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5 reviews for MEXICO WITH DIABETES – Complete Travel guide

  1. Diabetic-on-the-go

    This book is extremely informative with clear-cut and concise evidence-based diabetes knowledge for those who are traveling for the first time in Mexico. And for those who are going back there but have not read it yet!

  2. Newyorker2018

    It is exactly what stressed diabetics like me need! I’m always worried something bad will happen to me when I’m in a foreign country, so having all this ready-to-use and well explained information about diabetes in Mexico really helped me relax and enjoy my holidays. Made me want to travel more!!! But Peru is not on the list?

  3. Elea26

    Muchas gracias por esta guia! Es un ayuda muy utile para los diabéticos que viajan a Mexico.

  4. A.Andelaine

    Great guide. Download ok. Easy to read on my phone.

  5. Manuel

    I know Mexico well as my family is from there but there are still a lot of information inside that I would never have figured out alone. The layout is very nice and I liked the tons of funny stuff and curiosities. The only downside is that good addresses and contacts are only in Mexico City. It would be nice to cover the whole country.

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What's Inside a Diabetes Travel Guide?

Diabetes friendly food

Local Diabetes-Friendly Foods & Places

Diabetes travel insurance

Local Diabetes

Diabetes national organization


Diabetes phrasebook travel

Tourism, Physical Exercise,
& Vocabulary

Diabetes physical exercise

Please note that the above 5 sections are common to our COMPLETE diabetes travel guides. If you purchase a unique chapter, you’ll only receive the corresponding information. Some destination’s complete travel guides DO NOT INCLUDE a Tourism & Physical exercise chapter (check the guide’s table of content and extracts section)