Travel Guides specially designed for healthy holidays with diabetes!

Why Special Guides for People Traveling with Diabetes?

You’ve probably already seen on the net dozens of tips for traveling with diabetes, checklists to travel with diabetes, or special diabetes travel letter templates for airport security, or even some personal reviews on a the brand new insulin travel pack…

 But have you found any country-specific information about your next holiday destination? Any tips on what to eat with diabetes in Thailand? How to see a diabetologist in Mexico? Or even how to say “diabetes” in Spanish? 

No? Well, me neither. And I thought that was a shame. There are a looooot of destination-specific tips and information to have in mind in order to stay safe, relaxed, for healthy holidays with diabetes.

And that’s exactly why Sweet Trip is here: to give you all the diabetes-related information at your destination, so that you can enjoy your holidays without any worry!

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, our diabetes travel guides will provide you with valuable country-specific information to help you travel with diabetes abroad. Traveling with diabetes can be really stressful sometimes:

Any of us diabetic has puzzled over these questions and many more…!

But now, traveling and having healthy holidays with Diabetes can be a breeze with the Sweet Trip Guides on your Smart Phone or Tablet!


What’s inside these Guides for People Traveling with Diabetes?

Sweet Trip has followed the 3 Cornerstones of Diabetes to write thorough, attractively illustrated travel guides. For each of your holiday and travel destinations, you’ll find these 3 different chapters:


This is where we explore your destination’s local gastronomy and nutrition. We rank the most typical local dishes, desserts, and drinks, using a special “carbometer” to give you an idea about the carbohydrate content. That way, you can balance out your meals and stay healthy during your holidays!

It isn’t a list of foods for diabetics, neither a diabetes diet menu, nor a no-carb food list. Never would we dare telling you “you can eat that one, but not that one!”. Eating with diabetes is only a matter of finding the right moment for everything. Just like for anything. 

Within those chapter pages, you’ll also find:

This chapter is generally 40 to 50 pages long for each destination, as we go through a lot of dishes and nutritional information together. Here are some samples of what you can find inside our Travel Guides for People with Diabetes:

Make your own diabetic restaurant out of any local restaurants!

If you’re willing to stick to your own diabetic meal plan while on holidays, and don’t want to step away from your type 2 or type 1 diabetes diet, we’ve written this chapter so that you can make your own “diabetic” restaurant out of any local restaurants. With our gastronomy guide, you should be able to make you own healthy balanced meal at pretty much any place you fancy! We’re telling you everything about high-carb and low-carb side dishes, diabetic-friendly starters, high-carb local foods, sugar-free drinks, and high-sugar ones, yummy desserts… You’ll just have to pick and order!


In this chapter, Sweet Trip travel guides will provide you with all the necessary medical information and emergency medical information, enabling you to quickly deal with the slightest diabetes-related mishap during your stay. You’ll find everything about local medical services, diabetology, pharmacies, and laboratories. And it comes with plenty of useful addresses – a local language medical dictionary to help you communicate with medical staff – and local support and tips to safely travel with diabetes.

Stay safe and healthy during your holidays, and enjoy your trip worry-free!

Oh, and before taking off, have you thought about your Diabetes Travel Insurance?

This chapter is generally 25 to 35 pages long for each destination, as we go through all the necessary medical information and the local medical vocabulary. Here are some samples of what you can find inside the new Travel Guides for People with Diabetes:

Maybe you want to know about the diabetic emergency treatment at your holiday destination? Why not having that French medical dictionary in the pocket in case you need to talk to a doctor on your trip to Paris? Or, are you worried about some early symptoms of diabetes you’ve experienced before moving to a new country?  You might just want to have some info about the diabetes consultants, diabetic clinics, and laboratories before accepting that new job in Mexico? 

Download your next destination’s medical guide: It’s all in there, and much more!


You already know the importance of a healthy lifestyle for type 1 diabetes, or how physical exercise plays a key role in type 2 diabetes management… Regular physical activity is as important as your daily diet, and should be part of your healthy holidays with diabetes.

Sweet Trip is taking you on walking discovery tours of your holiday and travel destinations. Plenty of walking itineraries (from 30 min to a full day) will take you to the most interesting touristic and non-touristic sites. Illustrated with detailed maps, data sheets, and large-scale pictures. It’s also full of compelling cultural info that you won’t find in any regular travel guides!

This chapter is generally 25 to 40 pages long for each destination, as we give you a lot of information and pictures to discover your holiday destination in the best manner. Below you will find some samples of what you can find inside the Travel Guides for People with Diabetes:

How to Get your Guides for People Traveling with Diabetes?



What about the Destinations?

So far, our Sweet Team has covered destinations like Mexico, ParisFrench Riviera, Portugal, and Cuba.

Have a Sweet Trip!

And join our Sweet Community! 

Come and join our Sweet Community of travelers with diabetes!
We share stories, ideas, and useful addresses for healthy holidays with diabetes 
We respond to your questions and concerns
And, above all, we support each other!

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  1. Tres belle réalisation, pleine de renseignements précieux pour nous diabetiques, et sympas pour “les autres”
    Bravo, continuons tous ensemble avec SWEET TRIP…!

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