7 Best Diabetic Sneakers for Diabetes & Neuropathy in 2021

Diabetic Sneakers and sneakers for neuropathy

Good diabetic sneakers are rare gems! Have a quick look at the classic diabetic footwear companies’ websites and you’ll understand. Old fashion, ugly, leather and velcro house shoes. Athletic performant shoes for diabetics? Almost nothing.

Fortunately, things are changing and orthopedic shoe brands have understood that physical exercise (and fashion!) are part of every diabetic’s life. Still, choices are limited and scams do exist. So, to help you make a smart purchase decision, here’s a selection of 7 quality, comfortable and protective sneakers for diabetes and neuropathy on the market in 2021.

Best Diabetic Sneakers & Sneakers for Neuropathy: 2021 Product Review

As usual, I’ve conducted my own investigation and interviewed podiatrists, diabetes nurses, and diabetic patients about the best sneakers for people living with diabetes and/or neuropathy. Here are the 7 sneakers that were most recommended (by far!):

1. Best for Men: Orthofeet Sprint Tie-less Athletic Diabetic Sneakers

Orthofeet Sprint Men's Diabetic Sneakers: Pros

Orthofeet Sprint sneakers for diabetic men heel strap
Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Sneakers With Heel Strap

Orthofeet is USA’s #1 orthopedic footwear company for people living with diabetes and neuropathy foot problems. Its shoes are  designed by foot experts, extremely comfortable, very protective, premium quality, durable, and recommended by podiatrists. The Sprint Tie-less is the company’s most sold diabetic sneaker model for men. It’s been on the market for years, and customers have always been grateful in their reviews. 

The design is absolutely non-binding and made to avoid any pressure point on your feet while promoting an improved blood flow. The toe box is wide enough so your toes can move. The shoe interior is entirely foam-padded and seam-free, preventing blisters and skin irritation. They come with Orthofeet’s premium orthotic insoles offering strong arch support, unsurpassed cushioning and great shock absorption, as well as fitting spacers so you can find the perfect customisable fit.

The innovative tie-less lace system allows you to fasten, unfasten and tighten your sneakers very easily, which is quite valuable if you  have difficulties bending down. The additional heel straps provide a good rear foot support for an overall excellent foot stability.

Orthofeet is a trustable branding and offers 60-days wear test so you can send your sneakers back if you don’t like them!

Orthofeet Sprint Men's Diabetic Sneakers: Pros

More Diabetic Sneakers for Men from Orthofeet

Orthofeet offers a selection of 10+ orthopedic sneakers for men living with diabetes and neuropathy foot problems.

2. Best for Women: Orthofeet Coral Stretchable Diabetic Sneakers

Orthofeet Coral Women's Diabetic Sneakers: Pros

Orthofeet coral sneakers for diabetes and neuropathy
Orthofeet Coral Women's Diabetic Sneakers

Again, Orthofeet wins the match in the women’s sneakers category. The orthopedic footwear company offers no less than 10 models of diabetic sneakers for women, from which the Coral Stretch Knit is the best seller. These trainers are professionally created to provide ultimate comfort to sore and sensitive feet. They’re ideal for women suffering diabetes-related foot problems or neuropathy

The fabric is entirely stretchable and the design is non-binding at all. It’s a non-constricting footwear that helps promote your blood circulation, which is particularly important if you have neuropathy. The interior is very protective, foam-padded and seamless, so there’s no friction on your skin.  

There’s extra cushioning under the heel for better shock absorption and foot motion. The included premium insoles are removable so you can also insert your own orthotics. They provide good anatomical arch support, as well as several layers of cushioning. These sneakers also come with removable fitting spacers to help you find the perfect fit. 

The breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps your feet in an healthy environment preventing fungus and bacteria. Available in extended widths, Orthofeet Coral sneakers are ideal if you have wider feet or suffer from swollen feet or edema. 

Last but not least, the company offers a 60-days wear test as well as free returns and 100% money-back guarantee. 

Orthofeet Coral Women's Diabetic Sneakers: Cons

More Women's Diabetic Sneakers from Orthofeet

Orthofeet offers a selection of 10+ orthopedic sneakers for women living with diabetes and neuropathy foot problems.

3. New Balance Diabetic Sneakers - Medicare eligible Shoes (A5500)

New Balance Diabetic Sneakers: Pros

More New Balance Diabetic Sneakers

The leading footwear company offers a wide range of sneakers that are officially approved by Medicare for reimbursement under the PDAC Medicare Part B of the Therapeutic Shoe Bill. Be careful though: not all New Balance shoes are eligible. If a New Balance shoe fulfils the diabetic shoes Medicare requirements, it is specified on the product description with the code A5500.

The 813 V1 Hook & Loop walking shoes are approved and meet all the requirements to qualify as diabetic shoes. They’re well cushioned and protective. The uppers are adjustable so you’re sure they won’t be too tight and constrict your feet. 

They bring incredible stability when walking, thanks to a stability construction that controls your rear foot while improving traction. These shoes are very lightweight and offer good arch support.

It’s a good choice for people living with diabetes or neuropathy and looking for comfortable protective sneakers at a reasonable price.

New Balance Sneakers for Diabetes: Cons

4. Apex Performance Athletic Sneakers for Diabetes & Neuropathy, Men & Women

Apex performance athletic sneakers for women with diabetes
Apex Athletic sneakers for diabetics - Women
Apex performance diabetic sneakers for men athletic
Apex Athletic sneakers for diabetics - Men

Apex Athletic Sneakers for Diabetes: Pros

Apex performance diabetic sneakers-min
Apex Performance diabetic sneakers

Apex is one of my favourite orthotic footwear brand, and it’s often recommended by podiatrists. From the large catalog of diabetic sneakers, I’ve chosen here the company’s brand new model: the Performance Athletic Sneakers. 

Extremely lightweight yet very supportive, they’re an ideal wear for sport and outdoor activities, as well as for daily walks around the city. The design is specially thought to improve traction and foot stability. The tie-less system allows you to put your shoes on and off without bending down for too long. 

The fabric is stretchable so the trainers put no pressure points on your feet and never block your blood circulation. Breathable and moisture-wicking, you feet will stay dry and healthy inside.

They’re available in 3 different widths and come with removable insole and fitting spacers so you can make your own adjustments and customise the fit. 

Apex Performance Athletic sneakers are currently on sale! Plus, you benefit a 30-days free return policy in case you don’t like them.

Apex Athletic Sneakers for Diabetes: Cons

More Diabetes and Neuropathy Sneakers from Apex

ApexFoot has a selection of 20+ sneakers for diabetes and neuropathy. 

5. Dr. Comfort Therapeutic Extra-Depth Diabetic Sneakers

Dr. Comfort Therapeutic Sneakers: Pros

Dr. Comfort Therapeutic shoes are specially designed for people with foot problems related to diabetes and neuropathy. The company makes great protective designs to improve blood circulation, provide enhanced comfort and protect your feet. 

These Therapeutic Diabetic Athletic shoes are a great choice. They do come at a higher price but they’re made with premium quality durable material and really make the difference when it comes to comfort and protection. 

It’s a tie-less closure system that’s easy to put on and off and to readjust as the days goes by and our feet swell. The outsole is thick and shock-absorbing, and the insoles are premium quality removable orthotics. Every part of the shoe interior is properly padded and cushioned

The arch support is good and there’s an added arch stabiliser that improves foot support and stability. The fabric is a mix of pure leather and mesh for better breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Check out Dr. Comfort’s catalog for more models!


More Dr. Comfort Athletic Shoes for Diabetes & Neuropathy:

Dr. Comfort Therapeutic Sneakers: Cons

6. Propét LifeWalker Strap Sneakers - Medicare-approved Shoes

Propét Diabetic Walking Shoes: Pros

Propét shoes are now well famous in the diabetic footwear category. The company’s specialises in designing multiple widths shoes. Each shoe model from Propét is available in 5 different widths, which allows better fit and is quite valuable for people living with diabetes or neuropathy. Remember that the most important thing is that your shoes do not constrict your ankles nor block your blood circulation. 

Propét LifeWalker Strap Sneakers are an excellent choice to protect your diabetic or neuropathic feet. They’re approved by Medicare under the Therapeutic Shoe Bill (Code A5500) so you may claim reimbursement.

The adjustable upper velcro closure make it easy to find the perfect fit and to readjust as the day goes by and your feet swell. The rear foot is well supported and stabilised. These shoes are made to support your feet during long distance walks.

The trainers interior is properly lined and cushioned so it’s non-irritative and helps prevent blisters. The toe box is wide and your toes have room to keep moving. The insoles are extra cushioned and provide enhanced arch support. They’re removable so you can insert your own orthotics instead. Last but not least, customers reviews are great!

More Propét Sneakers for Diabetes and Neuropathy

Propét Diabetic Walking Shoes: Cons

7. Best Sneakers for Diabetic Neuropathy: Orthoshoes Adjustable Walking Shoes

Orthoshoes Sneakers for Neuropathy: Pros

Orthoshoes Sneakers for Neuropathy: Cons

Diabetic Sneakers & Neuropathy Walking Shoes: FAQ

How to choose the best diabetic sneakers or walking shoes for neuropathy?

If you live you diabetes or neuropathy, you’re more at risk of developing serious foot problems. Because of a poorer blood circulation and a loss of sensitivity, our feet are in greater danger and need extra-comfort and additional protection. 

Diabetic shoes are specially designed to prevent or alleviate most common diabetes-related foot problems. But there’s no such thing as the “best” diabetic sneakers. What you should be looking for instead is the sneakers that best suit your own feet and best address your own problems. 

In general though, good sneakers for diabetes and neuropathy should be non-binding so they help boost blood circulation in your feet. The best ones come with fully adjustable features: adjustable uppers and/or heel straps, removable insoles, removable fitting spacers, etc. The most important is to be able to find the perfect fit for you. Tight enough so your feet are supported, but not too tight as to not block your circulation nor put painful pressure points.

It’s also important your sneakers provide good feet, arch and heel support, as well enhanced stability. Your insoles should be well-cushioned and good quality. The outsole is better when thick but flexible. You also need a wide toe box so you can keep your toes moving during exercise (it helps boost blood flow). 

The material is also important when it comes to diabetic footwear. Prefer breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics that keep your feet in a dry and healthy environment away from fungus. Your shoes must also be as lightweight as possible to improve traction and foot motion. 

Last but not least, the shoe interiors should be lined, cushioned, and with a seamless construction in order to prevent blisters and skin irritations. 

All diabetic sneakers I’ve selected in this article are recommended by podiatrists and are among the best ones you can find. Have a look!

Does Nike make diabetic shoes?

No. Nike does not make diabetic shoes. Medicare has not approved any of Nike’s shoe models for diabetes. If you’re looking for athletic performant sport shoes for diabetics, I’d recommend you have a look at Ortofeet or Apex instead.