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2 reviews for CUBA WITH DIABETES – Complete Travel guide

  1. Oakland23

    Cuban food is not the most diabetes-friendly food in the world… This guide does help and provide a huge amount of nutritional information. I’ve tried some of their good addresses when I was in Habana. It was very helpful because it’s not easy to find healthy menus in Cuba. Especially recommend the CASA DE POTIN restaurant that’s on the list! Fortunately, I did not need to refer to the medical chapter, but had a quick look at it and it seems pretty complete. Tourism is great!

  2. Ron Grishord

    I’ve put only 4 stars because I would prefer a paper version, but as for the content itself I would put 5! Complete and useful document to read before traveling to Cuba.

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What's Inside a Diabetes Travel Guide?

Diabetes friendly food

Local Diabetes-Friendly Foods & Places

Diabetes travel insurance

Local Diabetes

Diabetes national organization


Diabetes phrasebook travel

Tourism, Physical Exercise,
& Vocabulary

Diabetes physical exercise

Please note that the above 5 sections are common to our COMPLETE diabetes travel guides. If you purchase a unique chapter, you’ll only receive the corresponding information. Some destination’s complete travel guides DO NOT INCLUDE a Tourism & Physical exercise chapter (check the guide’s table of content and extracts section)