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Nano Socks for Neuropathy and Diabetes: Do they Really Work?

Nano technology for diabetic socks

While searching for the best diabetic socks, you might have run into the new trend of nano-socks. Nano socks seem to be gaining a lot of ground on the market lately, especially for neuropathy and diabetes foot problems. 

So, what’s the deal exactly? What are nano socks and are they really better than regular socks? Do nano socks really help with neuropathy and diabetes foot problems?

What are nano socks?

When you make a quick search on the Internet about nano socks, things are pretty unclear. No one can really tell you what nano socks are. Some say they’re light compression socks while others refer to a secret top-notch technology. Actually, it’s much simpler than that: nano socks are socks made from nano textile. 

Nano socks are socks made with nano textiles

The adjective “nano” refers exclusively to the socks’ fabric. No special technology, no compression stories. You can find nano socks that are non-binding at all, nano socks that provide a light compression, and others that are firm  compression socks. 

Nanofabrics are textiles engineered with smaller particles than ordinary materials. You can make nano fabrics either directly from nanoscopic fibers, or by applying a nanoparticle solution to a regular fabric. 

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Do nano socks work for neuropathy and diabetes

Fabric is essential when it comes to socks and a good-quality material can really help alleviate foot problems.

Textiles from nano technology have numerous features that are very interesting for diabetes and neuropathy patients. They’re water-resistant, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial.  They also have a better elasticity and strength. 

When you live with diabetes, and even more so if you have neuropathy, you need to keep your feet in a dry and healthy environment and stay away from moist and bacteria. Remember that tiny infections, fungus, blisters, or any other apparently insignificant wound can turn into a real nightmare for diabetics such as foot ulcer and even lower-limb amputation. 

The exceptional properties that nano textiles offer are a valuable addition to diabetic footwear. I can only recommend you get diabetic socks made from nano textile if you can afford it. They tend to be a bit more expensive than regular diabetic socks, but not that much!

Best nano socks for Neuropathy and Diabetic Foot Problems: Review 2021

Here’s a selection of the best nano socks for neuropathic and diabetic foot problems. Please note that some products below are compression socks. If you have neuropathy, ask for your doctor’s advice before wearing compression socks. It could be not appropriate and dangerous. 

1. MediPeds NanoGlide Technology Non-binding Socks

2. Orthofeet Bamboo & Graphene Moisture-wicking Diabetic Socks

3. Langov Nano Socks for Neuropathy - Graduated Compression

4. Orthosleeve WC4 Wellness Nano Bamboo Charcoal Socks for Diabetes, Edema, Neuropathy

5. Doc Miller Compression Nano Socks for Neuropathy Pain Relief

Nano Socks for Diabetic Neuropathy: FAQ

Nano socks Vs. Bamboo socks

Another great fabric that is particularly recommended for diabetic socks is bamboo textile. Like nano socks, bamboo socks are moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, odour controlling. Bamboo fibers also have the advantage of being thermo-regulating, keeping your feet warm in winter times and cool in summer times. 

Here’s a comparison table between nano-socks and bamboo-socks, so you can quickly grab the main difference between these two types of fabrics when it comes to diabetic socks. It’s informative and of course, specificities and features’ efficiency can vary depending on other factors (fabric quality, sock construction, etc.)

Fabrics Diabetes-friendly Features Nano-socks Bamboo-socks
Moisture-wicking power
Elasticity & Stretchability
Anti-bacterial power
Anti-odor power

Nano socks Vs. Compression socks

Generally, diabetics are not recommended to wear compression socks (except in some cases but you’d want your doctor’s advice on that). Compression socks are made to favour blood flow from your legs to your heart. On the contrary, diabetic socks should help favour your blood flow from your heart to your lowerlimb. That’s why diabetic socks are non-binding! To let blood flow towards your feet. 

If you have neuropathy nerve pain, extra compression on your socks sometimes helps alleviating foot pain. That’s why some “neuropathy socks” are actually compression socks. Be careful, and be sure about what type of compression you need before you buy neuropathy socks. Always ask for your doctor’s advice first.

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