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Paris diabetes travel guide GradeParis diabetes travel guide French foodParis diabetes travel guide French foodDiabetes Travel GuidesParis diabetes travel guide French foodTraveling to Paris with DiabetesParis diabetes HospitalDiabetes vocabulary FrenchDiabetes diabetes travel guide contentParis diabetes travel guide contentParis diabetes travel guide WalkTravel and diabetes
Paris diabetes travel guide
Paris diabetes travel guide Grade
Paris diabetes travel guide French food
Paris diabetes travel guide French food
Diabetes Travel Guides
Paris diabetes travel guide French food
Traveling to Paris with Diabetes
Paris diabetes Hospital
Diabetes vocabulary French
Diabetes diabetes travel guide content
Paris diabetes travel guide content
Paris diabetes travel guide Walk
Travel and diabetes
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Enjoy your stay in the most beautiful city of the World worry-free, with your travel guide specially designed by and for people with diabetes. It’s full of tips, good addresses, and useful resources!

Our Paris diabetes travel guide is organised into 3 different chapters:

  • French food, and how it fits in with a diabetes-friendly diet 
  • Local health care and medical assistance in case of trouble 
  • Discovering Paris on foot to keep exercising and lowering your blood sugar levels!


Each chapter is also available to purchase separately (see related product below)

Detailed product properties and reviews are available at the bottom of this page.

Have a Sweet Trip!


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  1. Brigitte

    Hello, i have downloaded Paris guide on my phone and it works perfectly. Very easy to use and plenty of interesting informations. Thank you

  2. christine

    Bravo pour ce fantastic travail d’information.

  3. Diabetic2.0

    I’m going to Paris in a few weeks and just got the guide. It’s full of useful information and addresses pretty much any worries I have as a diabetic. Especially liked the food chapter which gives you ratings of the French dishes and tells you a lot about carbs contents and tips to balance your meal.
    Hopefully you guys keep covering more destinations!

  4. DavidToronto

    Awesome guide! Well written and really helpful

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