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15 Great Gifts for Diabetics’ Christmas, Birthdays & More!

Best gifts for diabetics ideas 2021

Finding the perfect gift for diabetics is no easy task, just like living with diabetes isn’t either. Fortunately, there are plenty of useful and cool accessories for diabetes now. 

High-tech foot massagers, real diabetic ID pieces of jewelry, traditional food baskets, books, fun t-shirts… Here are 15 great gift ideas that are perfect for people living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes!

  1. Best Gift for Christmas: Diabetic gift baskets
  2. Best Gift for Foot Care: Foot & leg massagers
  3. Best Gift for Home: Diabetic slippers
  4. Best Gift for Insulin: Vivicap new-tech cooling cap
  5. Best Gift for Neuropathy: New CBD pain relief creams
  6. Best Gift for All: Diabetic supply bags
  7. Best Gift for Outdoor: Diabetic hiking shoes
  8. Best Gift for Cooking: Air Fryer for diabetic diet
  9. Best Gift for Diet: Diabetes cookbooks
  10. Best Gift for Small Budget: Diabetic portion control plate
  11. Best Gift for Valentine’s Day: Diabetes medical ID jewelry
  12. Best Gift for Fun: Diabetes funny T-shirts
  13. Best Gift for Kids: Diabetes educational plushies
  14. Best Gift for Support: Diabetes empowerment book
  15. Best for Solidarity: Make a donation
Diabetic gifts for christmas 2021

Diabetic Gift Baskets:
Great food gifts for Christmas!

Diabetic gift baskets and sugar-free food hampers always make perfect gifts that anyone living with diabetes would love to receive. They’re a great way to show you care, brighten your loved ones’ day, and help them discover new healthy diabetes-friendly snacks and foods. The above Healthy Living’s and Paleo Diet’s diabetic food baskets are the best ones I’ve found. 

Healthy Living Sugar-Free Gift Basket for Diabetics

Paleo Diet Low-carb Snacks Gift Basket

Neuropathy Foot Massagers:
Splurge-worthy gift for diabetics!

If you live with someone that has diabetes, you probably know he or she is at higher risk of suffering from severe and painful foot complications. Foot care is an essential part of diabetic life. 

The best diabetic foot care gift you can offer your loved one is a foot massage machine. It can really make the difference and help alleviate neuropathy foot pain, stimulate blood circulation, and prevent further foot problems.

Cloud Massage’s foot machine is by far the best foot massager for diabetes and neuropathy.

Cloud Massage Neuropathy Shiatsu Foot Massager for Diabetics

Valentine gifts for diabetics

Diabetic Slippers:
Best gift for diabetic dad or mum!

Diabetic slippers are another great diabetic gift in the foot care category, and they come at a more affordable price than electric foot massagers. Wearing comfortable, protective, and supportive house shoes can really make the difference and spare your loved ones some serious foot complications in the future. 

Diabetic slippers and house shoes are professionally designed to alleviate and prevent diabetes and neuropathy-related foot conditions. They’re non-binding to help boost blood circulation. The interior is extremely protective to avoid blisters and skin irritations. They provide enhanced foot support and stability, as well as extra cushioning all around the foot. They’re usually a bit wider than regular shoes, and offer more customizable features to find the perfect fit.

If you want to buy diabetic slippers as a gift, you should have a look at Ortofeet’s catalog. It’s the best orthotic footwear company for diabetes & neuropathy in the USA.

Orthofeet: #1 Best Diabetic Slippers for Men & Women in 2021

Orthofeet Ashville slippers for men with diabetes and neuropathy
Orthofeet Diabetic Slippers for Men
Best Diabetic Slippers for Women 2021 Orthofeet Louise Strech Knit
Orthofeet Diabetic Slippers for Women

ViviCap Insulin Cooler:
Best new-tech diabetic gift idea!

Vivicap insulin cooler is the newest and most innovative cooling solution for insulin pens today. Chances are your loved ones haven’t even heard about it yet, so it would make a great present under the Christmas tree this year. 

Insulin is a temperature-sensitive medicine that must be protected from the heat at all times. That’s why you might have seen diabetics carrying cooling bags and freezing packs in the summer. You can now make their life much simpler by offering them Vivicap! 

The cooling cap is made with high-technology insulation material that protects insulin from overheating and freezing. It’s extremely easy to use, requires no maintenance at all, and it’s good for years of repetitive use!

Warning: this gift idea is only suitable for insulin-dependent diabetics who use insulin pens!

Vivicap Innovative Cooling Cap for Insulin Pens

What to offer a dianbetic for christmas

CBD Cream for Pain:
Cutting-edge gift for neuropathy

CBD topical pain relievers are a whole new world your loved ones might not have heard about yet. Recent studies have shown Cannabidiol has incredible effects on neuropathy pain and numerous patients report strong & immediate relief.

Why not put a CBD pain-relieving cream under the Christmas tree and invite your loved one to try it? If it works and helps get rid of the pain, it would be the best gift he or she has ever received!

Zatural’s CBD Hot Cream is the best CBD pain-relief cream for neuropathy patients. Besides being infused with organic board-spectrum CBD, it also contains 20+ plant extracts believed to help regenerate nerves and boost blood circulation. The perfect neuropathy-combo!

Zatural's Best CBD Cream for Neuropathy Pain & Nerve Repair

Diabetic Supply Bags:
Helpful birthday gift with style!

Do you have any idea how many items your diabetic friend or family member is carrying in his/her bag? Glucose meter, blood test strips, lancing device, lancets, insulin pen, vial or syringe, needles, glucose tabs, accessories, pump infusion sets, cartridges, etc.

If a bag always makes for a great gift, it does even more so for diabetics! Diabetic supply bags and cases that are both convenient and pretty are rare gems. 

Have a look at Sugar Medical’s catalog. The company specializes in designing stylish supply cases and bags for diabetics. You can find anything from simple glucose meter cases, to travel bags fitting weeks’ worth of medical supplies, and even diabetic backpacks for hikes and outdoor trips!

Sugar Medical Diabetic Bags & Supply Cases

Great gifts for diabetics on chritmas

Diabetic Walking Shoes:
Best outdoor gift for diabetics

Physical exercise plays a crucial role in diabetes management. Walking every day for 30 minutes to an hour considerably helps lower blood sugar levels, improves cardiovascular health, and reduces weight. And of course, the more you walk, the better!

If your diabetic loved ones are walkers, receiving good diabetic walking shoes can only please them! Foot health is very important for anyone with diabetes. Diabetic shoes help reduce the risks of injuries, bring additional comfort and support, and protect the feet against further complications. 

Have a look at Orthofeet’s walking shoes for diabetics. They’re the best on the market.

Best Diabetic Outdoor & Walking Shoes in 2021

Hunter Diabetic Boots from Orthofeet
Orthofeet Hiking Boots for Men
Orthofeet DElta Diabetic boots women black
Orthofeet Hiking Boots for Women

Best Diabetic Cooking Gift:
Air fryer

Healthy food is key to successfully managing diabetes and lowering blood glucose levels. Air-fried food is much healthier than deep-fried food because it uses about 85% less oils and fats. For example, a serving of frozen French fries cooked with an air fryer contains only 4 to 6 grams of fat versus 17g for deep-fried ones. 

To stay healthy and avoid  complications, diabetics need to cut the carbohydrates but also the fats. Offering your loved ones an air frying machine can really help them change their cooking habits and eat much healthier foods. Here’s my suggestion: 

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 13 Cooking Functions

Add a Diabetic Air Fryer Cookbook!

Diabetes Cookbooks:
Great gifts for a healthy diet

Diet is the most important part of managing diabetes. Cutting carbs and avoiding fast-acting refined sugars is key to lowering blood glucose levels and staying healthy. Changing food habits isn’t easy. It requires thorough learning about foods and nutrition, as well as time and dedication. 

A diabetes cookbook is always a great gift for people living with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Besides giving new healthy meals ideas, this kind of presents also encourages your loved ones and definitely helps boost energy and motivation! Here are some of the best diabetes cookbooks to offer someone in 2021:

Best Diabetes Cookbook for 2021's Christmas Gifts

Diabetes cookbook and meal plan
Diabetes Cookbook & Meal Plan, Lori Zanini

Best Diabetic Desserts Cookbook to Offer in 2021

Diabetic Dessert Cookbook low sugar
Diabetic Dessert Cookbook, Anna Bright

More Great Diabetes Cookbooks to Browse Through:

Best Cheap Gift for Diabetics:
Diabetes portion control plate

Home cooking is the best way to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and diabetics are highly recommended to home cook as much as possible. Home-cooked food contains less salt, fewer fats, and less added sugars than industrial foods. But home cooking for diabetes or weight loss requires meticulous measurements and special attention to the portion sizes

If you have a small budget yet want to offer something very useful and original to your diabetic loved ones, kitchen tools such as portion controllers or measuring spoons would make perfect gifts!

The Diet Kit Portion Control Plate for Diabetics

Portion control plate for diabetics gifts
Portion Control Plate for Diabetics

Diabetic Bracelets & Jewelry:
Great gifts for Valentine's Day

Medical ID jewelry is designed to speak for you when you can’t. People living with diabetes and even more so if using insulin, are at risk of losing consciousness. Wearing a medical ID bracelet or necklace engraved with important health information for emergency responders and healthcare providers can save time and lives. 

Most medical IDs are poorly designed and made from basic materials, but Lauren’s Hope designs real jewelry for anyone living with a chronic condition. Have a look at their website and choose among hundreds of pieces of jewelry to give your loved ones on the next occasion!

Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelets for Diabetes

Diabetes Shirts:
Funny diabetic gifts

Funny and personalized T-shirts always make for great Christmas and Birthday gifts. You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of funny diabetes shirts to choose from. Laughing about diabetes is possible! It’s even very important, as laughter have proven to help reduce blood glucose levels! Let’s have a look at these funny shirts: 

Funny T-shirts to Offer to People with Diabetes

Birthday gift ideas for diabetic kids

Diabetes Plushies
Best type 1 diabetes gifts for kids

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can affect children too. Actually, Type 1 diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in children. One in every 400 kids in the States develops Type 1 Diabetes. 

Diagnosis can be very challenging. Adapting to a new diet, a new routine, accepting the disease, and facing other kids’ judgments is hard for a child. Taking some perspective and humor is necessary. These educational and comforting diabetes plushies make great gifts for diabetic kids. 

Educational & Comforting Plushies for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes Management Books:
Most heartening presents

Someone who lives with diabetes has a lot on his or her mind. Diabetes management requires constant meticulous attention. Tracking blood glucose levels, dosing insulin, taking meds, planning meals, staying active, coping with hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic events, worrying about the future… It takes a huge part in our lives and can leave one feeling run down, emotionally drained, angry, or overwhelmed, leading sometimes to diabetes burnout

Receiving support and understanding from our loved ones is crucial. What better way to show your support than offering a great book full of tips about diabetes management? That’s a gift that precisely says: “I got your back, I feel you and I’m here to help”. Here are some of the best diabetes empowerment books:

Most Inspirational Diabetes Management Books in 2021

Best diabetes management book
Bright Spots & Landmines, by Adam Brown

More Diabetes Management Books:

Best Solidarity Gift:
Donate to a Diabetes Organisation

Last but not least, if you prefer symbolism and solidarity over material things, a great gift idea for diabetics is to make a donation to a diabetes organization. There are many charity and non-profit organizations in the USA that work hard to raise money for research on cures for diabetes. Donate money is a great gift to show your loved ones you care. 

You can donate online to the American Diabetes Association, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Diabetes research Institute, the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, and many other organizations. 

I hope you’ve found the perfect gift that will please your diabetic loved ones! Share with us: do you have other great gift ideas for people with diabetes?