Best Diabetic Boots: for Work, Steel Toe, Hiking & Snow

Best diabetic boots

Finding diabetic boots that are comfortable, protective, stylish, and affordable at the same time is a real challenge! People living with diabetes, and even more so with neuropathy, need to take extra care of their feet to avoid serious complications. 

Whether you’re looking for diabetic work boots, steel toe shoes for neuropathy, walking boots for diabetes, or snow boots for the following winter, you might be desperate to have so few choices. 

Don’t! I’ve done the job for you. I’ve asked my podiatrist partners and my diabetic readers about their favorite boots for diabetes and neuropathy, and I’ve selected no less than 16

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Diabetic Boots: Best Overall for Men & Women

A priori, boots aren’t the most diabetic-friendly shoes. They can be very stiff and cause pressure points. They’re often too tight on the ankle, preventing blood from flowing properly, and their narrow toe boxes cause injuries. 

Luckily, orthopedic footwear companies have designed boots to help prevent and alleviate diabetic and neuropathic foot problems. Non-binding top, padded collar, wider toe box, extra cushioning, seamless interior lining… Here come the best boots for diabetes and neuropathy you can find in 2022:

Best Diabetic Boots for Men: Orthofeet Rangers Non-Slip Orthotic Boots

Positive features

Orthofeet is the #1 footwear company for diabetes and neuropathy patients. The company offers the most extensive catalog of orthopedic shoes. These Rangers Boots are the most comfortable and protective you can find. Designed to alleviate foot pain, they’re non-binding and provide enhanced foot support and ankle stability. The interior is fully foam-padded and entirely seamless to prevent blisters and friction points. 

They’re more lightweight than any other diabetic boots, and the insole/outsole combination has a strong shock absorption capacity. A unique design with two zippers at the back of the shoe allows easy tieless insertion.

These boots have a wide toe box so you can keep moving your toes and stimulate your blood circulation. Orthofeet’s diabetic shoes are available in different widths: medium, wide, and extra-wide. 

Bonus: if you buy on Orthofeet’s website, you get 20% off, free shipping, and a 60-day wear test with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Negative aspects

More Men's Diabetic Boots from Orthofeet

Best Women's Diabetic Boots: Orthofeet Milano Non-slip Orthotic Boots

Positive features

Again, Orthofeet wins the match in the women’s diabetic boots category. There are ten different boots models to choose from, and the Milano boots seem to be the most versatile ones. They make great city boots and ideal outdoor walking shoes simultaneously.

Orthofeet’s Milano Women’s diabetic boots provide all the necessary features for optimal protection and comfort of diabetic and neuropathic feet. The design helps promote blood flow. The toe box is wide enough, so your toes are not tight. They’re available in 3 different widths (medium, wide and extra-wide) so you can find the best fit for you. 

The interior is fully padded and lined with a soft, seamless fabric that prevents blisters. The removable insoles are premium quality multi-layer cushioned that support your foot arch. 

The outsoles are slip-resistant, and the boots’ top layer is made with waterproof nub leather (only for the brown model). These are great for outdoor activities like walking and hiking. The stylish design also makes these boots the perfect diabetic boots for city walks and everyday wear. 

Bonus: if you buy on Orthofeet’s website, you get 20% off, free shipping, and a 60-day wear test with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Negative aspects

Best Diabetic Work Boots & Steel Toe Shoes in 2021

Diabetic work boots’ choices are minimal. According to my research, Medicare only approves 3 model boots for people with diabetes. I’ve included more models that are also great work boots choices for workers with diabetes or neuropathy. You can read more about what features to look at when buying diabetic work boots in the FAQ section at the end of the article. 

Apex Biomechanical Triple Strap Work Boots for Men with Diabetes

Positive features

Apex specializes in orthotic footwear for people with diabetes, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, and many other foot problems. It’s one of the few brands that offer Medicare-approved work boots for people with diabetes.

The Triple Straps Biomechanical Boots from the Ambulatory product line provide excellent protection and enhanced comfort, support, and stability. They have a wide toe box and extra depth so your feet have enough room and you can accommodate your orthotic insoles.

These therapeutic boots are made from full-grain leather with a synthetic moisture-wicking and breathable interior lining, so your feet stay dry and healthy. The hook and loop triple strap closure allows an easy insertion and a customizable fit that’s easy to re-adjust as the day goes by and our feet swell. 

The sole is made from intelligent grip polyurethane. It’s an anti-slip and super shock-absorbing material. Overall, it’s a great pair of work boots for diabetes and neuropathy patients who stand on their feet all day long. Plus, they qualify for Code A5500 for Medicare coverage as diabetic shoes. 

Negative aspects

Wolverine SR Direct-Attach: Best Wolverine Work Boots for Diabetics

Positive features

Wolverine is one of the iconic work boots and steel-toe cap boots brands in the USA. The company’s products are top quality and renowned among workers. Unfortunately, Wolverine has not designed any work boots, especially for diabetes and neuropathy. 

But if, like many workers, you only swear by Wolverine work boots, I found the Men’s SR Direct-Attach 6″ Work Boots to be the most suitable and protective for diabetic feet. They’re also the most expensive, but the added comfort and protection are worth the price difference.

Wolverine SR Direct-Attach Work Boots are 100% leather. They have an excellent shock-absorbing capacity thanks to compression pads directly molded in the outsole. The interior linings are made from mesh fabric and provide good breathability and moisture management, so your feet stay dry and healthy. 

The insoles are fully cushioned and removable, so you can also accommodate your diabetic orthotics. These boots are designed to bring optimal comfort and stability while reducing muscle fatigue. 

Negative aspects

Propét Men's Medicare-approved Diabetic Work Boots with Composite Toe

Positive features

Propét is one of the supreme comfort and extended widths footwear companies. Podiatrists often recommend Propét shoes to patients suffering from diabetes and neuropathy foot pain. 

On the technical side, these full-grain leather construction boots have a composite safety toe approved ASTM I-75 and ASTM C-75 and tested ASTM F2412-11/F2413-11. They’re waterproof but have not been tested for slip resistance. The EVA outsole is cushioned, lightweight, and made to provide good traction.

On the comfort side, these work boots are top-notch! They’re well padded inside and have a rigid heel counter for optimal support. The footbeds are cushioned and moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry. They’re removable, so you can also accommodate your diabetic insoles. 

They’re available in 4 different widths to fit most feet, even if you have wider feet or suffer from swollen feet or edema. Last but not least, Propét’s safety toe boots are Medicare-approved as diabetic shoes.

Negative aspects

Dr Comfort Diabetic Work Boots Rangers Therapeutic Extra-Depth Shoes

Positive features

Dr. Comfort designs shoes, especially for people suffering from diabetes and neuropathy. The boots are orthopedic and very protective.

These full-grain leather work boots are a great choice if you’re not looking for steel-toe boots. They have a protective toe box but are not adapted to high-risk work environments. They’re ideal and feature all the necessary protection and comfort for people with diabetes!

Negative aspects

Skechers Safety Steel Toe Cap Burgin-Tarlac Industrial Boots for Diabetics

Positive features

Skechers shoes are often recommended to diabetic patients because of their exceptionally comfortable designs and memory foam insoles. These steel-toe boots are a great work boots choice if you live with diabetes or neuropathy. 

Their steel toe cap meets the ASTM F2413-2011, 1/75 C/75 standards for impact and compression. The boots are also tested against work Electrical Hazard and resist disruptive discharge to the ground under 18kV 60Hz AC for one minute under dry conditions. 

Talking comfort, they show great protective features for diabetic feet. The fit is relaxed and non-constricting. The collar is fully padded, and the shoe interior is softly lined to prevent blisters and friction. The Skechers memory foam cushioned insoles are included but removable.

It’s the #1 best seller on Amazon in the Industrial and Construction Boots category. Even though they’re not specially designed for people with diabetes, these work boots are suitable and provide good comfort and protection. 

Negative aspects

Red Wing Irish Setters Wedge Sole Diabetic Work Boots with Aluminum Toe

Positive features

The iconic Irish Setters brand has never designed work boots for people with diabetes either. Yet, with more than 100 years of work boot experience, the company has learned to craft very comfortable and protective boots. I’ve found the Men’s 83606 6″ Aluminum toe Work Boots to be the most appropriate for workers living with diabetes

The innovative safety toe is made with aluminum which is much lighter but not less efficient than steel. It meets ASTM F2413-11, I/75C/75 standards for impact and compression. The boots’ protective sole and heel construction are also electrical hazard proof. The outsoles are heat-resistant, so you can work on high heat surfaces up to 475 Fahrenheit. 

The footbeds are not of exceptional quality, but they’re removable so that you can accommodate your orthotic inserts. Apart from that, the interior is softly lined, the collar is padded, and the design is not too tight. They make great work boots for people with diabetes who don’t suffer from severe foot conditions and only need comfortable boots with extra protection. If you suffer from neuropathy, I recommend getting something more “orthopedic.”

Negative aspects

Oristaco Comfort & Safety Diabetic Steel Toe Work Boots for Men & Women

Positive features

Finally, comfortable steel-toe work boots that are available in women’s sizes! 

Oristaco’s safety work boots are not specially designed for diabetes and neuropathy, but they’re reported to be extremely comfortable and do not cause foot pain!

Memory foam insoles, stretchable uppers, lightweight & breathable material, moisture-wicking interior lining, slip-resistant, supportive and protective… it does look like they’re made for us people with diabetes. In any case, they’re definitely worth the try. Plus, they come at a much lower price than other diabetic boots, and you get free shipping and free returns on amazon.

Negative aspects

Best Diabetic Walking Boots For Hiking & Outdoor Activities

Our medical team never stops discussing the importance of physical exercise in managing diabetes. The World Health Organisation recommends 10,000 steps a day to help prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So, why are there so few walking boots choices for people with diabetes? Here are the four best ones I’ve found:

Best Diabetic Walking Boots for Men: Orthofeet Hunter Orthotic Waterproof Hiking Boots

Positive features

Orthofeet offers no less than ten orthotic boots models for diabetes and neuropathy. If you’re a hiker, search no more: the Hunter hiking boots are the best choice. They’re designed for walking all terrains and long-distance trails.

Orthofeet’s advanced footwear technology provides enhanced foot support and ankle stability without blocking blood flow. The interior of the shoe is highly protective, fully padded, and with a blister-proof lining. A tremendous built-in moisture management system guarantees your feet would stay dry and away from moisture to avoid fungus infection and foul odor. 

The removable insoles are Orthofeet’s premium orthotics ($40 value included), with exceptional cushioning and anatomical arch support. The Ortho-cushioned system considerably softens impacts and reduces shock and stress on the foot.

Available in all sizes and three different widths, the Hunter walking boots come with removable fitting spacers so you can customize the fit. You get free shipping and a 60-day wear test with free returns and a 100% money-back guarantee. Definitely worth the price and at least worth the try!

Negative aspects

Best Diabetic Walking Boots for Women: Orthofeet Delta Orthotic Boots

Positive features

Orthofeet Delta Boots’ pain-free technology offers all the critical features for diabetic hikers. They’re lightweight, so walking requires less muscle strain and energy. Yet these outdoor boots are very supportive and provide enhanced foot arch support and excellent ankle stability. Customer reviews show incredible pain relief efficiency for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, foot pain, bunions, or sore feet. They’re made for walking all terrains and long distances trails. 

The interior is exceptionally soft, blister-proof, and fully foam-padded. The uppers are not constricting, and the toe box is wider than in regular walking boots, so they don’t block your blood flow. The insoles are well cushioned, and the additional top layer is moisture-wicking, so your feet stay in a dry and healthy environment, preventing fungus and bacterial infections and foot doors. 

Bonus: if you buy on Orthofeet’s website, you get 20% off, free shipping, and a 60-day wear test with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Negative aspects

Apex Men's Ariya Pain Relief Hiking Boots for Diabetes, Neuropathy & Plantar Fasciitis

Positive features

The Ariya Men’s Hiking Boots from Apex have been specially thought of for diabetic hikers. Even though they’re not as lightweight and performant as Orthofeet’s diabetic hiking boots, they offer excellent protection and are Medicare-approved for diabetic footwear reimbursement. 

The pressure-relief design is perfect. The collar is padded all around the ankle to avoid pressure points and friction. The interior lining is very soft and protective. The insoles are top quality and removable. What’s best about these walking boots is their fully adjustable features. People with diabetes must find the perfect customizable fit that’s not too tight or loose. Apex Walking boots are available in 3 different widths: medium, wide, and extra-wide. They come with additional 5/16″ removable depth fitters. It’s a hook & loop closure system with an adjustable ankle strap for enhanced ankle stability. 

Last, the outsoles are made from Polyuréthane, the most recommended sole material for trekking and outdoor sports. PU is more flexible and provides more excellent slip resistance, bending performances, and shock absorption than other materials. It’s also more environmentally friendly than leather or rubber. Apex offers free shipping on US orders and a hassle-free 30-days return policy. 

Apex running shoes for diabetic women
Apex Women's Trail Shoes

Negative aspects

Skechers' Hiking Boots: a Great Choice for Diabetics!

Positive features

Skechers hiking boots for diabetics

Skechers is not an orthotic footwear company, but its shoes are often recommended to diabetic patients due to their extreme comfort and excellent quality. I’ve done my research and found two hiking boots models that were the most suitable and protective for diabetes and neuropathy. 

The Skechers Women’s Hiker Hiking Boots and the Men’s Element Pelmo Chukka Boots have a relaxed and roomy fit that promotes blood circulation. They come with removable air-cooled memory foam insoles that provide superior comfort and foot support. Everything inside is padded and smooth to avoid blisters and pressure points. Customers mostly report enhanced comfort and durability. 

Waterproof, made with all-terrain rubber traction outsoles, and great shock-absorbing midsoles, these hiking shoes are suitable for all seasons and all kinds of hikes! Available in various colors. Free shipping and free returns on Amazon. 

Negative aspects

Best Diabetic Snow Boots for Winter

Keeping your feet dry and warm is essential when living with diabetes. Cold decreases blood circulation and increases the risks of skin dryness and irritation, which can lead to more diabetes-related severe foot problems

Unfortunately, diabetic snow boot and winter shoe choices are limited too. The only ones that are orthopedically designed for diabetes and neuropathy are from Orthofeet. Propét’s snow boots are also a good choice. 

Best Winter Diabetic Boots for Women: Orthofeet Siena Non-slip Fur & Leather Boots

Positive features

Ortofeet’s Siena winter boots are among the rare snow boots designed with diabetes and neuropathy in mind. Like any Orthofeet shoes, these orthopedic boots come with the company’s famous orthotic insoles providing anatomical arch support and realigning the foot to ease the pain.

They’re straightforward to put on and off with the hook, upper loop strap, and side zippers. The outsole is slip-resistant, which is essential for winter. The interior is foam padded and lined with a seamless soft synthetic fur. 

Available in camel or black, they come in 3 different widths: medium, wide, and extra-wide. Trying them out is free as you get free shipping and a 60-day wear test with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Best Men's Diabetic Snow Boots: Propét Blizzard Ankle Or Mid Zip Boots

Positive features

No surprise, Propét shoes are here again. The comfort footwear company offers men no less than five snow boots models, all suitable for diabetes and neuropathy patients. As usual, it’s a non-binding design that helps promote blood circulation and puts no pressure points on your feet. 

The technology behind it employs Vaporex heat-retaining insoles plus Thinsulate insulation fibers to keep your feet warm even in the coldest weather. Of course, these winter boots are fully waterproof and slip-resistant. 

You can choose from medium to xx-wide, making Propét’s boots the most adapted to swollen or aching feet. Free delivery + free returns!

Propets diabetic snow boots for men

Best Women's Diabetic Snow Boots: Propét Lumi Tall Lace Snow Boots

Positive features

Like for men, Propét offers some of the best winter boots for women with diabetes and neuropathy. The Lumi snow boots exist in Tall Lace and Ankle Zip. But the comfort footwear company has more than five women’s snow boots models that would be suitable for diabetics, especially if you have wider feet or aching susceptible ones. 

All sizes and all widths are available on Amazon with free shipping and free returns!

More Women's Diabetic Winter Boots from Propét

Diabetic Boots' FAQ

What is the best work boot for diabetics?

There’s no such thing as the best work boot for people with diabetes. Every person living with diabetes has different feet and different foot problems. The best diabetic work boot is the one that best suits and protects your own feet. 

Of course, finding the perfect fit is the most important thing when buying diabetic shoes. Look for shoes with the most adjustable features: straps, width options, removable insoles, fitting spacers, etc. 

If you have diabetes, and even more so if you have neuropathy, only buy quality work boots made with premium materials. They will be more expensive but well worth the price difference. Quality shoe materials are more protective and more durable. They also have better shock-absorbing capacity and cushioning properties. Stay away from poor-quality cheap footwear. 

Look for features especially thought to prevent or alleviate diabetes-related foot problems. A non-constricting design, a relaxed fit, and a wider toe box promote blood circulation and avoid pressure points. A smooth and seam-free interior lining helps prevent blisters and skin frictions. Cushioning and padding considerably enhance comfort. Anatomical arch support improves support and relieves plantar fasciitis pain. Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps your feet in a dry and healthy environment and helps prevent fungus and bacteria. Slip-resistant outsoles are a welcome addition. 

The most important is to find the perfect fit and to feel comfortable. Pretty much all shoes I’ve selected for this article come with a free return policy. You might have to try several out before finding your favorite diabetic work boots

Should diabetics wear steel-toe boots?

People with diabetes who work on construction sites, warehouses, or environments exposed to electric circuits may be compelled by their employer or the OSHA safety guidelines to wear steel-toe shoes.

While steel-toed boots protect from serious foot injuries, they might not always be recommended for people suffering from diabetes or neuropathy. They’re generally heavy and not flexible enough. Steel toe boots can create pressure points, and their steel cap can sometimes cut your skin.

However, balancing the pros and cons of wearing protective shoes on dangerous worksites, there’s a need for people with diabetes to wear steel-toe shoes. But not all steel-toe shoes are suitable for people with diabetes. Carefully choose your work shoes and prefer steel-toe boots that are good quality, lightweight, and flexible enough, with actual cushioning and padding as well as protective lining like the ones in this article. 

If you have doubts about whether or not you should wear steel-toe shoes, ask for your podiatrist’s advice first. Here’s a topic on the OSHA website about diabetics and steel-toe shoes that might give you more info.

Should diabetics wear cowboy boots?

Traditional cowboy boots are generally not a good choice for people with diabetes or neuropathy. Their high heels and pointed toes could damage your feet and have no arch support. The interior is usually not lined, and the leather seams cause blisters and skin frictions. Plus, they’re not moisture-wicking and maintain your feet in a sweaty damp environment that promotes fungus and bacterial growth. So, not the best idea…

Fortunately, footwear technology advancements have allowed more protective western boots that a person with diabetes could occasionally wear without hurting his feet. I prefer cowboy boots with low heels. Avoid pointed toes. Get boots with a soft interior lining and padding and wear them with additional diabetic insoles. It considerably improves comfort and protection. I’ve found that Ariat Cowboy boots are the most suitable for people with diabetes. The two models below are supportive and cushioned with a rounded toe.

Are there any diabetic hunting boots?

There are no diabetic hunting boots on the market in 2021. Orthopedic footwear companies have not designed any yet. If you’re a hunter and have diabetes, some hunting boots are more suitable for you than others. 

A podiatrist I regularly refer to is a hunter and has done some research. According to him, 8 Fans Lightweight Hunting Boots with memory foam insoles would be the best hunting boots for people with diabetes. 

Where to buy Diabetes Awareness Boots?

Wear Diabetes Awareness Boots to spread the word about diabetes wherever you go! You can find them on WearWanta or Etsy.

Diabetes Awareness boots
Diabetes Awareness Boots