Cheap diabetic socks for women


Good news: cheap AND quality diabetic socks do exist! When it comes to diabetic foot care, we all deserve quality and efficiency. But not all of us can afford $20 pair of socks. We’ve searched hard to find these 5 diabetic socks for women that will cost you less than $2 a pair without skimping on quality.

In our selection of 2020’s best women diabetic socks for every style and budget, we’ve already recommended Creswell crew-length diabetic socks as the “best budget” diabetic socks for women. Here are 5 more that you can choose from.

If you’re not sure how to choose your women diabetic socks, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions and Diabetic Socks Features Table at the bottom of this page.

$1.32: Creswell Diabetic Crew-Length Socks for Women

Creswell Women and Men Diabetic Socks


$1.41: Falari Physician approved 12-pack Unisex Diabetic Socks

Falari 12-pack unisex Physician approved Diabetic socks 


$1.83: Physician's Choice Diabetic Crew Socks for Women

Physician’s Choice Diabetic Crew socks for Women


$1.83: Physician's Choice Diabetic Low-cut Socks for Women

Physician’s Choice Diabetic Low-cut socks for women


$1.99: Dr. Scholl's Women 4-pack Diabetic and Circulatory non-binding Ankle Socks

Dr. Scholl’s Diabetic and Circulatory non-binding ankle socks for women 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap diabetic socks good enough for my feet?

We have only selected diabetic socks that we value are good-enough quality for people with diabetes. All of the above women diabetic socks have the main features diabetics should be looking for: they’re non-constricting, their tops are non-binding, they’re made with soft material, and they have seamless toe. 

They are all recommended for at least the following foot conditions: diabetic neuropathy, circulation problems, and mild feet swelling. You can totally trust them for these matters.

Now, let’s be realistic. If you have further foot problems, such as excessive sweating, repetitive blistering, fungus infection, smelly and moist feet, or others… do not expect these cheap diabetic socks to do miracles. They won’t be as efficient in these matters than top-quality diabetic socks. Simply because they’re made with much more basic materials and have much less technical features. 

If you only need your socks to stop constricting your feet in order to alleviate diabetic foot pain and promote better blood circulation, you can safely choose one of the above cheap diabetic socks for women.

If you need your diabetic socks to address more foot-problems, you need to refer to the following Diabetic Socks Features Table and choose more technical diabetic socks that will cost you a little more money. 

What features should I look at when buying women's diabetic socks?

As you can see from all the different diabetic socks available for women, there is no such thing as a standard diabetic sockEvery model features different technologies and specificities that address different foot problems. It’s not because you have diabetes than any diabetic socks will be good for your feet. You need to choose the diabetic socks features that will best address your own foot problems. 

First, don’t forget to ask for your doctor or podiatrist’s recommendations. They’re the ones who will best know what your feet exactly need. Second, this article might help you: “which diabetic socks for which diabetic foot problem?

And finally, here’s our table linking most common diabetes-related foot problems to diabetic socks features that best address them. You can of course refer to it before buying your new men’s diabetic socks.

Diabetic socks features chart
Features to look at when choosing diabetic socks for women

Can I get free diabetic socks?

It depends on your medical insurance. Some private medical insurance companies will pay for your diabetic socks if they’ve been medically prescribed. Call your company and check with them directly. 

Regarding Medicare in the USA, they do NOT cover the costs of diabetic socks. They do cover the costs of diabetic shoes and insert though, under certain conditions. 

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