Best 2020/21 Thermal Diabetic Socks
For Men & Women
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Warm diabetic socks for winter UK

This is a special UK section of our series of product reviews for Men’s Best thermal diabetic socks and Women’s warmest diabetic socks. Because many of you live in the UK and requested reviews of UK-deliverable products, here are our best picks for UK winter diabetic socks for you to choose from. 

Remember, part of our daily diabetes foot care routine is to always keep your feet warm. Cold tend to increase skin dryness and irritation, which can lead to more serious diabetes-related foot problems. For more tips about how to keep your feet warm in winter season, please refer back to our US articles mentioned above!

1. FACOOL Merino Wool Diabetic Sock For Men & Women

Rated by our readers:

Elected Best Thermal Diabetic Socks by our USA audience, Facool’s Merino Wool Diabetic socks for Men & Women are also available in the UK! These winter socks are wider on the feet and non-binding so that they do not cut off circulation. Specially designed for people with diabetes, they feature a hand-linked seamless toe to ensure protection against blisters and skin irritation. Super soft material for more comfort, lightweight and breathability to keep your feet dry and away from moisture, warm Merino Wool fabric, they’re just great for you feet’s health and warmth! Merino wool is a natural wonder. It’s light, soft, insulating, and has natural anti-microbial properties. Merino Wool is a great choice for winter socks as it’s very warm and it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while still not feeling wet and uncomfortable.

Sizes both for men & women and a good variety of colours are available. They are more expensive than others, but you DO get what you pay for and costumers’ reviews are pretty clear on the fact that they last long and are top-quality.

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2. HD-UK Men's Thermal Diabetic Socks Extra-Wide - 6 pairs pack

Rated by our readers:

Hosiery Direct UK’s Thermal Extra-Wide diabetic Socks for Men are probably the best winter socks for diabetes on the UK market. Their extra-wide top is non-binding, does not prevent blood from circulating, and does not swag! They have hand-linked toe seam that protect your feet against skin rubbing and blister problems. These are the 2 most important features diabetic socks MUST have. Plus, you get to choose between different colours and assorted packs. Price is unbeatable, and costumers’ reviews show they’re extremely warm and comfortable. Definitely the best value for money!

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3. LOUISE 23 Mens Non Elastic Outdoor Cushion Sole Diabetic Wool Blend Thermal Socks

Rated by our readers:

Louise 23 is a hats, gloves and socks family-run company from the UK that has become one of the leading online retailers. These Mens chunky wool diabetic socks are just the warmest you can find. Ideal for indoor days in your slippers, as well as outdoor winter activities, they’ll keep your feet warm and protected from most diabetes-related foot problems. Their main diabetes-friendly feature is their non-elastic top that won’t constrict your blood flow. In addition, their cushioned sole provides optimal comfort and protection. Be aware though that they have an interior toe seam, so they’re not the best choice for you in you’re prone to blisters.

Definitely a good deal for winter diabetic socks with their 35% wool!

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4. SOCKSMAD Mens Non-elastic Diabetic Friendly Lambswool Socks

Rated by our readers:

These non-elastic diabetes friendly wool socks from the SocksMad Store are perfectly suited for those who need diabetic thermal socks with a more traditional dressing look. Their soft honeycomb welt prevent constricting your legs. The fabric is extremely soft and warm, with an integrated 25% of wool. They’re sold in packs of 3 pairs or packs of 6 pairs, and you can choose between shades of browns or shade of darker colours

Good winter dress socks for diabetics! Warning: they’re not seamless, so if you have blister problems, you might want to choose a different model.

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5. YOMANDAMOR Bamboo Thermal Winter Socks for Women with Diabetes

Rated by our readers:

Yomandamor is the best top-quality bamboo sock brand for diabetic people! They are long-lasting quality products that are specially designed for people with diabetes and feature the pretty much every diabetes-friendly specificities to keep you away from diabetic foot problems. These thermal winter diabetic socks for women are made of thick bamboo blend combed cotton, the softest material you can find. Guaranteed without any constriction, they have a soft gentle non-binding top that will not cut off your blood circulation and will stay up all day long. In addition, Yomandamor’s fully cushioned design, reinforced heel and toe and extra-padding, make them the most protective winter socks for diabetes. And their hand linked seamless toe will reduce even more the risk of infection, foot pressure and blistering. Honestly, and costumer’s reviews show it (with more than 95% of 4-5 stars), they’re simply the Best Thermal diabetic socks for women sold in the UK. And they’re not even that expensive!

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6. ALPACA WARRIOR Women's Therapeutic Diabetic Terry Lined Socks

Rated by our readers:

If you’ve ever tried Alpaca Wool, you’ll just fall on your knees when you try these diabetic Alpaca Socks from Alpaca Warrior on. Yes, they are more expensive than other thermal diabetic socks. But, first, Alpaca Wool is a luxury fabric. Second, it’s extremely soft, warm, and it’s itchy-free! Third, Alpaca Warrior is THE leading company on Alpaca Wool Socks, so you know you get what you pay for. 

Of course, they’re perfectly suited for diabetic feet. Loose-top and extra-wide band for a better blood flow, they have a smooth toe seam and a comfort band to eliminate discomfort and improve protection. If you can afford them, there’s no doubt you won’t regret it!

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7. THE SNOB SOCK Ladies Thermal Diabetic Socks for Poor Circulation

Rated by our readers:

The advantage of buying from such an established sock brand as The Snob Sock Store UK is that you’re sure to get what you pay for. And you don’t even pay much for this 3 pack Ladies Thermal Diabetic Socks that comes at only 5.99! These thermal insulated diabetic socks are the thinest you can find in the thermal category. Ideal for those who are tired to try and squeeze their bulky winter socks into their shoes. These socks are made from Viloft, a specially thin Viscose fibre that enhances thermal insulation, and improves moisture wicking at the same time.

Of course they’re non-elastic and have handlinked toe seam. Their diabetes-friendly design is specially made for those who suffer from circulatory problems and foot pain. Prices is low, quality is good, and you get to choose between 4 different coloured packs. 

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We hope this article was useful to you. If you have any suggestion of Winter Diabetic Socks that you would like to recommend to our readers, please write to us!

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