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Paris diabetes travel guide

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4 reviews for PARIS WITH DIABETES – Complete Travel guide

  1. Brigitte

    Hello, i have downloaded Paris guide on my phone and it works perfectly. Very easy to use and plenty of interesting informations. Thank you

  2. christine

    Bravo pour ce fantastic travail d’information.

  3. Diabetic2.0

    I’m going to Paris in a few weeks and just got the guide. It’s full of useful information and addresses pretty much any worries I have as a diabetic. Especially liked the food chapter which gives you ratings of the French dishes and tells you a lot about carbs contents and tips to balance your meal.
    Hopefully you guys keep covering more destinations!

  4. DavidToronto

    Awesome guide! Well written and really helpful

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What's Inside a Diabetes Travel Guide?

Diabetes friendly food

Local Diabetes-Friendly Foods & Places

Diabetes travel insurance

Local Diabetes

Diabetes national organization


Diabetes phrasebook travel

Tourism, Physical Exercise,
& Vocabulary

Diabetes physical exercise

Please note that the above 5 sections are common to our COMPLETE diabetes travel guides. If you purchase a unique chapter, you’ll only receive the corresponding information. Some destination’s complete travel guides DO NOT INCLUDE a Tourism & Physical exercise chapter (check the guide’s table of content and extracts section)