The Best Diabetic Toothpastes & Mouthwashes for a Flawless Oral Health

Diabetes and teeth Best Toothpaste for diabetics

There’s no such thing as a “diabetic toothpaste”, and companies who told you so are shamelessly lying to you. But if you live with diabetes, there are a few things you should pay attention to when choosing toothpastes and mouthwashes. 

Diabetics are 3 times more at risk of developing mouth sores such as gum disease, periodontitis, dry mouth, oral thrush etc. Preventing these discomforts demands a flawless oral care routine with adapted, gentle, and protective quality products. Here’s a list of the best sugar-free toothpastes and mouthwashes for diabetics to safely use. 

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The 5 Best Sugar-free Diabetic Toothpastes in 2021

Nowadays, pretty much all toothpastes on the market are sugar-free. But there’s more to look at when looking for a toothpaste for diabetics. You should stay away from aggressive chemicals and prefer gentle and natural products. Here’s a selection of the best toothpastes you can use whether you have gum problems, mouth sores, sensitive teeth, or simply want to prevent future oral care issues. 

1. Best Overall Toothpaste for Diabetics: SprinJene Sugar-free Natural Toothpaste

2. Best Preventive Toothpaste for Diabetics: Tom's of Main Sugar-free WholeCare

3. Dental Herb PerioSpot Gum Therapy Gel: Soothes Diabetes-related Mouth Sores

4. Boka Coco Ginger Remineralizing and Sensitivity Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

5. Most natural Toothpaste for Diabetics: Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal ToothPaste

The Best Mouthwashes for Diabetics in 2021

Mouthwash is another essential for your dental health routine, especially if you live with diabetes. While some mouthwashes only give you a good taste and temporary mask bad breath, others actually play a preventive or soothing role for most common diabetes-related mouth sores. If, like many other diabetics, you suffer from gum disease, periodontitis, gingivitis, or dry mouth, a good mouthwash can really help. Here are the most adapted ones:

1. Best Overall for Diabetics: CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Very Gentle Sugar-free Mouthwash

2. Best for Diabetics' Gum Disease: TheraBreath Healthy Gum Periodontist Oral Rinse

3. Best for Diabetics' Dry Mouth: Biotene Mouthwash for Dry Mouth Treatment, Saccharin-free

4. Best All Natural Mouthwash for Diabetics: Auromere Ayurvedic Mouthwash

Diabetes & Oral Health: FAQ

Is there sugar in Toothpaste?

There used to be. Recent studies have shown clear and direct effects of sugar on teeth cavities. Nowadays, most toothpastes are sugar-free. To offer a pleasant taste, manufacturers now use no-sugar sweeteners. Not all are equals and some are more natural than others.

Saccharin is the most used sweeteners in toothpaste and it’s 100% artificial. It has led to numerous health controversies in the recent years. 

Sorbitol is also often found in toothpastes. It’s a natural sugar alcohol that does not raise blood sugar. 

Xylitol, another natural sweetener is mostly found in fruits. It has proven to  help prevent caries and to have numerous oral health benefits. It’s the one you should be looking for!

Does toothpaste increase blood sugar?

There’s very little risk that it does. First, you’re not supposed to swallow your toothpaste. Second, if you’ve bought your toothpaste less than 20 years ago, it’s probably sugar-free. Third, if you have a sugary toothpaste and do decide to swallow it, the quantity of sugar would still be very small and wouldn’t increase your blood sugar much. If all toothpastes are nowadays sugar-free, it’s more for dental health concerns such as caries than for diabetes issues.

There are a few studies showing that sugar-free toothpaste reduces salivary glucose levels. It’s quite technical though and I’m not qualified to draw conclusion out of it. 

Can mouthwash raise your blood sugar?

Not really. Just like toothpaste, you’re not supposed to swallow your mouthwash and it’s probably sugar-free anyway. One study is quite interesting though and have shown that using poor-quality mouthwashes can destroy good oral bacteria and alter blood sugar metabolism. This could ultimately promote diabetes in people that are already at high risk of developing the disease. 

Can diabetes cause sores in the mouth?

Diabetes can cause many sores in the mouth. In fact, diabetes and oral health are very much linked together. Repetitive untreated high blood glucose levels can lead to severe dental and mouth sores. Diabetics are most at risk of developing gum disease, periodontitis, dry mouth, oral thrush (candida), burning mouth syndrome, and bad breath. In order to avoid such discomforts, diabetics must follow a flawless oral health routine. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, using a mouthwash and visiting your dentist once a year.

Can tooth decay cause high blood sugar?

Tooth decay that leads to an infection can cause high blood sugar. When your body is attacked, your blood sugars tend to increase, as well as when you’re tired or experimenting physical pain. A tooth abscess, a rotten tooth, an inflamed gum or a tooth aching can lead to uncontrollable high blood glucose. 

Is there a link between diabetes and gum disease?

Gum disease, also called periodontitis in its most advanced state, has a two-way relationship with diabetes. Diabetics are about 3 times more at risk of developing gum disease than the general population. High levels of sugars in your blood also get to your saliva, making your mouth a sweet environment that gum disease bacteria love. And it works the other way around too: gum disease has been proven to increase blood sugars!

I hope this article has answered your questions. Please do not hesitate to comment and ask below. I’d be happy to update with more information.