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Why are there so very little choices of diabetic socks for hiking and outdoor activities? Like we diabetics don’t hike? Anyway… that just makes one more reason to write this article.

We’re not gonna go back here on explaining why good diabetic footwear is essential, and how diabetic socks can really help, as everything is already in our related articles. Let’s go straight to what you came here for and tell you all there’s to know about diabetic socks for hiking and outdoor activities. 

Below are our 5 favourite socks designed for hiking with diabetes. And if you can’t find what you need, please also have a look at our diabetic sport socks section.

To help you choose, we’ve also answered most frequently asked questions about diabetic socks for hiking: what features to look at? How to choose them? What foot care products can be a good addition? Are diabetic hiking shoes also useful? 

#1. ECOSOX Diabetic Non-binding Bamboo Hiking/Outdoor Crew Socks for Men

EcoSox Diabetic Bamboo Hiking/Outdoor Crew socks for diabetes

GET THESE SOCKS IF: You want great quality eco-friendly hiking socks for diabetes

Ecosox is a great company specialising in outdoor socks, and has not left diabetics behind. These hiking socks for diabetes are wonderful! Price is a bit high, but quality is here and they will accompany you for a long time on your trails. Plus, they're made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers!

#2. ORTHOSLEEVE WC4 Men's Wellness Socks for Diabetes, Neuropathy & Circulation

OrthoSleeve’s WC4 Wellness Socks for Diabetes, Neuropathy & Circulation

GET THESE SOCKS IF: You want premium-quality & extra-support for your feet!

OrthoSleeve WC4 Wellness socks for diabetes are not specially designed for hiking but they are totally suited for it! Especially if your feet need additional stability and movement control, these socks are exactly what you want for hiking and outdoor activities. They're made with premium quality high-tech materials.

Nano-socks are a great option for sports and outdoor activities, as their fabric is remarkably moisture-wicking, lightweight, and odor-controling. ​

#3. THORLO Light Hiking Moderate Cushion Crew Socks for Men

WLTH Light Hiking Socks Crew

Thorlo Light hiking socks for feet that hurt

GET THESE SOCKS IF: Your feet hurt!

Thorlos light hiking socks have been specially designed for feet that hurt! If you experience foot pain, discomfort or blisters while hiking, these might be your new favourite socks. Note that, although they do have most diabetes-friendly features, Thorlo's light hiking socks have not been specially designed for diabetes. If you have diabetic neuropathy, we'd recommend you choose the other models, as they will constrict your feet and legs even even less.

#4. WIGWAM Men's Diabetic Walker Crew Length Socks

Wigwam men’s diabetic walker crew length socks (black)

GET THESE SOCKS IF: You want podiatrist-approved walking socks!

Wigwam mens diabetic walker crew socks are officially accepted by the American and Canadian Podiatric Medical Associations. The company is well recognised and its socks are usually very good quality. These model in particular has been specially designed to provide enhanced comfort and protection to walkers and hikers with diabetes.

#5. TEEHEE Viscose Bamboo Cushioned sport Socks for Diabetes

Teehee Viscose bamboo cushioned sports socks for diabetes

GET THESE SOCKS IF: You want the best value for money!

Teehee Viscose bamboo cushioned sport socks for diabetes are not hiking socks per say, but they will be totally fine for hikes too. Specially designed for sports with diabetes, they share all the necessary features diabetic hiking socks must have. Plus, you get 6 pairs for $20.99 ($3.49 / pair), which is much cheaper than the other hiking socks above. And according to costumers reviews, quality is great too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose hiking socks for diabetes?

Whether you’re a professional mountain hiker or a city walker, you want your feet to be comfortable. Not all hiking socks will suit all hiking man! To feel good in your socks when hiking or walking, you should consider several factors:

Outside temperature: do you need hiking socks for summer heat or for winter cold? They will obviously not be the same! 

Height: you want your hiking socks to be higher than your shoes in order to avoid friction inside your shoes. That could cause blisters or skin irritations. The standard hiking socks are usually crew-length. It also protects your ankles from dirt, bugs and branches, especially if you’re a nature hiker. 

– Cushioning: how much extra-cushioning do you need/want? The more cushioning, the more comfort and shock absorption. But more sock cushioning also means more warmth…

Moisture-wicking fabric: you do NOT want cotton hiking socks, as cotton does not wick away the moist from your feet. You need to keep you feet dry, especially when you have diabetes. Prefer fabrics such as Merino Wool, Bamboo fibers, or Synthetic fabrics such as Coolmax, Polyester, or Nylon for example. Nano-fabrics are a great new technology that is also perfectly adapted to sport socks. 

Perfect fit and blister protection: you can buy the best hiking socks ever, if they’re either too big or too small, your hike will turn into a foot nightmare! You want them to fit perfectly and stay in place! Prefer soft materials and seamless interior construction: it will prevent blisters and skin rubbing. 

Now, the #1 diabetes-friendly feature socks must have is a non-binding loose fit to help improve blood circulation. And that applies to hiking socks too and above all! Your feet tend to get a bit swollen after long walks. If your socks are too tight and your feet and legs are compressed, you will have foot problems in the short and in the long run. 

All the socks we’ve listed above have at least these 6 specific features and are suitable for diabetic hikers and outdoor activities with diabetes. 

Are sport socks good for hiking/outdoor activities?

Yes. You can totally wear diabetic sport socks when going on hikes or for outdoor activities with diabetes. They’re not specially designed for hiking, but diabetes sport socks have about the same diabetes-friendly features as diabetic hiking socks (moisture-wicking material, non-binding tops, cushioning, anti-bacterial, seamless construction, etc…).

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in our selection of hiking socks for diabetes, here’s our diabetic sport socks one you can have a look at!

Just be careful not to choose no-show or ankle high sport socks, as they won’t be suitable for hiking (see above). 

What other features should I look at when buying diabetic socks?

As you can see from all the different diabetic socks models available, there is no such thing as a standard diabetic sockEvery model features different technologies and specificities that address different foot problems. It’s not because you have diabetes than any diabetic socks will be good for your feet. You need to choose the diabetic socks features that will best address your own foot problems. 

First, don’t forget to ask for your doctor or podiatrist’s recommendations. They’re the ones who will best know what your feet exactly need. Second, this article might help you: “which diabetic socks for which diabetic foot problem?

And finally, here’s our table linking most common diabetes-related foot problems to diabetic socks features that best address them. You can of course refer to it before buying your new men’s diabetic socks.

What to look for in Diabetic socks?
Features to look at when choosing diabetic socks for men

What about hiking shoes for diabetes?

Well, you can get the best hiking socks for diabetes in the World. But if you do not have good hiking shoes, your socks will just be useless! 

It’s not because you have diabetes that you need diabetic hiking shoes. As we like to say, diabetic footwear is not for diabetic people, but for diabetic problems. So if you do not have any specific foot problems, if your diabetes is well-managed, and if you’ve never been diagnosed with Diabetic neuropathy, our guess is good-quality regular hiking shoes will be just fine for you!

Now, if you feel you might need hiking shoes specially designed for diabetes, here’s our best selection for men!

What diabetes foot care products are recommended for hiking?

Remember that with diabetes, even a tiny blister can turn into a real nightmare such as foot ulcer. Because of our weaker blood circulation and our loss of sensation in the foot, blisters can easily get infected and lead to much more serious foot problems.

If you’re a hiker or a fan of outdoor activities, a flawless diabetes foot care routine is very important for you to keep your feet healthy and away from trouble. And a few foot care products such as special lotions or creams can definitely help. You can check here our list of most recommended products for diabetes foot care. Here are a few special foot care tips when you’re hiking:

Keep the skin of your feet hydrated with a good foot moisturiser. Dry skin gets irritated more easily. Massage your feet with moisturiser after a long hike. It will help muscles relax while moisturizing your skin.

Keep your feet dry at all time. Moist feet are prone to get fungal or bacterial infections. Get appropriate moisture-wicking socks such as the ones we recommended above. And do not hesitate the change socks whenever they’re getting wet (sometimes several times a day!)

Stay away from blisters! Wearing good hiking socks and good hiking shoes should help you with that. But if you need extra help, don’t hesitate to get foot powder or blister sticks like Dr Scholl’s Blister Defense Stick. It’s great to take on hiking trips, occupies very little space, and can save your feet!


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