2020/21 Best Winter Diabetic Shoes
for Men & Women

Best diabetic shoes for winter 2021

When living with diabetes, it’s essential to keep your feet warm. Cold decreases blood circulation, and increases risks of skin dryness and irritation, which can lead to more serious diabetes-related foot problems

If you’re looking for good winter diabetic shoes, you’ll quickly notice that options are very limited. After days of investigation and hundreds of people contacted, we could come up with only 4 winter shoes for diabetic people, to which we’ve added 2 diabetic winter slippers that can do the job for short outdoor activities. 

So, if none of the following scarce diabetic shoes for winter suits your need and taste, we recommend you to add the best winter diabetic socks for men / for women to your regular diabetic shoes.

1. ORTHOFEET - Florence Boots For Diabetes - For Women

Rated by our readers:
Orthofeet Florence Boot diabetic winter-min
Orthofeet's Florence Diabetic Winter Boots for Women (Camel)
Orthofeet Florence Boot winter black diabetic-min
Orthofeet's Florence Diabetic Winter Boots for Women (Black)

Orthofeet is one of the most established Orthotic Shoe brands in the USA. It’s diabetic shoes catalog is the most furnished, and their products are of the best quality you can find on the market. 

Orthofeet’s Women Florence Boots for Diabetes, which exist both in Camel and Black, are our readers’ number 1 pick for winter diabetic shoes. They’re exceptionally comfortable, offer extra-wide space for the toes, and are made to avoid any pressure points. Florence Boots for diabetes include Orthofeet’s innovative Ortho-Cushion Insole, which is specially designed to soften impacts on the foot and provide superior support & comfort

Their Velcro closure system makes Orthofeet’s winter boots for diabetes extremely easy to put on and offers a customised fit to your feet. The inside fur is especially soft and will keep your feet and toes particularly warm all winter long. 

Orthofeet’s boots for diabetic women are especially recommended for people suffering from diabetes, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, foot pain, and arthitris. 

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2. ORTHOFEET - Highline Diabetic Boots - For Men

Rated by our readers:
Orthofeet Men highline diabetic boots winter
Orthofee Highline Diabetic Boots for Men (Brown)
Orthofeet men highline diabetic boots winter black
Orthofee Highline Diabetic Boots for Men (Black)

Once again, Orthofeet stands out as the best diabetic shoes for men brand. These Highline Diabetic Boots for men are just what you’re looking for in winter season. Besides being warm and comfortable, they have been specially designed for people suffering from diabetes-related foot problems

Orthofeet’s diabetic shoes for men are engineered with advanced technology to alleviate foot pain and enhance ankle stability. This model comes with an included Premium Insole (for an included value of $30!) to provide optimal comfort and protection.

Designed for the best shock absorption, Orthofeet likes to say you’ll experience a “walking on a cloud” sensation. Of course, the Highline Diabetic Boots for Men also provide the most important diabetes-friendly features diabetic shoes MUST have: they’re non-binding, with a seam-free interior, which eliminates pressure points and risk of skin friction & blistering. And you’ll love their extra-wide toe box and lighweight cushioning, making them the perfect men winter diabetic shoes for walking.

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3. PROPÉT - Lumi Wide Ankle Zip Snow Boot - For Women

Rated by our readers:

Propét is not a diabetic footwear brand per say, but it does offer a large choice of diabetes-recommended footwear, especially when it comes to winter diabetic shoes for women. What makes Propét shoes among the best for people with diabetes is their special “width options“. 

Each shoe size from Propét declines from narrow to XX-wide, which allows you to choose wider options in order to avoid any points of pressure and friction. Also, Propét shoes are often recommended by podiatrist to diabetic people because they don’t pinch, they don’t slip, and they’re exceptionally comfortable and fit perfectly if you choose the right size and width. 

Propét shoes for diabetes are of very-good quality and costumers reviews show they last long. Ultimate comfort, ultimate warmth, and guarantee to keep your feet healthy!

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More Propét Winter diabetic shoes for Women:

4. PROPÉT - Blizzard Wide Mid-Zip Snow Boot - For Men

Rated by our readers:

Just as for the previous Propét snow boots for women with diabetes, these ones are for men! Propét shoes for men are designed on the same basis as women ones: what we love about them is their super wide array of sizes and widths, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your feet. Getting the perfect fit is essential for diabetic footwear as you want to avoid any diabetes-related foot problems that could come from pressure points, blisters, or skin frictions. In that aspect, Propét’s winter snow shoes for men are just perfect for diabetics!

Quality is the best, costumers reviews are matchless, and you get what you pay for without any doubt! Propét shoes are among the most recommended shoes for diabetes by professional podriatrists.

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5. Dr. COMFORT - Bonita Indoor/Outdoor Slippers for Diabetes & Arthritis - For Women

Rated by our readers:

If you’ve investigated a bit the diabetic footwear world, no need to introduce you to Dr. Comfort. The company is among the most recommended orthotic footwear provider. Their catalog offers a great variety of diabetic shoes, socks, and insoles. They do not have a lot of winter shoes for diabetes, but these slippers are great top-quality indoor/outdoor warm choice for your feet

That being said, they’re not adapted to long outside walks. Better use for a run to the store, and small walks around then house. Made with first quality Nubuck materials and Suede inside sole, they provide extreme warmth and comfort. Specially designed for people with foot problems, they feature a protective toe-box for extra protection, a slip-resistant outsole, and a wide array of sizes and width for you to choose the perfect fit. 

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6. Dr. COMFORT - Relax Therapeutic Indoor/Outdoor Slippers - For Men

Rated by our readers:

Just like the previous diabetic slippers for women, these Dr. Comfort’s relax therapeutic Indoor/Outdoor slippers for men are a great winter choice for those who need warm shoes for indoor or short outdoor walks around the house. Their top quality nubuck, suede sole, and slip-resistant outsole, make them the best diabetic slippers for winter.

Costumers have reported using them for small outdoor activities and they seem to be a very good choice. In addition, their microfibre uppers and fleece lining provide the optimal comfort and support for the feet. And, they last long!

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