Covers, Patches, and Stickers to Secure your Omnipod with Style

Published on May 20, 2022

Omnipod is one of the most convenient insulin pump on the market today. This tubeless waterproof diabetes device provides 3-days of continuous insulin delivery and great freedom and peace of mind to its wearer. 

While the pods are supposed to last 72 hours on the body, many users report having lost a pod before its expiration date. Most of the time, water and sweat is involved, and the adhesive peeled off. 

Omnipod covers make useful accessories to prevent this type of unfortunate event. 

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5 Great Omnipod Covers for Extra Adhesive Protection

While Omnipods are supposed to stay on your body for 72 hours, most podders have happened to lose a pod before its expiration. The pods’ adhesive is made to last, but sweat, water activities, or clumsiness often make it hard to stick for three intense days. Some people’s skins can also be less adhering than others, and the pods won’t stay on whatever you do. 

A good and affordable solution to stop scattering your valuable pods everywhere is to add adhesive patches. Here are 5 of the best Omnipod covers to reinforce adhesion on the skin in all situations!

PodPals Omnipod Adhesive Overlay (Official)

PodPals adhesive overlays for Omnipod

The makers of Omnipod design PodPals Omnipod adhesive overlays. They’re water-resistant and made to help your pods last longer during the summer months when the adhesive is struggling with sports, sweat, and water activities.

Podpals are the only Omnipod covers officially registered as Class I medical devices, meaning they’re tested and sterilized. They’re also FDA-approved and FSA/HSA eligible for reimbursement. 

These protective covers are latex-free and hypoallergenic. They’re only available for sale from Sugar Medical, Omnipod’s partner company. They come in 10-packs, and you currently get three boxes for 2. 

Skin Grip CGM Patches for Insulet Omnipod

Skin Grip Omnipod Stickers Covers

Skin Grip Patches for Omnipod are another great protective accessory for active podders. The adhesive is strong enough to protect your insulin pump from falling off or hanging loose in any situation. 

These adhesive stickers are waterproof and sweatproof, so you can swim, shower, and exercise peacefully. They’re made from medical-grade rayon and are latex-free and hypoallergenic. Users report no skin irritation or discomfort while wearing Skin Grip’s patches. 

They’re effortless to apply with an ingenious peel design of 4 parts. Although you don’t necessarily need to prepare your skin before application, the manufacturer says using an adhesive barrier solution like Skin Tac could help the patch last even longer. 

These Omnipod covers are FDA-approved and FSA/HSA eligible. They come in a 20-pack and are available in 10 different colors. 

ExpressionMed Adhesive Covers for Omnipod

ExpressionMed adhesive covers for Omnipod

These waterproof Omnipod protective covers from ExpressionMed are best-sellers! They’re waterproof, so you can swim and shower without worrying. They’re also sweatproof and made to hold your pod during the most intense of your physical exercises. 

The pre-cut baking design is straightforward to apply in 3 steps only. The best thing about these diabetes covers is that there are over 50 different styles, colors, and patterns, so you can customize your Omnipod while securing it.  

Fixic Waterproof Adhesive Patches for Omnipod

Fixic adhesive patches for omnipod

These waterproof adhesive patches for Omnipod insulin pumps are also a great choice. 

They’re waterproof and have been tested to resist seven days of activities and seven showers, way more than the 72-hours duration of an Omnipod Dash. These patches are also cheaper than others (around $17 for a 25-pack). 

The material is latex-free, hypoallergenic, and breathable for the skin. They’re available in tan and white. 

RockaDex Omnipod Overtape Adhesive Cover

RockaDex Omnipod Adhesive cover

RockaDex was the first company worldwide to offer an adhesive cover to secure the Dexcom Sensor. Since then, they have designed protective solutions for any diabetic supplies, including Omnipod, Dexcom, Medtronic, FreeStyle Libre, and others. They also make a great silicone insulin vial protector.

RockaDex has many adhesive patches to cover the Omnipod pod, including plenty of kid-friendly designs. The medical tape is hypoallergenic and latex-free, perfectly suitable for sensitive skins. 

They come in 10-packs and are reasonably priced. 


Reusable Arm Bands for Omnipod 

Armbands make another great solution to secure your pod and prevent it from peeling off. The advantage of the previous adhesive covers is that the armbands are reusable and can help ensure both your pod and your CGMs (continuous blood monitoring system). 

Diabetes Arm Band for Omnipod, Dexcom, Free Style Libre

Diabetes arm band for omnipod

This armband covers your insulin pump or CGMs device one the biceps area. It’s designed explicitly for diabetic athletes and kids to help prevent Omnipod pod, deacon CGMs, or FreeStyle Libre CGMs from falling off during all activities. 

Are you tired of torn-off pods? You or your kids can peacefully enjoy playing any sports, including water sports, knowing that your Omnipod is safely protected. 

Sizes are available from XXS to XXL, and you can choose from various colors. 

Diabetic ArmBand for Insulin Pod and CGMs

Diabetic arm band for omnipod

Black Sheep Lab offers another great diabetes armband to secure any diabetic device, like the Omnipod, a Dexcom CGMs, or the FreeStyle Libre sensor. Like the one above, it replaces the adhesive stickers. It can benefit people with susceptible skin or who find the stickers not adhering to their skin. 

The sides of the armband are made with non-slip silicone, so the sleeve stays in place all day. It’s water-resistant and sweat-proof. There are sizes both for adults and kids. 

5 Great Stickers to Cover your Omnipod with Style

Maybe you’re just looking for stickers to bring a splash of colors and fun to your medical supply. The following ones are all about that! But be aware that they do not get extra adhesive protection. They only cover to put on top of your pod for decorative and personalization purposes. 

Sugar Medical Pump Pops Omnipod Covers (Reusable)

Sugar Medical PumpPops Omnipod reusable covers

The PumpPOPs by Sugar Medical is one of the only reusable pod covers for Omnipod. It’s a thin, flexible silicone cover that clips to your pod to bring some fun and color. It doesn’t add weight to your pod as it weighs less than 1 ounce. 

You can switch colors and easily apply or remove it while the pod is already on your body. It’s compatible with any activity, including physical exercise and swimming. The PumpPOPs are designed to not interfere with the Bluetooth connection between the pod and your Omnipod PDM. 

These Omnipod covers are reusable forever. You can get assorted PDM silicone covers as well!

Insulin Life Omnipod Stickers

This is my pancreas omnipod stickers

These Omnipod fun stickers from Insulin Life make great stylish accessories to cover and personalize your pod. Several packages are available, including this “This is my pancreas” funny one, and plenty of choices for kids.

Each pack contains 20 stickers. They perfectly fit the Omnipod insulin pump shape. They’re made to last more than the 3-day duration of an Omnipod and can be immersed in water. 

Insulin Life Omnipod Accessory Stickers for Kids

Omnipod stickers for kids

Insulin Life was created by the parents of Type 1 diabetic toddlers who decided to help kids live more confidently by “turning the insecurities associated with wearing a medical divide into a form of individual self-expression.” 

The kids-friendly Omnipod vinyl stickers they’ve designed are just great, and you’ll find plenty of different ones, whether for boys or girls. 

They’re ok to be put in water for showering and even swimming. And if your child does not like it, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a full refund policy to back you up!

How to Properly Insert and Remove an Omnipod

Omnipod is a tubeless insulin pump, and you can wear the Pod in most places you would typically inject insulin (arm, leg, back, abdomen, and buttocks). Inserting and removing the Omnipod’s pod is very easy. If done correctly, it can help prevent it from peeling away before its expiration date. Please follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

How does Omnipod attach?

Omnipod is first stuck to your skin with its included adhesive patch. Then,  the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) uses a needle to insert a cannula under the skin automatically. That’s how the insulin will be delivered from the Pod to the body. 

How long does Omnipod last?

One Pod lasts for three days (72 hours). You must change your Omnipod every three days. However, as a security, the manufacturer has made it, so the Pod does remain active for another eight extra hours. Hence, the total and maximum time a Pod can stay active after activation is 80 hours. 

How to keep Omnipod from falling off?

The Pod of your Omnipod insulin pump is attached to your skin with an adhesive patch. While the patches are made to last for the total duration of the pod (72 hours), some of them often peel off before the expiration. This is mainly due to poor skin preparation, excessive water or sweat exposure, or accidental tearing. 

To prevent your Omnipod from falling off, follow the instructions before placing it. Your skin must be prepared so to improve adhesion. Make sure you clean your hands with water and soap before applying a new pod. 

Prepare the site of insertion. You may use an alcohol swab or water and soap. The skin must be dry and clean. Any soap, lotion, shampoo, sweat, or oil residue can prevent the Pod from sticking correctly. Body hair can also control the Pod from sticking. You may need to shave the insertion site before applying the new Pod. Some people use adhesive barrier solutions like Skin Tac to improve adhesion even more. 

Once your Pod is inserted correctly, you can add extra protections to prevent it from falling off. These are the ones listed above. You may use an adhesive patch or an armband. 

How to remove Omnipod without pain?


When the Pod’s adhesive sticks hard to the skin, removing the Pod can be painful. To do it painlessly, you can use oil, adhesive remover sprays, or wipes. 


I hope this article was helpful and you’ve found ways to get comfortable with your new insulin pump. Omnipod is a truly advanced technology that has changed the lives of many people with Type 1 diabetes, mine included!