10 Great Diabetic Shoes to Protect your Feet in 2022

Best diabetic shoes in 2022

Diabetic shoes play a significant role in the foot health of people with diabetes and neuropathy. Due to higher risks of foot complications, people with diabetes must take extra care of their feet and be very careful with footwear choices. 

Foot experts design therapeutic shoes for diabetes to prevent and alleviate diabetic foot pain. They promote blood circulation, support the foot, improve traction, protect fragile skin, absorb impacts, and enhance the overall comfort. 

I’ve researched and scrutinized dozens of shoes for people with diabetes to review 10 of the best ones to protect your feet in 2022.

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Best Diabetic Shoes for Women:

Orthofeet Wichita Stretchable Therapeutic Shoes 

Orthofeet Wichita Diabetic Shoes for Women
Orthofeet Wichita Diabetic Shoes for Women
Orthofeet diabetic footwear company

Orthofeet Wichita Stretchy Diabetic Shoes for Women

Orthofeet is the most podiatrist-recommended orthopedic shoe brand for diabetics in the USA. Wichita stretch shoes check all the boxes of the ideal diabetic footwear for women: they’re fully adjustable and non-binding, so they put no pressure points and help boost blood flowing to your lower limbs. The uppers are made with super stretchable material. The closure is a simple hook and loop velcro strap, and the tongue completely opens for an easy and pain-free foot insertion

The interior lining is seamless and foam-padded, so you’re protected against blisters and skin wounds that could lead to diabetic foot ulcers. The toe box is more comprehensive than in regular shoes. It allows you to keep your toes moving to promote blood circulation while preventing toe stubbing. Like every style from Orthofeet, the Wichita Stretch comes in a wide range of widths. On top of that, fitting spacers are included to help you find the perfect fit.

Orthofeet Wichita shoes Outsole
Orthofeet's Ergonomic Soles

Regarding foot support and stability, these orthopedic shoes are great too! They come with Orthofeet’s premium orthotic insoles ($40 value), providing enhanced arch support and excellent cushioning. 

If you’re concerned about the financial cost of such high-quality diabetic shoes, these are Medicare-approved under code A5500, so your insurance might cover them. Last but not least, Orthofeet offers a 60-day wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee.

More Women's Diabetic Shoes from Orthofeet

There are more than 60 women’s shoe styles for diabetes and neuropathy in Orthofeet’s catalog, including sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, work shoes, boots, casual shoes, and house slippers. Have a look!

Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit diabetic sneakers for women
Coral Stretch Knit
Orthofeet neuropathy flats shoes for women
Celina Flat
Orthofeet Milano diabetic boots for women
Milano Boots

The Best Diabetic Socks for Women in 2022!

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Best Diabetic Shoes for Men:

Orthofeet Sprint Tie-less Shoes for Diabetes

Orthofeet Sprint Tie Lace for diabetes shoes
Orthofeet Sprint Tie-less Diabetic Shoes for Men
Orthofeet diabetic sneakers for men

Orthofeet Sprint Men's Shoes for Diabetes

Just like for women, the best diabetic shoes for men are from Orthofeet, which crafts and ships worldwide state-of-the-art orthopedic shoes offering ultimate comfort and protection to diabetic feet. The Sprint sneakers for men are designed so you feel no pressure on your foot and your blood circulation is boosted. The interior is highly protective, seamless, and foam-padded to avoid rubbing on your skin. 

The extra toe room helps prevent toe injuries and favors movement inside the shoe. Finding the perfect fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose is essential when buying diabetic footwear. Like any Orthofeet shoes, the Sprint diabetic sneakers for men are available in 3 different widths: medium, comprehensive, and extra-wide. They also come with fitting spacers and optional arch boosters.

Orthofeet Sprint sneakers for diabetic men heel strap
The additional Heel Strap stabilizes the rear foot

Orthofeet’s premium orthotic insoles are included ($40 value). Their 4-layers unique structure re-aligns the foot and the body to ease pain from the soles up the knees, hips, and lower back. The top layer is made with an anti-microbial foam that keeps the feet in a healthy environment away from fungus and bacterial growth. 

Another great feature here is the innovative Tie-less lacing system. Fastening and unfastening is very convenient, especially for people who have difficulties bending down. The additional heel straps provide superior rear foot support for excellent foot stability.

Last but not least, Orthofeet offers a 60-day wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee.

More Men's Diabetic Shoes from Orthofeet

Orthofeet offers the most extensive shoe catalog for men with diabetes and neuropathy foot problems. Browse through therapeutic sneakers, hiking boots, steel toe work shoes, loafers, dress shoes, sandals, or even slippers:

Orthofeet BAton Rouge Leathher neuropathy footwear
Baton Rouge Leather
Monterrey bay orthofeet diabetic sneakers waterproof
Pacific Palisades
Orthofeet Rangers Diabetic Boots for men
Ranger Boots

Best Shoes for Diabetics with Neuropathy

Apex Unisex Ambulator T2000 Velcro Shoes

Apex stretchable shoes for swollen feet
Apex Ambulator T2000 Stretchable Shoes
Apex stretchable shoes for neuropathy

Apex Ambulator T2000 Velcro Shoes for Neuropathy & Swollen Feet

Apex biomechanical footwear meets the highest standards for patients suffering from diabetes and neuropathy foot problems. The Ambulator T2000 style has been designed to alleviate the sharpest foot pain

They’re made with a super-stretchy synthetic material that conforms to the shape of the feet without stressing them. The interior is very soft and seamless to prevent skin friction. The velcro straps and the wide throat opening make the foot insertion easy and pain-free.

Apex Ambulator t2000 stratch shoes for peripheral neuropathy
Velcro strap for pain-free foot insertion

What’s best about these neuropathy shoes is their great adjustability. People with peripheral neuropathy often have poor blood circulation, causing swollen feet and further complications. To promote blood flow and limit stress on the foot, neuropathy footwear must fit perfectly. That’s why the Apex Ambulator T2000 style comes in 4 different foot widths and includes 1/2″ removable depth and three removable layers for flexibility. The insoles are also removable so that you can accommodate your orthotics. 

These stretchy pain-relieving shoes are PDAC-verified for code A5500. It means they meet all the Coding Guidelines for Off-the-Shelf Diabetic shoe criteria. All Apex products are shipped for free and can be returned hassle-free. Apex offers a 4-interest-free payment option if you can’t afford the price at once. 

More Apex' Shoes for Diabetes

With more than 50 orthopedic shoe models designed by foot experts, Apex has one of the largest diabetic shoe catalogs for men and women!

Apex Comform Strap Shoes for aching feet
Comfort Women
Apex performance athletic sneakers for women with diabetes
Performance Sneakers
Apex Womens Wool diabetic sneakers
Wool Women

New Balance Diabetic Shoes for Walking

New Balance 813Hv1 Medicare Diabetic Walking Shoes

New Balance shoes for peripheral neuropathy
New Balance 813 for Women
New Balance shoes for nerve pain relief
New Balance 813 for Men
New Balance diabetic tennis shoes black

New Balance Medicare Diabetic Sneakers

New Balance is one of the world’s major footwear manufacturers that distinguishes itself with technical comfort features such as gel inserts, heel counters, foot stability, excellent cushioning, and a wide range of fit, widths, and support options. The company has worked on several styles that qualify under Medicare Code A5500 as therapeutic shoes for people with diabetes.  

The 813Hv1 sneakers are an excellent choice for walkers with diabetes. Their iconic Rollbar stability post and tremendous rearfoot control provide exceptional foot stability and improved traction. They combine thick supportive foam midsoles as well as great shock-absorbing rubber outsoles. 

New balance diabetic sneakers white
New Balance Medicare Diabetic Shoes A5500

The interior of the shoe, the collar, and the leather uppers are smooth and padded to prevent blisters and skin irritations that could lead to infections or diabetic foot ulcers. The adjustable uppers with hook and loop velcro straps allow an easy foot entry and provide a custom fit without having to tie laces. 

These New Balance diabetic shoes are narrow, regular, comprehensive, and extra-wide to accommodate every foot type without pressure and stress. Last but not least, they’re durable and great value for money!

More Diabetic Shoes from New Balance

All New Balance’s shoes are renowned for their excellent comfort, most of which would suit diabetic feet. However, not all New Balance’s styles are Medicare-approved to qualify for the Diabetic Shoe Bill. Browse through Medicare-only models here:

New Balance therapeutic extra depth shoes
877v1 Walking Shoes
New Balance Medicare hiking therapeutic boots
1440v1 Hiking Shoes
New Balance trainers for diabetes
624 Cross Trainers

Best Budget: Skechers Diabetic Shoes

Skechers Go Walk Joy & Evolution Slip-on Sneakers

Skechers go walk evolution shoes for men
Skechers Go Walk for Men
Skechers go walk joy shoes for women
Skechers Go Walk for Women
Skechers walking shoes for nerve pain in feet

Skechers Go Walk Cheap Diabetic Shoes

Skechers is another iconic footwear brand with diabetes-friendly shoes. The Go Walk Joy for women and the Go Walk Evolution for men are incredibly lightweight and flexible walking shoes that make a great cheap choice for people with diabetes. The upper mesh fabric is highly breathable and naturally expandable to create a natural fit without pressuring the foot. The collar is padded, and the uppers are seamless to prevent blisters.

These slip-on walking Skechers shoes with pull-on loops also feature air-cooled insoles with a moisture-wicking treatment to block fungus growth and keep the feet healthy. The high-rebound 5gen cushioning insoles offer excellent protection against shocks and injuries. 

They’re available in different width options. You might not get the same quality as top orthopedic brands, but they’re super comfortable, and value for money is unbeatable.

Extra Wide Diabetic Shoes for Men & Women

Propét LifeWalker Strap A55000 Diabetic Shoes

Propet Tourwalker wide sneakers for women white
Propét Tour Walker for Women
Propet LifeWalker wide sneakers for men brown
Propét LifeWalker for Men
Propét LifeWalker extra wide shoes for men black
Propét LifeWalker Shoes for Men, Black

Propét LifeWalker Extra Wide Diabetic Shoes

Propét has a wide range of high-quality, comfortable shoes that qualify as diabetic shoes. If you have comprehensive, very wide, or swollen feet, search no more: Propét shoes are available in 3 to 6 widths depending on the styles. 

The LifeWalker sneakers for men and the TourWalker ones for women are 100% full-grain leather with an incredibly comfortable foam-padded interior. The insoles provide real arch support and are well cushioned. Removable, so you can also choose to wear these shoes with your diabetic insoles

Propet Diabetic Sneakers extra wide white
Propét Tour Walker Shoes for Women, White

The adjustable upper velcro closure makes it easy to find the perfect fit and to readjust your shoes as the day goes by if your feet swell. The rear foot is well supported with a contoured heel stabilizer

There’s enough room for your toes to be protected from stubbing and to keep moving during the day. Plus, the leather exterior protects from falling objects and toe injuries. These are Medicare-approved diabetic shoes. 

Best Diabetic Work Shoes

Orthofeet Cobalt Orthopedic Safety Work Shoes for Men

Orthofeet Cobalt work shoes
Orthofeet Cobalt Work Shoes for Men

Orthofeet Safety Toe Work Shoes for Diabetics

Diabetic work shoe choices are minimal. Work shoes can be very stiff and put pressure points on your feet, which you want to avoid when living with diabetes and even more so with diabetic neuropathy. The Cobalt Safety Work shoes for men are the most comfortable and protective you can find

They’re crafted in a non-abrasive fabric with a seamless foam-padded interior that guarantees you won’t have blisters even if you wear them all day. They have premium removable orthotics that provide great cushioning and enhanced foot support. It’s easy to find the perfect fit thanks to a wide range of available widths and removable fitting spacers. The toe box is extra roomy, and the soles are very lightweight to help improve traction.

On the safety side, these therapeutic work shoes have a composite toe and meet most hazardous work area requirements, including impact, compression, and electric hazard resistance—the outsoles and slip-resistant.

Orthofeet offers a 60-day wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee on all their shoes. 

More Diabetes Work & Steel Toe Shoes

Compare these with 10 more work shoes for diabetics on Orthofeet’s catalog:

Orthofeet dolomite orthopedic work shoes
Dolomite Leather
Orthofeet Works shoes for men with diabetes
Granite Work Boots
Orthofeet composite toe safety work boots
Glacier Gorge

Best House Shoes For Diabetic Foot Pain Relief

Apex Basis Slip-on House Shoes For Diabetes & Neuropathy

Apex slip on shoes for house diabetes and neuropathy
Apex Basis Slip-on House Shoes
Apex slippers for diabetic and neuropathy
Apex Basis House Shoes for Diabetics

Apex Basis Slippers for Diabetes & Neuropathy

Apex slip-on diabetic house shoes are unique! These sock-like no-feel slippers combine a shoe’s support and a thick sock’s comfort. They’ve been specially designed for people suffering from foot pain. They’re the ideal diabetic slippers for those who suffer from neuropathy symptoms such as extreme sensitivity to touch, numbness, or stabbing pain. 

The breathable fabric is stretchable like in a sock, and there are no pressure points on your foot. The oversized pull tabs make it super easy to put on and off. There’s no bulky seam inside that could cause friction. 

These slip-on house shoes feature genuine insoles that provide great cushioning and adequate arch support. Both the footbeds and the depth inserts are removable. The outsole is thick and slip-resistant, so you can safely wear these slippers on slippery floors. There’s also a rearfoot reinforcement for enhanced stability

Apex basis diabetic house shoes are unisex and available in all women’s and men’s sizes and extended widths

Best Women's Diabetic Dress Shoes

Orthofeet Celina Mary Jane Leather Shoes 

Orthofeet neuropathy flats shoes for women
Orthofeet Celina Mary Jane Shoes for Diabetes

Orthofeet Celina Diabetic Dress Shoes for Women

Stylish dress shoes for women with diabetes are rare gems. Because of the uneven weight distribution and the pressure they put on the foot, heel shoes are not recommended for people with diabetes. It’s better to choose flat dress shoes. Or, if you want to wear heels, you must select authentic orthopedic heel shoes. 

The Celina Mary Jane Flats from Orthofeet significantly compromises style and diabetes. The heels are cushioned, the toe box is wide enough that you don’t stub your toes, and the interior lining is seamless and protective. 

This pain-free dress shoe style comes with removable premium orthotic insoles ($40 value included) that bring real anatomical arch support and excellent cushioning. The upper straps reinforce instep support, while the ergonomic sole helps reduce fatigue and pressure on the foot and alleviates long-term foot, back, and knee pain

They’re available in different widths to be sure you find the perfect non-binding fit. Besides, Orthofeet offers a 60-day wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee on all products. 

More Women's Therapeutic Dress Shoes from Orthofeet

Choose from 6 diabetic dress shoe styles and 7  Mary Jane’s for women on Orthofeet’s catalog:

Orthofeet comfortable dress shoes for foot pain
Emma Black
Orthofeet ortopedic arch support dress shoes for women
Chelsea Black
Orthofeet Lilly black heels womens orthopedic dress shoes
Camille Heel

Best Diabetic Dress Shoes for Men

Dr. Comfort Wing Men’s Diabetic Dress Shoes

Dr. Comfort diabetic dress shoes for men
Dr. Comfort Diabetic Dress Shoes for Men
Dr Comfort therapeutic dress shoes wing's men
Dr. Comfort Diabetic Dress Shoes, Black

Dr. Comfort Extra-Depth Diabetic Dress Shoes

Offering any kind of shoe style for people with diabetes, from sneakers to leather dress shoes passing by house slippers and loafers, Dr. Comfort is a leading company in the diabetic footwear market. The company’s products are top-quality and well worth their (expensive) prices

The Wing’s therapeutic extra-depth diabetic dress shoes for men are made with 100% leather (black or brown). They offer diabetes-friendly protective features: extra-depth, wide toe box, smooth interior, padded collar, cushioned heel, great insoles, and lightweight, flexible outsoles. 

Dr Comfort extra-depth dress shoes for men
Dr. Comfort Diabetic Dress Shoes, Black

Even though you won’t be as comfortable as in diabetic sneakers or house shoes, the design is non-binding, and there’s more cushioning than in regular men’s dress shoes. 

The footbeds are removable so that you can wear them with custom orthotics. All sizes are available, and you get to choose from different widths. These are top-quality, durable orthopedic leather shoes with subtle details and a hand-burnished finish you won’t find anywhere else. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are diabetic shoes?

Diabetic shoes are different from regular shoes in that they’re professionally designed to address foot conditions that are particular to persons with diabetes. They’re often referred to as therapeutic, orthopedic, extra-depth, or sugar shoes.

Why do diabetics need special shoes?

Most diabetes-related foot problems originate from Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Artery Disease, two severe diabetes complications. 

High blood glucose levels damage the nerves over time. This is called Peripheral Neuropathy, and it generally affects the feet and the lower limbs. Symptoms vary from mild to extremely painful and include numbness, extreme sensitivity to touch, tingling, burning, sharp pain, cramps, or others.

On the other hand, Peripheral Artery Disease reduces blood flow in the body’s extremities. The hands and feet receive less oxygen, leading to a slower healing process and higher risks of infections, ulcers, and gangrene, sometimes requiring a partial amputation. 

These two conditions are responsible for most diabetic foot problems. People with diabetes, and even neuropathy, often suffer from foot ulcers, swollen feet, diabetic foot pain, calluses, cracked skin, blisters, fungal infections, and more. Along with a good foot care routine and periodic foot exams, diabetic shoes are designed to help prevent or alleviate most of these problems. 

What is the purpose of diabetic footwear?

The purpose of diabetic footwear is to prevent common diabetes-related foot problems from appearing and to alleviate the pain and discomfort they cause when they’re already here. The construction, design, and material of therapeutic shoes for diabetes offer numerous advantages and help:

  • Relieve foot pain
  • Enhance comfort
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Provide foot support
  • Prevent blisters and skin irritations
  • Prevent wounds and ulcers
  • Provide better motion control
  • Reduce impact on the foot
  • Avoid sweaty environment

What do diabetic shoes look like?

If diabetic shoes used to have an unpleasant bulky medical look, progress in shoe technology now allows manufacturers to design therapeutic shoes that look like any other shoes from the outside.

You can find diabetic casual shoes, sneakers, summer sandals, winter boots, work shoes, slippers, and dress shoes. Any good shoes for people with diabetes must have some or all of the following features: 

  • Non-binding design
  • Protective seamless interior
  • Foam padding
  • Extra cushioning
  • Orthotic insoles
  • Comfortable arch support
  • Lightweight & flexible outsole
  • Deep toe box
  • Extra-depth
  • Padded collar
  • Wide opening
  • Soft fabric
  • Moisture management
  • Breathability

What are the best shoes for diabetics?

There is no such thing as the best diabetic shoes. It all depends on your own feet and foot conditions. But you should know that poor quality footwear causes lots of foot problems. If you’ve been recommended to wear special shoes for diabetes, you should look for quality ones from accurate orthopedic footwear.

The ten shoes selected for this article are the ones that have the best features to protect diabetic feet. But it would help if you chose the style that offers the most needed advantages according to your problems

If you suffer from severe neuropathy foot pain or swollen feet, prefer a stretchable style. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis pain, choose shoes with enhanced arch support and orthopedic insoles. If you have foot skin problems, get the ones with the smoothest interior linings. If your feet sweat and you often have fungus infections, contact a moisture-wicking and breathable shoe fabric. 

Last but not least, the absolute most crucial feature is a proper fit. You can purchase the best diabetic shoes on earth worth hundreds of dollars, but they won’t solve any problems if they don’t fit properly. You might have to try several styles, sizes, and widths out and customize your fit by adding or removing fitting spacers before you find the perfect fit you feel comfortable in. 

Where to buy diabetic shoes?

The first step before buying diabetic shoes is to visit your primary care doctor, endocrinologist, or podiatrist and ask for needs and recommendations. You can purchase orthopedic shoes through an orthotist, a pedorthist, a pharmacy, a specialty shoe store, or even online. 

Who sells diabetic shoes?

People most commonly buy their therapeutic shoes from orthopedic footwear companies. Orthofeet, Apex, Dr. Comfort, and Propét are well-known brands that have large choices of quality shoes for diabetes and neuropathy. 

Some popular footwear brands such as New Balance also make shoes for diabetics. Walmart and Amazon also resell diabetic shoes from other companies. 

How much do they cost?

Diabetic shoes can cost anything from $30 to $300. However, if you’re looking for quality and durable products, you should aim for an average price of $70 to $180. 

What about custom diabetic shoes?

You might need custom-made shoes if you have special needs or severe foot deformities. They’re constructed from a cast or model of your foot. They come at a higher price (from $200 to $800) and require a multi-step process with several office visits, foot exams, and fitting. Ask for your podiatrist’s advice and recommendations first. 

Does Medicare cover diabetic shoes?

Yes, Medicare can cover the cost of therapeutic shoes for people with diabetes under certain conditions. You will first need to ask your doctor to fill out a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) and provide you with a Shoe Prescription that must be approved and co-signed by a Podiatrist or a foot professional. 

Then, you will need to get your shoes from an eligible supplier. Be sure the shoes you’re buying have received the Medicare / HCPCS Code A5500 to qualify for reimbursement under the Therapeutic Shoe Bill.

How much does Medicare pay for therapeutic shoes?

Medicare covers 80% of the cost of diabetic shoes. Private insurances might supplement the remaining 20%. Medicare can pay for one custom pair of folded shoes or one pair of extra-depth shoes per calendar year. You can also be eligible for reimbursement of two extra pairs of diabetic insoles for custom-molded shoes or three pairs of inserts for extra-depth shoes per year. Here’s the FAQ about Medicare coverage for diabetic shoes

I hope you’ve found answers to your questions here. Do not hesitate to ask, share, and comment in the section below. What are your favorite diabetic shoes?