The Best Waterproof Insulin Pump Cases in 2022

Insulin pumps are excellent diabetes technology devices, but most of them are not waterproof. While they can deal with splashes and humidity, they can’t be immersed in water. 

So, how to swim, shower, or engage in water activities when your life depends on a non-waterproof device that should be attached to your body 24/7?

Unless you’re wearing Omnipod Dash, the only wireless and waterproof insulin pump on the market today, you will need to protect your pump from the water. 

Waterproof insulin pump cases are a great solution. Unfortunately, only one model allows you to keep the pump connected while in the water.

5 Waterproof insulin pump cases

4 Great Waterproof Cases for Insulin Pumps with one clear Winner

There’s tiny choice when it comes to waterproof insulin pump cases. Only one waterproof pouch has been designed with insulin pumps in mind. Aquapac is the only way to keep your non-waterproof pump connected while swimming. The other ones protect your pump during water activities, but you’ll have to disconnect it temporarily. 

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Aquapac waterproof insulin pump case

Compatible with all insulin pumps – The only waterproof insulin pump case that allows you to keep the pump connected!

Aquapac insulin pump case waterproof

Aquapac is a UK company specializing in waterproof cases since 1983 and has sold over 5 million products worldwide, including trendy dry bags. 

Its high-quality, reliable products are used by outdoor adventurers, mountain climbers, water sports professionals, search & rescue services, and coastguards. 

Aquapac has recently designed a case for small wire-out electronic equipment like insulin pumps or radio microphones which is already a best seller. 

It’s the only waterproof case that allows you to keep the pump connected while you’re in the water. 

The waterproof insulin pump pouch is excellent for both children and adults. It’s made with strong thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) waterproof material. The belt is included, but you can also use your insulin pump belt. You can press the buttons and keep using your pump while it’s in the case. 

An important note to add here: The pouch is not intended to be used for continuous immersion in water. It does have an IPX7 rating, which means that it should remain 100% waterproof at a depth of 1 meter for a couple of seconds.

That means: It efficiently protects your medical device against splashing and during brief immersions, but it’s not guaranteed for endurance swimming or any activities that involve a lot of moving like river rafting. 

Nevertheless, Aquapac says many of their users had their children swimming in this case without any problem and some users also report that they have been swimming and even snorkeling or diving with it. Given the fact that an insulin pump can be expensive to replace, we do not recommend putting it to the test.

SyncWire waterproof pouch bag for insulin pumps

Compatible with all insulin pumps – The best flexible waterproof pouch for insulin pumps and CGMs.

SyncWire waterproof pouch

SyncWire waterproof pouch is the best flexible waterproof pouch for insulin pumps. Unlike the Aquapac case, it does not allow you to keep the pump connected while using it. However, it’s a great waterproof case to protect your temporarily disconnected pump while kayaking, boating, fishing, or other activities where your pump might get wet. 

It’s made with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and comes with a synthetic fabric adjustable waist belt. Its capacity is large enough so you can probably fit your insulin pump along with other diabetes devices such as your CMG and personal items like your smartphone, wallet, and keys. It’s screen touch friendly.

This waterproof pouch is compatible with all insulin pumps, including Tandem T: slim, Medtronic Minimed, and others. 


Plano waterproof stowaway for pump users

Compatible with all insulin pumps – The best hard case to protect your insulin pump from water

Plano waterproof stowaway for insulin pumps

If you’re looking for a rugged, waterproof case to take your pump and other diabetes supplies on water trips, Plano 3440-10 waterproof stowaway is an excellent solution. It’s made for fishermen, but it’s also ideal for people with diabetes!

It provides 100% waterproof protection, and you’ll be able to fit an insulin pump and other small personal items. It costs less than $10, which is super cheap!

The only downside is you can’t keep your pump connected while using it, as there are no safe holes for the tubbing. Only the Aquapac case allows you to keep the pump connected while in the water. 

MarchWay 5L waterproof dry bag for diabetes supplies

Compatible with all insulin pumps – Large capacity to bring all diabetes devices and personal items on water trips!

Dry bags are the ideal waterproof solution for people with diabetes who need to take their insulin pump and plenty of other stuff on the water! 

The smallest one has a 5-liter capacity and fits all your diabetic and personal items. Dry bags are specially made for kayaking, rafting, boating, swimming, camping, hiking, beach, and fishing. They’re 100% waterproof, and they float. 

I found MarcWay to offer the best ones regarding value for money. The only downside is that you can’t keep your pump connected to your body. You will have to disconnect it while it’s in the bag temporarily. And again, Aquapac is the only waterproof case that allows you to keep the insulin pump connected while in the water. 

Swimming and showering with insulin pumps

Insulin pumps are medical technology devices that don’t do well with water. For example, only a few, like the Omnipod Dash, are waterproof. While the other ones can cope with some splashes and humidity, they’re not waterproof and need to be protected during water activities, showers, and baths. 

Showering with an inulin pump

There are two ways to shower or bathe with your insulin pump safely. 

You can either disconnect it temporarily and take your shower or bath. In that case, ensure you don’t disconnect your pump for more than one hour. If your pump is disconnected for too long, you may experience high blood sugar levels due to a lack of insulin. To disconnect and reconnect your pump, check the instructions on the pump’s manual. 

You may also prefer keeping your pump connected to your body during your shower. It’s possible, but it requires a few precautions, so it does not get damaged by water. Make sure to secure it on a shelf or in a waterproof pouch.

Swimming with an insulin pump

You can’t swim with an insulin pump unless you’re using Omnipod Dash, which is waterproof. Neither Dexcom, Medtronic, nor Tandem T:slim are waterproof. They can cope with some water and humidity but cannot be immersed. 
There are only two solutions for insulin pumpers who want to swim at the beach or the swimming pool. You can temporarily disconnect your pump and leave it out of the water while floating. Or you can use Aquapac‘s waterproof insulin pump case, which is the only one that allows you to keep your pump connected while in the water.