ViViCap Reusable Insulin Cooler: A user experience

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There is no doubt that since its discovery nearly 100 years ago, insulin has literally saved millions of lives. It has evolved over the years, undergoing changes in the lab that have made it even closer to the structure of human insulin. In the beginning, insulin made from beef and pork sources were commonplace. Currently there are insulin products that more closely mimic basal insulin, along with several rapid acting insulin products that work efficiently to control prandial, or mealtime blood sugars.

As a pharmacist, I am delighted to see all the amazing advances in insulin therapy. As a mom of two sons with diabetes, these new therapies mean everything to me. A lot has changed, but a lot remains the same, such as the necessity to keep insulin stored at the proper temperature; away from temperature extremes. When insulin is subjected to excessive heat or cold, it can render the insulin less effective or even ineffective

I have had the experience of having insulin that has been damaged by temperature extremes. I knew that insulin was not working properly because I had two sons using the insulin, and if their blood sugars started running high, I tried a new insulin pen. Like magic, blood sugars returned to normal.  This “trial and error” method of assessing the effectiveness of my insulin led me to search for ways to keep insulin stable and secure while traveling or just being outside of the home.

How ViViCap is keeping my son's insulin cool

I recently discovered a unique product, known as ViViCap. ViViCap is the worlds first and only reusable insulin pen cap temperature-shield that keeps your in-use insulin at the right temperature at all times.

Have peace of mind about your insulin with state-of-the-art thermal insulation technology and heat exchanger only found in high-performance applications such as spacecraft, avionics, and cryotherapy… No batteries necessary; just snap on your insulin pen in place of the cap and go. No more ice packs or bulky freezer bags!  

You keep your valuables safe, protect your insulin-and it will protect you! My sons never leave home without it. This prevents blood sugar swings from damaged insulin, and saves money from insulin that needs to be discarded.

Susan B. Sloane Finding a Balance Living with Diabetes
About the Author​

Susan B. Sloane, RPh, CDCES, CPT, has been a Registered Pharmacist for more than 29 years and a Diabetes Educator for most of her career. When her two sons (now grown) were diagnosed with type 1 during childhood, she dedicated her work to promoting wellness and optimal outcomes as a patient advocate, information expert, educator, and corporate partner.

Susan is the author of

Sweet Genes: Finding a Balance Living with Diabetes