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The 8 Best Shoes for Neuropathy – Diabetes & Chemotherapy

The 8 Best Shoes for Neuropathy

Whether caused by diabetes or chemotherapy, peripheral neuropathy seriously affects the feet. Symptoms such as tingling, numbness, burning feet, or shooting pain may vary from mild to extremely painful. 

Shoes for neuropathy considerably help reduce foot pain and are proven to protect your feet from further complications. Designed to create a pressure-free environment, stimulate blood circulation and provide extra comfort and protection, they’re an essential ally to everyone living with damaged nerves.

The 8 Best Shoes for Peripheral Neuropathy in 2021

Good shoes for neuropathy are not easy to find and you might have to try several ones out before you find yours! There’s no such thing as the “best neuropathy shoes”. What you should be looking for instead are shoes that fit you well and you feel comfortable in.

To help you make a good start in your search, here are 8 of the most podiatrist-recommended and patient-approved ones.

1. Best Women's Shoes for Neuropathy: Orthofeet Quincy Stretch Slip-on

Neuropathy-friendly Shoes' Features

Orthofeet neuropathy slip-ons for women black
Orthofeet Quincy Stretch Neuropathy Shoes, Black

Orthofeet is the most podiatrist-recommended orthopedic shoe company for diabetes and neuropathy patients. The Quincy Stretch Slip-on shoes are extremely comfortable and offer integral protection. 

Designed to alleviate neuropathic foot pain, they provide an entirely pressure-free environment with stretchable uppers and a seamless interior lining that prevents blisters and frictions. Orthofeet’s premium orthotic insoles (worth $40) are included but removable so you can also accommodate your own shoe inserts. 

Neuropathy patients must find the perfect fit so their shoes are supportive enough but don’t impede blood circulation. These shoes are fully customizable: they are available in different widths and come with removable fitting spacers as well as an optional arch booster.

Orthofeet Quincy stretch slip-ons for neuropathy grey
Orthofeet Quincy Stretch Neuropathy Shoes, Gray

The cushioning is thick and durable providing a real pillow-like support. The interior is seamless and foam-padded for extra protection. There’s an anatomical arch support and the ergonomic outsole is extremely lightweight to help correct posture and foot alignment.

These glove-like slip-on shoes are by far the best women’s casual shoes for neuropathy. Plus, they’re free to try as if you buy on Orthofeet’s website, you get free shipping, a 60-days wear test, free returns, and a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Orthofeet Quincy Stretch Shoes: Cons

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2. Best Men's Shoes for Neuropathy: Orthofeet Tacoma Pain Relief Sneakers

Neuropathy-friendly Shoes' Features

Orthofeet Tacoma stretchable orthopedic shoes for men
Orthofeet Men's Tacoma Sneakers, Black

If you’re looking for pain-relieving, comfortable, protective, and stylish neuropathy shoes for men, search no more! Over 250 costumers reviews vouch for these Orthofeet shoes’ pain-relieving effects.

It must be said that Tacoma sneakers have been designed with neuropathy foot pain and sore feet in mind. Made to promote blood flow, the stretchable uppers, along with a non-binding design, a wider and deeper toe box, and extended widths options guarantees you can find a snug-enough fit without any frictions nor pressure points. You get additional fitting spacers in the package so you can adjust the fit. 

Plus, the shoe interior and the collar are fully padded, and the lining is soft and seamless so you’re protected against blisters. 

Tacoma stretch Knit Orthofeet shoes for neuropathy Blue
Orthofeet Men's Tacoma Stretch Knit, Blue

It gets even better on the orthopedic side! These tennis shoes come with Orthofeet’s premium orthotic insoles (worth $40) providing enhanced arch support and durable pillow-like multi-layer cushioning. They help realign the foot and the body to ease the pain from your feet all the way up to your lower back. The insoles’ top layer is made with Dryplex anti-odor fabric and Poly-U moisture-wicking foam. 


Last but not least, I personally find them to be quite fashionable which is rare for neuropathy shoes! You can try them out for free: if you buy on Orthofeet’s website, you get free shipping, a 60-days wear test, free returns, and a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Orthofeet Tacoma Stretch Knit Sneakers: Cons

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3. New Balance shoes for Peripheral Neuropathy: 813 V1 Hook & Loop

Medicare-Approved - Code A5500

Neuropathy-friendly Shoes' Features

New Balance shoes for peripheral neuropathy
New Balance Women's 813 Hook & Loop Walking shoes

Are New Balance shoes good for Diabetes & Neuropathy?

New Balance has worked on a few orthopedic shoes to be eligible by Medicare for reimbursement under A5500 code as diabetic shoes. It does guarantee the shoe design is officially recognized to be diabetes and neuropathy-friendly. 

The Hook & Loop 813 V1 sneakers are very easy to insert  thanks to a tie-less closure system with adjustable leather straps. Upper straps are handy for neuropathy patients as they allow quick readjustment as the day goes by to tighten or loosen your shoes according to foot swelling. 

The shoe interior is padded and soft and the insoles are well-cushioned. What these shoes are best at is shock absorption, foot support, and ankle stability. Limiting harmful impacts and softening footsteps are essential if you live with neuropathy. 

New Balance shoes for nerve pain relief
New Balance Men's 813 Hook & Loop Walking shoes

All in all though, these New Balance sneakers are good walking shoes for those suffering mild to severe neuropathy symptoms. We can only regret that the company’s Medicare-approved choices are limited to the most basic models. 

New Balance Medicare-approved Shoes: Cons

4. Skechers Shoes for Neuropathy: Go Walk Joy & Evolution Ultra - Impeccable

Best Walking Shoes for Neuropathy

Skechers mens walking neuropathy shoes
Skechers Men's Go Walk Evolution Ultra, Black

Are Skechers Good for Neuropathy?

Because of their exceptional comfort and advanced technology, Skechers iconic shoes are among neuropathy sufferer’s favorites. They’re often recommended by podiatrists themselves. There are numerous Skechers shoes suitable for neuropathy feet, but I find the Go Walk ones to be the most versatile and the coziest ones.

First, these slip-on shoes have a back pull-on loop for easy insertion and tie-less closure. Then, the upper mesh fabric is highly breathable, extremely soft, and naturally expandable to create a natural fit without any pressure. The collar is padded for extra protection against blisters.

Skechers walking shoes for nerve pain in feet
Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy, Mint

The high rebound insoles are well-cushioned and provide good protection. The top layer is air-cooled and moisture-wicking so your feet stay in a dry and healthy environment away from fungus and bacteria. Their only downside is that they’re not removable. You won’t be able to accommodate your own orthotics. 

The outsoles are lightweight and flexible to help ease neuropathy foot pain and promote foot traction. These Skechers walking shoes are available in different widths  (narrow, medium, or wide for women and  regular, wide, or x-wide for men). It’s ideal for people suffering from sensitive and achy feet, swollen feet, edema, or simply having wider feet!

Skechers Neuropathy Walking Shoes: Cons

5. Best Shoes for Chemo-induced Neuropathy & Burning Feet

Secrete Slippers Adjustable Walking Shoes

Chemo Feet Friendly Features

Secrete slippers shoes for chemo feet
Secrete Slippers Shoes for Chemo Feet, Men

Chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) concerns 30 to 40% of people with cancer treated by chemotherapy. It mostly affects the feet and hands with the same symptoms as diabetic neuropathy: tingling, needle sensation, sharp, stabbing pain, burning, numbness, over sensitivity to touch, or others. 

Whether you’re suffering from chemo-induced neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, or neuropathy caused by other factors, symptoms in the feet can go from unpleasant to extremely painful. Wearing adaptive shoes considerably reduces the pain and alleviates most symptoms.

Secrete slippers for diabetic women with neuropathy
Secrete Slippers for Chemo Feet, Women

Secrete Slippers indoor & outdoor shoes make great pain-relieving shoes. Very cozy, their roomy adjustable design helps stimulate blood flow and guarantees no pressure points nor frictions. They’re easy to put on and off so the insertion is pain-free.

A generous heel-to-toe padding and high-density 70D memory foam insoles enhance comfort and give a pillow-like feel while reducing stress on the foot. The interior is protective and blister-guard. 

The air-cushioned ergonomic soles are made with anti-skid slip-resistant rubber, so these neuropathy slipper-like shoes are suitable both for indoor and outdoor activities. To keep your feet healthy and away from bacterial and fungus infections, the fabric is breathable and the shoes are machine washable. 

Secrete Slippers' Shoes for Chemo Feet: Cons

6. Best Trainers for Neuropathy: Hoka One Challenger ATR 6

American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance

Hoka Shoes for Neuropathy: Pros

Hoka one shoes for men with neuropathy
Hoka One One Challenger ATR 6 for Men

Hoka One One is a French athletic shoe company that recently got famous for its lightweight and maximum cushioning combination designed to promote stability and comfort. Now easy to find in the USA, some Hoka One models have even received the American Podiatric Medical Association‘s seal of acceptance. 

The Hoka One Challenger ATR 6 are all-terrain trainers versatile enough to make both great trail running shoes and city walking ones. They show numerous neuropathy-friendly features I’m sure your feet will thank you for!


Hoka one neuropathy shoes
Hoka One Challenger ATR 6 for Women

The cushioning is extreme but the shoes stay lightweight enough to improve traction and foot mobility. The interior lining is blister-proof and the fabric is super breathable.

The compression-molded EVA midsoles are foam-padded, improve foot stability, and absorb impacts like no other ones! The shoe adherence is reinforced with rubber inserts on the outsoles. As a bonus for neuropathy fragile feet, a protective toe rand adds even more support and protection. 

Of course, these high-tech orthopedic shoes some at a higher price. But if you can afford it, you won’t regret it!

Hoka Running shoes for Neuropathy: Cons

7. Dr. Comfort William-X Double Depth Diabetes & Neuropathy Dress Shoes for Men

Dr. Comfort Shoes for Neuropathy: Pros

Dr Comfort diabetic extra depth shoes
Dr. Comfort William-X Double Depth Men's Dress shoes

These Dr. Comfort shoes are constructed with extra depth so they can suit wider feet or severe edema and you can accommodate insoles, internal brace, or ankle and foot orthoses (AFOs).

Specially designed for people living with diabetes, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, swollen feet, arthritis, and other painful foot conditions, you get all the protection and comfort you can expect: a non-binding design to boost blood circulation, a protective interior to prevent blisters and wounds, anatomical insoles with good support and cushioning, ergonomic durable outsole, and more. 

Dr. Comfort is one of the most podiatrist-recommended footwear companies. It offers a large catalog of shoes, insoles, and socks for diabetes and neuropathy patients. 


8. Best Women's Dress Shoes for Neuropathy: Orthofeet Lilly Black Heels

Orthofeet Neuropathy Dress Shoes: Pros

Orthofeet dress shoes for women with diabetes
Orthofeet Lilly Black Heel shoes - Supportive & Comfortable

Heel shoes are not the most recommended shoe style for women living with neuropathy. Because of the uneven distribution of the weight and pressure they create, high heels destabilize the foot and cause painful points and injuries.

Orthofeet is the only footwear company I know of that has managed to designed orthopedic dress shoes suitable for women with neuropathy and other foot conditions. 

To avoid blocking your blood circulation and creating pressure points, the Lilly Blacks have a roomy design with a wider toe box. They come with orthotic accessories to help you find the perfect fit: removable insoles, fitting spacers, and a forefoot pad. You can get them in medium width, or extra-wide. 

Orthofeet dress shoes for neuropathy
Orthofeet Lilly Black Heel shoes - Protective padded interior

As usual with Orthofeet, the shoe interior is remarkably comfortable. The lining is soft and foam-padded from heel to toe. There’s no apparent seam that could cause blisters or skin irritations. 

The insoles are made with quality cushioning foam and an antimicrobial top cover. You can adjust the arch support to your own foot shape with an arch booster. The heel is extra-cushioned and the forefoot pad is a welcome pain-relieving addition.

Orthofeet offers free shipping on all products, a 60-days wear test, free returns, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Definitely worth the try (and the price!)

More Orthopedic Dress Shoes from Orthofeet:

Footwear for Diabetic & Chemo-induced Peripheral Neuropathy: FAQ

What shoes should I wear for neuropathy?

Neuropathy primarily causes nerve damage in the body’s extremities (feet and hands). Symptoms in the feet can vary from mild to extremely painful. Whether you have peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, or other factors, you should wear adaptive footwear. 

Neuropathy shoes play a preventive role to protect your feet against further problems. With neuropathy, you might experience a loss of sensation in the feet. This often leads to wounds and blisters that can get seriously infected without you noticing it. That’s why shoes for neuropathy must be well-cushioned and with protective seamless interior that prevents skin frictions, pressure points, and blisters. 

Neuropathy shoes also play an efficient pain-relieving part. When they are well constructed, their orthopedic design helps stimulate blood circulation, provides extra comfort, enhances arch support and foot stability, and improves shock absorption. They make walking pain-free and alleviate most neuropathy symptoms.

To choose good shoes for neuropathy, you must pay attention to the following features:

Well-fitting shoes

Protective shoe interior

Good orthotic insoles

Quality outsoles

Does Medicare cover shoes for neuropathy?

According to the Therapeutic Shoes Bill, Medicare covers shoes for neuropathy if you have diabetes and qualify for Medicare Part B. Diabetic shoes must be prescribed by a foot specialist (podiatrist, orthopedist, prothesis, pedorthist) and must have received approval from Medicare first. 

To know if a shoe qualifies for Medicare reimbursement, check on the product description. You should see the code A5500. I have not found any information about shoe coverage for chemo-induced neuropathy or other kinds of peripheral neuropathy. 

Can wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes cause neuropathy?

Theoretically, wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes could cause neuropathy. But you would have to wear them for a very long time every day so the repetitive pinching and friction by the shoe permanently damage the nerves of your feet and cause neuropathy. Who would do that?

What ill-fitting shoes do though is aggravating symptoms in patients already diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.

I hope this article has helped you out and you’ve found the shoes you were dreaming of. Do not hesitate to share and comment!

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