplies

I’ve found only 2 diabetic belts and fanny packs that were worth mentioning. A super cheap yet good one from ChillMed, and a fancy pumper-friendly one with insulation from Myabetic. I promise to update this article when new products are on the market!

Note: I am not referring here to insulin pumps belts. This will be the subject of another article. The followings are fanny packs and waist belts to carry your diabetic supplies (glucometer, test strips, lancing device, insulin pens and vials, needles, etc.)

12. ChillMed Carry-all Diabetic Belt Bag for Diabetes Supplies & Insulin

Chillmed diabetic belt bag red-min
ChillMed Diabetic Belt

ChillMed offers plenty of diabetes travel bags to conveniently carry your supplies everywhere. If what you’re looking for is a diabetes belt bag, this one is the most basic, yet durable one

For only $12,95, it’s built with durable Denier nylon and has enough storage room for all your diabetic supplies for the day, as well as some small personal items. There are 2 main compartments, but note that this is not a medical cooler, so there’s no insulated compartment to keep insulin cool.

There are some elastic loops and interior mesh pockets to organize your supplies and devices, but maybe not enough from my point of view. To be fair, for such a low price, you can’t expect better! All in all, it’s a good product for diabetics on a budget.

13. Myabetic Jensen Diabetes Fanny Pack with Insulated Section

Myabetic Jensen Diabetes fanny pack
Myabetic Jensen Diabetes Fanny Pack

Again, Myabetic offers a great product in the diabetes fanny packs category. The Jensen Fanny waist belt is made with premium quality polyester and luxurious hardware details. It’s a durable and quality product.

Specially designed for diabetics, it has a good inside organizer so you can secure your supplies and easily access them within seconds. The small insulated section keeps insulin cool in the summertime. There’s enough room to fit your phone and house keys.

This diabetes belt is pumper-friendly. It can hold an insulin pump and has zippered holes in the back for the tubings. Kids’ size available!

I hope you’ve found what you were looking for. Please don’t hesitate to comment, ask, and share with us your favorite diabetes bags!