50 Great Diabetes Shirts with Fun & Punchy Awareness Messages!

So Pumped diabetic shirt for kids

Whether you’re looking for a diabetes shirt for yourself or for someone you love, you’re at the right place! Browse by category and view the best shirts with diabetes awareness punch lines, type 1 and type 2 diabetes inspirational facts, fun diabetes quotes, and children-friendly designs.

Diabetes Awareness Shirts

Diabetes Awareness T-shirts are created by independent artists and diabetes organizations from around the globe. Their messages are powerful and made to alert the public about the diabetes epidemic, educate about diabetes and diabetes lifestyle, raise awareness, and advocate for more fundings, healthcare access, and affordable treatments. 

In the USA, November is the official Diabetes Awareness month and in 2021, November 14th was National Diabetes Awareness Day. A good way to participate is to wear diabetes awareness shirts! Here’s a selection of the best ones with the pushiest messages and designs!

Best & Punchiest Diabetes Awareness Shirts

You’ll often see a blue circle or ribbon on diabetes awareness shirts. The Blue Circle is the universal symbol for diabetes and the International Diabetes Federation‘s logo. It represents the unity of the diabetic community.  The Blue Ribbon is the symbol for Diabetes Awareness and is often represented with a red drop of blood on it. 

Diabetes Awareness Blue Shirt
Diabetes Awareness Shirt
Peace Love and Cure Diabetes Shirt
Peace & Love & Cure
Type One Diabetes Awareness Shirt
Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Shirt
In November we wear Blue Diabetes Awareness Shirt
In November We Wear Blue Shirt
Diabetes Awareness No one fights alone American flag shirt
No One Fights Alone with American Flag Shirt
Diabetes Awareness Long Sleeve Shirt
Diabetes Awareness Long Sleeves Shirt

Best Diabetes Awareness Shirts For Family Members

Diabetes changes not only one person’s life but the lives of all of his or her relatives. Living with diabetes implies a constant and meticulous care, a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet, as well as understanding and support from our families and friends

So it’s fair that family members also have their own shirts too! Here are the best ones:

Support squad diabetes awareness shirt
Support Squad Diabetes Shirt
I Wear Blue for My Brother Shirt
T1D Sister diabetes shirt
Type 1 Diabetes Sister Shirt
In this family no one fights alone Diabetes shirt
In This Family No One Fights Alone
Proud Mom of a Type 1 Diabetes Warrior shirt
Proud Mom of a T1D Warrior Shirt
Her fight my fight diabetes shirt
Her Fight My Fight

Type 1 Diabetes Shirts

According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Type 1 Diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, affects some 1.6 million Americans. About 64,000 people are diagnosed each year, and there was a 21% increase in the prevalence of this chronic disease in people under age 20 between 2001 and 2009.

Type 1 Diabetes T1D Warrior Shirts

T1D are warriors. They must fight the sugar battle every single hour of every single day of their entire life. If shirts won’t cure diabetes, they send strong messages to the wearer and to the rest of the World. Let’s find some powerful T1D warrior shirts for you to wear during the fight!

Type 1 Diabetes shirt
T1D Warrior Shirt
Type 1 diabetes shirt
T1D Warrior Insulin Shirt
Diabetes fighter shirt
Diabetes Fighter Shirt
Diabetic women unbreakable warrior shirt
Diabetes Warrior Unbreakable Shirt
T1D Warrior black shirt
T1D Warrior
Type One diabetes shirt green
Type One Type One Shirt

Type 1 Diabetes Inspirational Shirts

Motivation and mental strength are keys to properly managing Type 1 diabetes. A diabetic wakes up every single day with blood glucose levels in mind. Sharing inspirational quotes can only help find strength and take some perspectives when needed. Here are some of the best inspirational shirts for Type 1 Diabetics.

Don't be a quitter like my pancreas diabetes shirt
Don't Be a Quitter Like my Pancreas
My God is stronger than Type 1 Diabetes T shirt
My God is Stronger than Type 1 Diabetes
Pancreatically challenged chronically awesome diabetes meme shirts
Pancreatically Challenged Chronically Awesome Shirt
My Diabetes Awareness is daily shirt
My Diabetes Awareness is Daily
Diabetic Life T-shirt
Diabetic Life Circle Shirt
Type Onederfull

Funny Diabetes T-Shirts

Did you know that laughter considerably helps lower blood glucose levels? Several recent scientific studies have shown the psychological and physiological benefits of laughter on diabetic patients. Laughing reduces the risks of heart attacks in diabetic patients, and laughing after meals helps lower postprandial blood sugars. 

So let’s laugh and browse through hilarious shirts!

I'm sorry for What I said when my blood sugar was low shirt
I'm Sorry for What I Said When my Sugar was Low Sirt
Diabetes Type 1 fun t-shirt hilarious
A Sloth does More Work than My Pancreas Shirt
Type one diabetes shirt friends TV show
Type One Diabetes Friends TV Show Shirt
Freeloading pancreas shirt
FreeLoading Pancreas Shirt
I run on Insulin & Coffee diabetes shirt
I Run on Insulin & Coffee Shirt
Proud Owner of a Useless Pancreas Shirt

More Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes Funny Shirts

No doubt: diabetes is boring. It’s very serious too. Properly managing diabetes and keeping blood sugar levels in range requires a lot of self-discipline and rigor on a daily basis. 

What if instead of feeling a bit depressed whenever we have a hard diabetic day, we laugh about it? After all, laughing helps get better sugar results. With a bit of humor and perspective, we can laugh about everything, including diabetes! As Savitha Hosamane says, “laugh at yourself, so that you will be able to laugh at the challenges of life.” Diabetes is definitely one of the biggest life challenges for all of us. Let’s laugh about it!

Warning diabetic shirt
Warning Diabetic Shirt
Diabetes funny shirt
Eh Nah, My Pancreas
Insulin not included diabetes funny shirt
Insulin not Included
If T1D has a face I'd punch it shirt
If T1D has a Face I'd Punch It Sirt
Diabetes funny t-shirt type 1
If you Can't Handle me at 387 You Don't Deserve me at 102
Type 1 diabetic shirt for fun
I'm so Alpha My Beta Cells Stopped Working

Type 1 Diabetic Shirts for Kids & Toddlers

Kids can be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as little as baby age, even if the peak of diagnosis is around 5 years old. Besides, more and more children are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at young ages too. Hundreds of thousands of kids live with diabetes in the States, so your child isn’t alone

To help children cope with diabetes and stay motivated to fight the chronic disease, it’s very important they feel some kind of pride or at least some kind of belonging to a community. Here are some of the best shirts for diabetic kids that can help tone down the situation and accept the disease.

Type 1 Though Children diabetes shirt
Type One Diabetes Tough Shirt for Kids
Type Onederfull Unicorn shirt for kids with diabetes
Type One-Derful Diabetes Unicorn Shirt
Diabetes awareness shirt for toddler
Diabetes Awareness Shirt for Toddler
Type Wonderful Dinosaur shirt for boy with diabetes
Type One-Derful Diabetes Shirt for Kids
So Pumped diabetic shirt for kids
So Pumped Diabetes Shirt for Kids
Type one diabetes warrior kid shirt
Type 1 Diabetes Warrior Shirt for Toddler

Type 2 Diabetes Shirts

Even though the Type 1 diabetes community is somehow more active than the Type 2 diabetes one, there are also shirts with messages specific to Type 2 diabetics! Let’s not forget that from the 34+ million Americans who have diabetes, 90% to 95% have type 2 diabetes. 

You can find type 2 shirts that are funny, inspirational, angry, or simply informative. Let’s dig in!

Type 2 diabetes warrior shirt
Type Two Diabetes Warrior Shirt
I Love someone with Type 2 diabetes T shirt
I Love Someone with Type 2 Diabetes
Fuck Diabetes shirt
Fuck Diabetes
Brave Eminent Active Type 2 Diabetes T-shirt
Brave Eminent Active Type 2 Diabetes

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