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Traveling with diabetes
Mexican food with diabetes
Mexican food diabetes low carbs
Mexican food with diabetes
Mexico with diabetes
Mexico with diabetes
Mexican nutritional facts diabetes
Mexico with diabetes
Travel and diabetes
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Mexican Food and how it Fits in with Diabetes

You’re planning a trip to Wonderfull Mexico and you’re worried about how you’ll keep your diabetes under control while enjoying its famous tasty local food?

Get your Sweet Trip travel guide Specially designed by and for People with Diabetes, and discover Mexican dishes, desserts, and drinks, all ranked using our special “carbometer” to give you an idea about the carbs on your plate.

You’ll find inside:

  • + More than 60 tantalizing photos
  • + Our special list of good addresses to eat and buy healthy in Mexico City
  • + Tips for balancing out your meals
  • + Nutritional input of all local products
  • + All the Spanish Vocabulary you’ll need to eat and order what you want
  • + Plenty of intriguing cultural anecdotes


  • EXTRACTS: Check out the guide’s photo gallery to view sample pages and the full chapter summary.
  • CHAPTER DETAILS: This guide is 40 pages long – 2018 Edition
  • FULL GUIDES: If you’re planning to visit Mexico City, check out or detailed Full Travel Guide to Mexico City with Diabetes that also includes Medical Assistance and Tourism Information chapters – 2018 Edition
  • Available in: English, French
  • Format: PDF and EPUB.
  • You will receive a download link that you can use up to 3 times on all your devices
  • Compatible Devices: PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone

Have a Sweet Trip! 🙂

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1 review for MEXICO WITH DIABETES – FOOD (1/3)

  1. Marine

    Very interesting, and quite helpful to know what’s in your plate!

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