Sweet Trip: How it all got started!

The beginning of Sweet Trip


Welcome to Sweet Trip’s blog, where we’re all going to support each other in bridging the gap between diabetes and travel! Before we start this big adventure, I’ll present myself and let you know why and how it all got started.


Who is behind Sweet Trip?


My name is Laura, and I am the French travel addict behind the Sweet Trip project. Coming back to Europe from Asia 2 years ago, I was suddenly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. As a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes, I was in shock, like you probably were after your diagnosis as well. The first question I had for my doctors was if I would be able to keep traveling as much as I’d like. Picture my face when they told me it would not be so easy… 

And guess what I did? I bought a plane ticket to Georgia to try and prove them wrong. And I did!
Since then, I’ve been on the road and living it to the fullest in Cuba, California, Mexico, Guatemala, Georgia, Slovenia, Spain, Indonesia… and measuring pretty good blood glucose numbers!

“Diabetes Poses no barrier to Travel”

Traveling with Diabetes
Laura Pandolfi, California, US


Now I want to shout it out for everyone to hear: DIABETES POSES NO BARRIER TO TRAVELAll we need in order to travel with diabetes is a bit more organization and preplanning. And that’s exactly what our Sweet Trip Team is here for!

In 2016, I quit my job in Human Rights Law and decided to write what was missing until now: Travel guides for people with diabetes. The idea is to provide you, and everyone who needs it, with valuable information on local foods and nutrition, medical assistance, and physical activities linked to tourism.

And that’s for ANY and ALL of your holiday destinations! Yes, that’s huge work! But I’ve been lucky enough to be able to gather an amazing, fun, and hard-working team that you can meet here. We’ve already covered destinations like Paris, Lisbon, Mexico, Cuba, Nice… and many more to come!

Now join us as we build this strong Sweet Trip community, and help each other bridge the gap between diabetes and travel!

Traveling Diabetes
Laura Pandolfi at Yosemite Valley, California, US

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One thought on “Sweet Trip: How it all got started!

  • April 30, 2018 at 7:36 am

    Quelle magnifique histoire! Et quelle belle idée.
    Enchantée de faire partie de la communauté SWEETTRIP


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