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Sweet Trip



Lots of enthusiasm and effort have led us to finally reach our dream:

offering people across 5 continents the opportunity to Travel with Diabetes in an easier and safer manner. 

Thank you everybody for all the collaboration, support, reviews and advice.

Together, we will go further every day!


Sweet Trip, Travel and Diabetes, Laura


Head Manager (France)

Hi, I’m Laura, the travel addict behind the Sweet Trip project. Let me tell you how it all got started! 

Coming back to Europe from Asia 2 years ago, I was suddenly diagnosed with diabetes. 

I was in shock, like you probably were after your diagnosis as well.

The first question I had for my doctors was if I would be able to keep traveling as much as I’d like. Picture my face when they told me it would not be so easy… 

And guess what I did? I bought a plane ticket to Georgia and proved them wrong! 

Since then, I’ve been on the road and living it to the fullest in Cuba, California, Mexico, Guatemala, Georgia, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Spain… and getting pretty good blood glucose numbers. 

Now, I want to shout it out for everyone to hear: DIABETES POSES NO BARRIER TO TRAVEL! 

All we need is a bit more organization and preplanning. 

So, I quit my job in Human Rights Law and decided to write what was missing until now: travel guides for people with diabetes. 

So join us as we build a real strong Sweet Trip community, and help each other bridge the gap between diabetes and travel!


Sweet Trip, Travel and Diabetes, Omar


Press and Communication (Spain)

Hi! I’m Omar, the one bringing the Sweet Trip project right to your fingertips and keeping everyone up-to- date on what’s happening in our Sweet World. 

While traveling as much as possible, I completed a Master in Business Management and Economic Science in Spain and Belgium.

Since then, I have tried to keep working and traveling, and spent the last few years facing challenges in West Africa, The Caribbean, and the USA.

My latest challenge involves helping diabetes travelers stay healthy on the go! 

Personally concerned with diabetes, I’ve decided to put all of my knowledge, experience, and energy into this beautiful project which sustains the worthy cause of helping people travel safely!


Sweet Trip, Travel and Diabetes, Ligia


French to English Translator (Canada)

Hi there! I’m the voice behind the English version of your Sweet Trip guides. 

Raised in Canada and Europe, I’ve been dissolving language barriers practically all my life. I split my time between these two continents and am all the better for it. 

Of a bookish nature, I’ve always appreciated the beauty of the written word. A dreamer at heart, I cherish the freedom of slipping into other cultures and incorporating diverse worldviews into my own.

I’m a patchwork of the countries I’ve lived in and my multilingual bookshelf can attest to that. 

When I’m not at my desk knocking out another project or studying for language exams (yes, translators are lifelong learners), I can be found jogging, at the tennis court or whipping up delicious treats for my loved ones—and for my sweet tooth!


Sweet Trip, Travel and Diabetes, Amandine


Proofreader (France)

Hi, I’m Amandine! They call me the “mistake hunter,” and that’s what I do for Sweet Trip!  I work as a volunteer on this beautiful project in to track down and smooth out any little mistake that could disrupt your reading. 

After a double degree in Law and Business, I lived in Argentina for a year and then moved back to Paris to settle down for a while and enjoy the marvels of this beautiful city. For the past 2 years, I’ve been organizing professional media conferences. 

On a more personal note, I have 3 main passions in life: eating (yes, it’s a passion!), traveling, and running. I’m really happy to be part of the Sweet Trip Team and hope that my contribution will help you all enjoy your travels to the fullest!

Travel and Diabetes


Our Sweet Team is growing bigger by the day, thanks to people from all over the world helping us out.

Local doctors, nutritionists, and travel specialists are constantly reviewing our Travel and Diabetes guides!

Would you like to take part in our project?

Please go to the Contact Page, or write us at [email protected], and let us know how you want to help!