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French food with low carbsTraveling to France with DiabetesMedical assistance diabetes FranceTravel and diabetes
French food with low carbs
Traveling to France with Diabetes
Medical assistance diabetes France
Travel and diabetes
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Traveling to Nice and French Riviera with Diabetes


Enjoy your stay in the wonderful Nice and its French Riviera region worry-free, with your travel guide specially designed by and for people with diabetes.

This guide has been written to ensure your travels and holidays in the French Riviera with diabetes will go as smoothly as possible.

Organised into 2 different chapters, it will provide you with all the information you need to know about:

  1. French and Provençal food, and how they fit in with a diabetes-friendly diet 
  2. Medical assistance in case of trouble while in the French Riviera

You can download either the full guide or only the chapters you are interested in at lower prices

  • EXTRACTS: Check out the guide’s photo gallery to view sample pages and full chapter summaries.
  • Details: 96 pages – more than 60 photos – 2018 Edition
  • Available in: English, French
  • Format: PDF and EPUB.
  • You will receive a download link that you can use up to 3 times on all your devices
  • Compatible Devices: PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone

Have a Sweet Trip! 🙂

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  1. GlasgowRobert

    I’ve spent my last 10 years summer vacation in the French Riviera and I have to admit I’ve never really been very cautious about what I was eating over there. This guide is really helpful to try and control your carbs and teaches you a lot about French food and culture. And the medical part seems very complete, although I hope I’ll never have to refer to it!

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