Foot Massagers for Neuropathy and Diabetic Foot Pain

Last updated on May 2, 2022 – Published on September 17, 2021

Peripheral neuropathy can seriously affect the feet, causing severe pain and debilitating symptoms. Whether caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, or other factors, nerve pain sufferers are constantly in search of relief. 

Foot massagers for neuropathy have proven to help relieve pain and slow down the progression of nerve damage. 

Not only does massaging the feet relieve the pain, but it also stimulates blood circulation, reduces numbness, decreases swelling, and helps prevent diabetes and neuropathy complications in the feet and legs. 

However, not all electric foot massagers are suitable for neuropathy. Air compression massage and heat therapy modes are what you should be looking for. 

Foot massagers for neuropathy

The Benefits of Foot Massage for Neuropathy

While some doctors might be defiant to massages for neuropathy, most experts now agree on the numerous benefits of foot massages for their patients. There are some precautions to be aware of though. 

Not all massages are equal. Massaging feet with neuropathy should be performed by trained professionals or quality machines. Otherwise, it could do more harm than good. 

Does massage help neuropathy? 

Yes, foot massages are good for neuropathy. Massages have been used for centuries in any civilization for pain management, circulation, relaxation, and many other purposes. Along with a good foot care routine, foot massages can help ease neuropathy symptoms and decrease the risks of complications.

Massaging the area affected by diabetic neuropathy may help increase blood circulation, relieve diabetic foot pain, increase nerve sensitivity, restore damaged nerves, reduce diabetes swollen feet, prevent foot ulcers, speed wound healing process, and reduce the risks of blood clots. 

What are the benefits of foot massage for diabetics?

The benefits of foot massages for diabetics are the same as for neuropathy patients. If you have diabetes but have not been diagnosed with neuropathy yet, massaging your feet, along with a good diabetes management, a low HA1C, a healthy diet, physical exercise, and yearly foot exams may help prevent neuropathy and numerous diabetes-related foot problems.

What are the side effects of electric foot massagers?

While most people suffering from peripheral neuropathy will benefit from a foot massage, there are some precautions to take to avoid harmful surprises.

Most complications come from too much pressure and too vigorous massages. If you’re using an electric foot massager, always start with the lowest settings and progressively increase the intensity.

If it feels painful, you should immediately stop or lower the intensity. Remember, massages should never feel painful or uncomfortable.

Neuropathy is a serious condition that can lead to severe complications. Always ask for your doctor’s advice before using an electric foot massager.

The 8 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy 

You can find electric foot massagers for neuropathy from as little as $30 up to $999 with numerous functions and settings you’re not even sure you need. 

Extra settings such as adjustability, heat therapy, circulation booster, or intensity levels, can make a big difference. However, do not compromise on quality. Peripheral neuropathy is a serious condition and poor quality electric foot massagers can do more harm than good.

Here are the 8 foot massagers most recommended by podiatrists and patients if you suffer from neuropathy or diabetic foot pain. 

The 10 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy & Diabetics:


1. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot & Calf Massager for Neuropathy

Best foot massager for neuropathy overall
  • Targets feet, ankles & calves
  • Shiatsu technology
  • 5 massage settings
  • 3 levels of intensity
  • Multiple massage positions
  • Compression therapy
  • Rolling massage
  • Sway function
  • Heat function
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Cordless & portable
  • Quiet
  • Cloud Massage offers premium-quality and high-technology electric foot massagers. The Shiatsu Foot & Leg Massager is the best one for people suffering from neuropathy and diabetic foot pain. It’s so versatile, multi-faceted, and adjustable that you always find the perfect settings that feel just right.

    It’s fully adjustable to your size and offers multiple massage positions thanks to its 360-degree rotating bar, so you’re comfortable and relaxed during your at-home session.

    This unique foot machine offers 5 different settings, more than any of its competitors. Unlike basic foot massagers, it has 3 levels of intensity, so you can fully customize your massage depending on what you need today.

    Cloud massage is designed to provide deep-kneading shiatsu and air compression massages, as well as soothing and relaxing heat therapy. It’s one of the very few foot massagers that extend and adapt to the calves, so you can target the feet, the ankles, and the calves at the same time.

    It’s most recommended for: diabetic neuropathy, poor blood circulation, diabetes swollen feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, stressed and aching feet. There are literally thousands of customers’ reviews on the website so you can have a precise idea of what it is.

    Cloud Massagers’ Technical Specs: One year warranty / Size: 22*11*17.7 inches / Weight: 22lbs

    2. Renpho Compression Foot Massager for Diabetics

    Neuropathy foot massager with the best value for money 
  • Shiatsu technology
  • 3 kneading intensities
  • 3 squeeze intensities
  • Air compression
  • Heat therapy mode
  • Men’s size up to 12
  • Washable foot sleeves
  • Remote control
  • Cordless & lightweight
  • Great value for money
  • Does not massage the calves
  • Only one position
  • Renpho is one of the leading companies in the health and wellness industry. Its Shiatsu electric foot massager has a really good setting combination to target neuropathy foot pain. It’s the neuropathy foot massager with the best value for money. 

    Renpho Vs. Cloud Massage?

    Both Renpho’s and Cloud Massage’s electric foot massagers are suitable for feet suffering from neuropathy or diabetes. 

    You probably get the same massage quality. However, Renpho’s Shiatsu compression foot massagers does not offer as many customizable features and adjustable settings as Cloud Massage’s one. 

    There’s no sway function or a relaxing massage mode here. It’s a feet-only massager, so you can’t have your ankles and calves massaged, nor can you change the position. 

    Regarding the price, Renpho foot massager is much cheaper than Cloud Massage. But with Cloud Massage’s frequent offers, the price difference is often reduced. 

    If you can afford the extra dollars, Cloud Massage’s quality and settings are really worth it. Otherwise, Renpho’s products are great and have been trusted by neuropathy patients for years.

    Renpho Technical Specs: One years warranty / Size: 16.8*15.3*9.7 inches / Weight: 10.85lbs / Remote control: optional

    3. LifePro Marvalax Therapeutic Foot and Calf Massager 

    Another great electric foot & calf massager for diabetics with neuropathy

    • Feet, ankles, calves
    • Customizable massage
    • Reflexology rollers
    • Acupressure points
    • Heat therapy
    • Vibration therapy
    • 45 adjustable bar
    • 3 speed levels
    • Remote control
    • Washable sleeves
    • Lifetime warranty
    LifePro Marvalax Foot & Calf massager for neuropathy

    LifePro Marvalax Foot & Calf Therapeutic Massage Machine is another premium-quality product offering great massage therapy modes and settings. 

    It’s quite similar to Cloud Massage, so let’s focus on some comparative points. Just like Cloud Massage, Marvalax targets the feet, ankles, and calves. It also has a 45° inclinable support bar allowing you to find the most comfortable position. 

    The massage settings are more limited than with its competitor. You can choose between 3 intensity levels, but there’s only one massage mode while Cloud Massage offers 5. 

    However, you get the unique vibration therapy mode which is quite interesting if you need to boost blood circulation like it’s often the case for people with peripheral neuropathy and diabetic foot problems. 

    Both Cloud Massage and Marvalax have an optional heat therapy function. Both are easy to use but I have a slight preference for Cloud Massage again. It doesn’t have a remote control like Marvalax does, but it’s cordless and easier to move around.

    Last, regarding the price, LifePro Marvalax Foot Massager is a bit more expensive than Cloud Massage. It sells for $206,99 (discount included) against $179,99 (discount included) for Cloud Massage.

    More Foot Massagers from LifePro:

    4. Snailax Warming Kneading Foot Massager for Diabetics

    Cheapest foot massager for diabetics with neuropathy
    Snailax foot spa for diabetics
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Deep tissue kneading
  • Heat therapy
  • Also a back-warmer
  • Cozy plush cloth
  • Washable top cover
  • Remote control
  • Lightweight & portable
  • 30-days free trial
  • Snailax foot massager for neuropathy with heat

    The 2-in-1 Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager and Warmer is the best choice if you’re on a budget and don’t want to compromise too much on quality. Its 8 Shiatsu massage nodes provide deep-kneading massages to relieve tension, knots, fatigue, and soreness.

    It can also perform heat therapy which most neuropathy patients find relieving for nerve pain. Plus, it’s super cozy and the foot sleeves are detachable and washable.

    Bonus: this foot massager converts into a back heating pad or a back massager!

    Snailax Vs. Renpho Foot Massagers

    Both Snailax and Renpho are trustable companies offering quality foot massage machines. The main difference is that Renpho has only one model available, whereas Snailax offers a wide array of choices, going from the most basic foot machines to top-notch ones such as the Shiatsu 5k15 Compression Massagers for Foot, Leg, and Calf.

    Regarding prices, Snailax is slightly less expensive. Renpho Shiatsu Compression foot massager costs $139,99 ($109,99 after discount) versus $91,99 ($78,19 after discount) for Snailax’s most comparable product (the Shiatsu Air compression foot massager SL-58A1). Snailax’s foot massagers prices range from $36,79 to $275,99.

    More Foot Massagers from Snailax:

    5. iReliev Ottoman Foot Massager for Neuropathy

    Doctor-recommended foot massager for neuropathy… with style!

    iReliev ottoman relax foot massage machine
  • Foot rolling massage
  • Compression therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Vibration mode
  • Wireless design
  • Rechargeable
  • Discrete
  • Ottoman chair style
  • Luxurious fabric
  • iReliev foot massagers for neuropathy

    iReliev is a trusted US-based company that specializes in pain-relief products. Its product range goes from simple yet efficient pain-relief gels to the most high-tech gems such as its wireless TENS units and this Ottoman-style foot massager.

    On the technical side, it’s a great foot massager for neuropathy and for diabetics. It offers 4 different therapy modes (rolling massage, compression, heat, and vibration) and a great variation of intensity levels. 

    The settings are not as customizable as Cloud Massage’s foot massager above, but it comes with a vibration mode that’s fantastic to boost blood circulation. 

    iReliev’s Relaxable Foot Massager Ottoman is a rechargeable wireless foot massager that you can easily move from one room to the other. When not in use, this luxurious Ottoman covered with plush velvet makes a great piece of decor for your home. 

    iReliev’ Ottoman Technical Specs: Two years warranty / Size: 17*16 inches / Weight: 22lbs / Colors: Grey, Pink, Blue

    6. Renpho Leg Massager for Neuropathy

    Best air compression leg massager for neuropathy and diabetes

  • Full leg massager
  • Thighs, calves, ankles & feet
  • Air compression therapy
  • 2 heat functions
  • 6 massage modes
  • 3 massage intensities
  • 6 inflating airbags
  • 20 min timer
  • Remote control
  • Fits any sizes
  • Neuropathy pain and symptoms do not limit to the feet. Peripheral diabetic neuropathy often affects the calves and sometimes even goes up the knees and thighs. Many patients find massaging the entire legs more effective and relieving than massaging the feet only.

    With 6 air compression massage modes, 3 levels of intensity, and 2 heat functions, Renpho offers a great leg massager for people living with neuropathy pain in the feet and legs. 

    The 6 inflating airbags are detachable, so you can massage the entire leg at once, or only the calves, thighs, or feet. They’re also suitable for massaging the arms. The velcro strap closures are made to fit any leg size. Plus, the price is unbeatable!

    7. Snailax Ailyno Foot Spa for Diabetics

    Best steam foot spa for diabetics 

  • Steam foot sauna
  • Box for aromatherapy
  • Foot bath bags
  • Kneading massage
  • Removable foot rollers
  • 3 levels of heat
  • Full coverage design
  • Easy to use
  • Snailax best foot spa for diabetics

    Foot spas can be great foot care machines for diabetic foot care if chosen adequately and used reasonably. 

    Snailax’s Ailyno foot spa is a steam spa. If you have diabetes or neuropathy, prefer steam spas over water spas. In a steam foot spa, the feet do not soak in water so the skin gets less soggy and fragile afterward. 

    Snailax foot spa and massager has 3 levels of heating temperature, which limits the risks of burning your feet. Remember that if you have nerve damage, you may not be able to feel the temperature properly and you might get burnt without noticing it. 

    Another great feature of this foot sauna is its box for aromatherapy and foot bath bags. You can safely add essential oils for neuropathy for even more efficient pain-relieving effects. 

    Last but not least, Snailax Ailyno Foot Spa is also a foot massager and provides deep-kneading Shiatsu massages. By far the best foot spa for diabetics in 2021!

    Are foot spas safe for diabetics?

    The use of foot spas for diabetics is controversial among podiatrists and foot experts. While foot spas help boost blood circulation and relieve pain, soaking your feet in water makes your skin soggy and more likely to get damaged. It can increase the risks of blisters and small wounds leading to more serious foot problems, especially if you have neuropathy.

    That’s why diabetics should take some precautions when using foot spas and foot baths. Don’t soak your feet for more than 15 minutes at a time. Use your foot spa 2 or 3 times per week max. Dry your feet with great care after using a foot spa. Inspect your feet daily.

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    8. Revitive Foot Circulation Machine for Neuropathy

    Award-winning circulation booster and foot stimulator 

  • Patented stimulation waveforms
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Foot pads & body pads
  • Relieve pain & boost circulation
  • Reduce swelling
  • 99 intensity levels
  • Adjustable timer
  • Remote control
  • Cordless & lightweight
  • 7-days run time
  • FDA-cleared
  • FSA/HSA eligible
  • 60-days home trial
  • Revitive medic foot stimulator for neuropaty

    Revitive Medic is a different product. It’s not a “foot massager”, but rather a foot stimulator. People living with diabetes or neuropathy often suffer from poor blood circulation. Over time, high blood sugar levels damage the lining of blood vessels, which can impede proper blood flow. That’s why diabetes and neuropathy patients often need special footwear that doesn’t constrict the legs and that helps boost circulation.

    A foot stimulator, or circulation booster, plays both a preventive and a relieving part. There are many foot stimulators for neuropathy on the market, but the Revitive Medic is the only one that’s officially “FDA-cleared to improve circulation for people with conditions or diseases associated with poor circulation“. Plus, it’s eligible for FSA/HSA.

    It’s the most advanced circulatory technology today, and it works with Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the feet and bring oxygen-rich blood to the lower limbs.

    It does come at a high price, but when dealing with neuropathy and poor blood circulation, I personally don’t want to make any compromise on quality. There’s a 60-days home trial with a money-back guarantee, free returns, and a 2-years warranty!

    Revitiv Medic Technical Specs: 2-years warranty / Size: 14.8*14.8*3.7 inches / Weight: 4.73 pounds / Remote control

    What are the best massages for foot neuropathy?

    There are over 200 different massage types and techniques in the World and  not all are equals. Regarding neuropathy, some massages are more efficient, while others are even contra-indicated!

    Aromatherapy massages and neuropathy

    Essential oils have proven to enhance the experience of massages and have strong pain-relieving, relaxing, and circulation-boosting effects that are interesting for neuropathy symptoms. Peppermint, Frankincense, Helichrysum italicum, Myrrh, Basil, Chamomille, or Lavender essential oils are the most recommended in aromatherapy massages for neuropathy. You can add a few drops to your body lotion before massaging your feet.

    Some aromatherapy companies have even created essential oil blends specifically targeting neuropathy. Vibrant Blue Oil’s Nerve Repair is a great blend that combines the effects of Basil, Helichrysum, Peppermint, and Sweet Marjoram to not only relieve foot pain, but also repair damaged nerves, ease inflammation, stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling, and help regenerate new cells.

    Neuropathy is a serious condition that can lead to severe complications. Always ask for your doctor’s advice before using an electric foot massager.