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Traveling to Paris with Diabetes

Traveling to Paris with Diabetes

Traveling to Paris with Diabetes?


Let me guess: you’ve just bought your plane ticket to explore Paris, the most beautiful city in the World, and now you’re wondering:

Will I be able to manage my diabetes and enjoy my trip to the fullest at the same time?

Yes, you will, and there is no doubt about it! 

What will I eat during my Stay in France?

In our first chapter, French Food for People with Diabetes, we have prepared a description of dozens of dishes, drinks, and desserts, with all the associated nutritional information and some great tips to eat them in a balanced way!

“What can I do if I need to see a doctor or find a pharmacy and how will I communicate in France?”

Aha! The second chapter of the guide is all about “The Medical and Healthcare System for People with Diabetes”

All you need is to have our Sweet Trip Travel Guide on your phone, tablet or laptop while you are in Paris, Nice, or anywhere else in France!

“That sounds great but… How will I exercise while visiting Paris??”

No worries! Please have a look at our “Paris on Foot” chapter, where you will find lots of ideas to discover the city on foot while keeping your diabetes under control!

To travel to Paris with diabetes, all you’ll need is a little bit of organization and preplanning. 

And that’s what Sweet Trip is here for!  



The excellent reputation of the French Food precedes it: ever since the Middle Ages, which were rife with lavish feasts, French gastronomy hasn’t ceased to inspire chefs worldwide. In 2010 the “gastronomic meal of the French” was even inscribed on the UNESCO list of The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Diverse, sophisticated, flavorful, and generally well-balanced, it will make up an important part of your stay in Paris. You will discover everything from local dishes, to Parisian bistro recipes, to the cooking of top-ranked chefs. And you should easily find what you need to balance out your meals and enjoy diabetes-friendly meals.

Some of the things you should take into account for your Visit to Paris with Diabetes:


Breakfast is generally served between 7am and 10am

For lunch, shoot between 12 and 2pm

As for dinner, head out between 7pm and 10pm if you want all the restaurants to still be open.


Yes! And a lot of it! In fact, French cuisine has some of the most balanced and healthy foods you can find.

You can enjoy some amazing meals over there without worrying too much about your blood sugar levels

Here are some of our favorite diabetes-friendly French dishes that you MUST try during your travel to Paris with diabetes:


Diabetes-friendly French food

As its name implies, this dish originates from the Burgundy region, renowned for its wines. The beef is immersed in a red wine, bacon, onion, garlic, and mixed herb sauce and prepared in a pressure cooker.

23% of the French population claims that if France were to be associated with any one specific dish, it would be the bœuf bourguignon. That is why you can not miss it! Normally, there are no carbs in sight! But ask your waiter just the same, since certain recipes call for carrots and potatoes.



Diabetes-friendly French food

Slow-cooked ragout with sunshine vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, peppers)  seasoned with olive oil and Provençal herbs, the ratatouille is the ideal deliciously low-carb side dish to (almost) any of your meals. This will be your best bet in France!



Diabetes-friendly French food

Mussels cooked in a marinière sauce made from white wine and shallots. An unmissable classic! You can go ahead and enjoy them with peace of mind.
However, you will usually find them served with a bowl of French fries that is hard to resist…

Diabetes-friendly French foodRaw and nely minced beef avored with diverse condiments that you mix yourself (capers, mustard, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, minced onions, Tabasco) and topped with a raw egg yolk. The freshness of the meat is primordial to avoid any health issues, but French bistros have been preparing it for decades! Beef tartar is a harmless delicacy. 

Most often, it comes with French fries on the side, but if you only have a few of them and get tasty mixed salad, it should be alright!


Diabetes-friendly French food A source of tremendous pride for inhabitants of Marseille, the bouillabaisse is more than just a fish soup. It was originally a soup concocted by fishermen, and it was made using unsold products.

Today, it contains scorpion fish, red mullet, weever, and/or gurnard, generally accompanied by some seafood (mussels and shrimp) cooked in a stock of water and white wine. Traditionally, it will be served to you in two courses:  the soup with croutons and bread with rouille sauce, followed by the fish served up on a plate. 

Succulent and no counter-indications to speak of, so you’re free to enjoy yourself. The bread croutons will provide a few carbs if needed.

Inside our complete French Food and Nutrition Chapter we have much more detailed information on how to make it fit in with diabetes.

Over 45 pages, and containing more than 60 full-color photos offer information on: 

  • Typical French dishes: ingredients, carbs, and photos
  • Delicious desserts: ingredients, carbs, and photos
  • Drinks in France: non-alcoholic, alcoholic, and wines
  • Lots of tips to balance out your meals during your trip to Paris with diabetes
  • Nutritional information for every ingredient you will find in France 
  • All the French vocabulary you’ll need to order and eat what you like



In France, you will receive the necessary medical attention in case of a problem. Paris has competent and well-equipped medical infrastructures. Medical consultations are easily accessible and financially affordable.

You will be able to find most of drugs and pharmaceuticals

And you can also get all of your medical tests done on the spot! 

Now you just need to find out how it all works over there. And that’s what Sweet Trip is here for!

In our FULL SWEET TRIP TRAVEL GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES, we’re providing you with all the necessary information for you to know how to deal with the slightest diabetes-related mishap during your stay:

Traveling safe to France with diabetes
Emergency English French Dictionary
  • Medical coverage: Travel Insurance and European Health Insurance Card
  • Medical emergencies: how to act fast and where to go
  • Consultations: general and specialized in diabetology
  • Pharmacies: how to get your treatment, costs, paperwork, good addresses, etc.
  • Laboratories: how to get your medical tests done
  • Medical vocabulary: useful sentences and English-to-French diabetes dictionary
  • Local supports and guidance during your travel to Paris with diabetes
  • Tips to safely travel with diabetes to Paris

To give you a precise idea of what you can find inside, here are some sample pages:


The full PARIS MEDICAL GUIDE chapter is available right here!




Victor Hugo, famous French writer, told us in Les Misérables: “To err is human. To loaf is Parisian.”

Loafing is the favorite pastime of Parisians. And it means strolling without a care, and losing oneself in the beauty of the present moment. You too should come and stroll the streets of the most beautiful city in the world, while admiring its historic, architectural, cultural, and natural treasures.

Luckily, during your stay in France, you will effortlessly get in your daily exercise while discovering its wonders. 



Whether or not you have diabetes, OMS advices adults aged 18–64 to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week.

That means we all should walk at least 30 minutes a day. And, the more we walk, the healthier we’ll be!

Walking helps stabilize blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and substantially reduces the risks of developing complications, in particular with regard to cardiovascular diseases. The faster the pace, the more effective it is. And climbing some stairs adds to the effort!

To help you make the most of it, we’ve prepared 7 Touristic Walking Itineraries connecting the city’s main sites of interest, and we’ve identified the best parks and green areas for you to go and physically exert yourself as pleasantly as possible, and while getting the most out of Paris at the same time.

To give you a better idea of what our itineraries look like, check out the information below:

  • A summary of our “Discovering Paris On Foot chapter, with a list of all the interesting sites you can visit on the way
  • A free walking itinerary sample, with detailed maps and highlights

To view our full Paris on Foot chapter and learn more tips about how to keep fit while in Paris, you can Download our SWEET TRIP PARIS GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES FULL GUIDE right here!


This is the level of ease with which you can expect to take a Trip to France with Diabetes. Check out the following page, extracted from our Full Paris Sweet Trip Guide, for more detailed info on our grade:

A Journey in France with Diabetes

Our Sweet Team wishes you a Sweet Trip to Paris!

And invites you to join our Sweet Community:

Come and join our Sweet Community of travelers with diabetes!
We share stories, ideas, and useful addresses
We respond to your questions and concerns
And, above all, we support each other!

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