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Warm diabetic winter socks:
Best picks for 2021!

Alpaca wool warm diabetic socks for men

It’s not easy to find warm thermal socks that suit diabetic feet! Like winter diabetic shoes, winter diabetic sock choices are very limited and often poor-quality. Yet, keeping your feet warm is very important when living with diabetes. 

Cold decreases blood circulation and causes skin dryness and irritation leading to more serious diabetes-related foot problems. But, keeping your feet too warm is not good either. Rule #5 of diabetes foot care guidelines is to always keep your feet dry. Warm sweaty feet are ideal for bacterial and fungal growth.

Quality diabetic socks for winter are rare gems. Because they should be warm, moisture-wicking, breathable, and diabetes-friendly… at the same time! It requires quite technical features that few sock companies have managed to meet.

Here are 7 of the most recommended warm socks for diabetics to protect their feet from the cold. Merino wool, Alpaca wool, thick bamboo fibers… I bet your feet are already relaxed and feeling the warmth and comfort they deserve! 

More about diabetes and cold feet

1. Facool Merino wool cushion sole winter diabetic socks for men & women


2. Loose Fit Stays Up marled Merino wool extra wide diabetic-friendly socks for men & women


3. Warrior Alpaca loose-top Alpaca wool unisex socks for diabetics


4. Falari thermal diabetic crew socks for men & women


5. Yomandamor bamboo thick warm winter diabetic ankle socks for men

Features (men's)

6. Yomandamor bamboo thick warm winter diabetic crew socks for women

Features (women's)

7. Wigwam Merino wool thermal crew socks for diabetes, men & women


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear socks to bed?

It is important diabetic people keep their feet warm. Cold feet have worst blood circulation and the skin gets more easily dry and irritated, which can lead to wounds aggravating to foot ulcer. If you have cold feet at night, you can wear your socks to bed. BUT be careful they’re loose and do not constrict your feet

Are heated socks good for diabetes?

No. Pretty much all foot professional agree that if you have diabetes, you should NOT wear heated socks. Heated socks usually use a battery-powered low-energy heater mesh which provides ambient warmth to the feet. This kind of electrical socks can cause burn to your skin, which can later get infected and cause you a lot of pain and troubles. 

Just like heated socks, it is recommended diabetics do NOT use electric blankets or heating pads on their feet. For the same reason, you should stay away from these gadgets. 

What about heated bottles?

Sorry but again, no. And even less if you have Diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is a diabetes complication that affects the feet and legs and causes, among other things, a loss of sensation in the feet. Your heated bottle could be boiling and burning your skin without you even feeling it! If your feet are often cold, it’s more approriate you use warm thick diabetic socks, or add a blanket at night. 

What other features should I look at when buying diabetic socks?

As you can see from all the different diabetic socks models available, there is no such thing as a standard diabetic sockEvery model features different technologies and specificities that address different foot problems. It’s not because you have diabetes than any diabetic socks will be good for your feet. You need to choose the diabetic socks features that will best address your own foot problems. 

First, don’t forget to ask for your doctor or podiatrist’s recommendations. They’re the ones who will best know what your feet exactly need. Second, this article might help you: “which diabetic socks for which diabetic foot problem?

And finally, here’s our table linking most common diabetes-related foot problems to diabetic socks features that best address them. You can of course refer to it before buying diabetic socks.

What to look for in Diabetic socks?
Features to look at when choosing diabetic socks for men
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  1. Thank you for this very informative post. I’ve just received the Loose Fit Stays Up Merino wool socks and they’re just great. Do you know if I can wash them in the machine or better hand wash?

    1. Hi Amelie! I’m glad you like your new socks. The company says: “Machine Wash is ok in warm water with socks inside out. Air Dry is best to minimize pilling which is common in Merino Wool Socks”.

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