Become a Volunteer and help diabetic travelers out in your country!

More than diabetes volunteers

In different countries

can be one too!

As an International Diabetes Volunteer, you will join the Sweet Trip’s Community from your home.

You will be able to help out diabetic travelers who visit your country, by addressing their questions and worries.  

When a diabetic traveler contacts us with a request of information about your country, we will put him/her in touch with you via email, and you will start a discussion and try to help him/her resolve his/her problems. Most of the time, it’s all about providing the traveler with local information such as:

  • Can you recommend any diabetes-friendly restaurants in your town?
  • Among your local traditional food, which one would you recommend me to try with my diabetic diet?
  • I need to go to the pharmacy to get my treatment: do you know what documents I will need to provide?
  • Can you tell me how I should process to get a doctor’s appointment?
  • Can you help me translate a few words in your language so I can explain my problem to the doctor/pharmacy?
Depending on how both of you feel, you are free later on to meet each other or not during his/her travel. There is absolutely NO obligation from your part to meet anyone in person. It’s only voluntary! 


We do not filter volunteer registrations, as we consider that anyone who is willing to help others out should be able to. All you need to be an International Diabetes Volunteer is:

Willingness to help others out

Access to a computer and internet connection to answer email

This is your call! Whenever we receive a request from a diabetic traveler coming to visit your country, we will contact you and the other volunteers in your country first. 

ONLY those replying positively and accepting the traveler’s request will be put in touch with him/her. So, if you’re busy at the moment, please do not feel any shame in replying that you’d rather not be put in touch this time. 

You can accept as little or as many requests as you want. Once you do accept a request from a traveler, we will send him/her your email address and invite him/her to get in touch with you. We estimate that the conversation you will engage into, and the time you will dedicate to answer his/her questions, should take you around one hour

REMEMBER: there is NO obligation whatsoever on your part. Some of our travelers and volunteers have actually met in person during the travel and became friends. This is wonderful and we do encourage it, but it’s absolutely NOT required! Answering their questions and helping out via email is already a lot of help, and it’s all we ask for. 

Diabetic Travelers Network Volunteers do NOT get any financial compensation for their work. Being a volunteer for diabetic travelers is and should be purely based on willingness to help others out. 

Sweet Trip, as the organiser of the network is NOT making any financial income from the Network, which is free of use for any traveler.

NO money is involved in the Diabetic Travelers Network.

However, as a thank you for his/her time and solidarity, any volunteer who has accepted at least one traveler’s request will receive a 15% discount code for any purchase made on our website and the websites of the Diabetic Travelers Network partners. 

To register as a volunteer, all you need to do is filling out the form below.

Once registered, you will receive a mail from us to inform you whenever a diabetic traveler is requesting information about traveling to your country. Remember, you’ll always be free to accept or decline these specific requests.

Your information won’t be shared with anyone until you receive and accept a traveler’s request!


If you have any questions about volunteering for the International Diabetic Travelers Network, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 


To register as a volunteer for the International Diabetic Travelers Network, please fill out the following form. 

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